10 Mash-Up Packs Minecraft Needs Next

10 Mash-Up Packs Minecraft Needs Next

Minecraft is a game of imagination and creativity and has not shied away from partnering with different franchises to add content to the game. Minecraft players often create their own in-game tributes or mods for their favorite fandoms when there is no official collaboration. With franchises like aura, Fall, Super Mario Bros., and a host of others already available, it’s about time new mash-ups appeared on Minecraft.

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Minecraft it can be seen as a blank canvas for players to explore and create, and that means anything could join the blocky world as a team. However, there are some franchises that would fit perfectly into the Minecraft world based on its own merits and popularity. While some seem like an obvious choice, there are a couple that would surprise fans if they were actually made.

10 DOOM can open its own nether portal

the nether in Minecraft he’s just asking for the Doomslayer to show up and start wreaking havoc. Red ambient lighting, volcanic lava rivers, and enemies galore are a perfect place for players to party.

Minecraft could add multiple skins CONDEMN, including the Doomslayer, for player characters and Imps for zombies, and a Cacodemon instead of some pesky bees. With Skyrim Y Fall packages already available, Bethesda is obviously not opposed to adding its properties to the Minecraft space.

9 Genshin Impact shares an elemental theme

In Genshin Impact, players can select a team of characters to play. Each character as an assigned element such as water, fire or electricity. In Minecraft, items play an important role in crafting. Players must discover which items can go together or combine with ordinary resources to create new ones.

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Adding the skins of several Genshin Impact the characters would adapt Minecraft elementary themes quite well. Players can also show off their building skills by creating locations from Liyue, the land where Genshin Impact occurs

8 Gears of War is another Xbox property that could emerge

With a major Microsoft franchise like aura you already have your own mash-up package in Minecraft, it’s time for Marcus Fenix ​​​​and his friends to join the world of blocks. Marcus and the rest of the characters from Gears of war they could take their chainsaw bayonets and mine until the gas runs out.

Weather Gears of war is extremely violent and gory, it makes sense for Microsoft to add another one of its key franchises to the Minecraft scenery. It may even get some fans to crossover between games.

7 The FIFA World Cup celebrates the global love of football

Football is “the world’s game”, and with the 2022 FIFA World Cup just around the corner, it’s time for players to show pride in their footballing nation. Just like the World Cup, Minecraft it is a worldwide phenomenon. Adding player skins from all the national teams participating in the 2022 World Cup would be a great representation of the event.

There could also be even more skins for any number of countries, so Minecraft players can show their pride. Truly creative players could also create world-renowned soccer stadiums within the game, or even the exact stadiums to be used in Qatar.

6 The Simpsons just ask to be made

One of the longest running cartoon shows in history deserves another place in the world of pop culture. The Simpsons has a huge fan base and some of those fans have already gone out on their own to make the show’s town of Springfield a Minecraft Map.

This, however, is only fan-made, but there is room for an official release. The Simpsons even made a Minecraft parody intro, so this mash-up is just crying out for it to go official. Also, Marge’s hair already seems to be made of Minecraft blocks

5 Rick and Morty travel to a world of blocks

rick and morty not only is it a very successful animated show, but it also made the journey to video games with Rick and Morty: Rick-virtuality, a virtual reality game. The two characters are constantly visiting new realities and embarking on wacky adventures, so your next wacky story could easily be set in the world of Minecraft.

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With the number of weird and wacky places the duo visits in their animated series, it’s a big surprise they haven’t ventured into the world of block building before. It was about time they did.

4 Marvel Heroes Assemble

Marvel fans are always looking for new content about their favorite heroes, from comics to movies and especially video games. There have been numerous Marvel hero games in the past, and the most recent Spiderman games was a great success. Movie heroes have been landing on Fortnite recently, too.

Minecraft It would be a great place for Marvel heroes to land. There are plenty of heroes to choose from, but starting with the most relevant heroes from the most recent movies and shows would be a good place to start.

3 Signal Shine The Block Bat for DC Heroes

While the DC universe has had more hits than hits, there is still a huge fan base looking for ways to engage their favorite characters. Minecraft It would be a great place to bring skins from Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the rest of DC’s great cast of heroes.

Players can create their own Gotham City or Fortress of Solitude within Minecraft, and some already have. There are some fan-made mods for DC superhero skins and if there was also a Marvel combination then an epic Marvel vs. DCMinecraft.

two Hello Kitty greets Steve and his friends

hello kitty is a massive franchise that has gone from appearing as mascots on handbags to having its own games and music. Hello Kitty has even gone so far as to have her own wine. The franchise has already done a lot of collaborations with fashion brands and other franchises like My Hero Academy.

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Fans have already made their own modifications and tributes to Hello Kitty in Minecraft, so there’s definitely a call for her to show up. With hello kitty being such a recognizable brand, adding it to Minecraft it would be the next step in his domination. Plus, it would be super cute.

1 Uncharted should explore The Uncharted

PlayStation has already given the “OK” for one of its properties to be included in a mash-up: little big planet. Minecraft is a game of exploration and discovery, as well as survival and action, so Unexplored would be a wise choice for Minecraft associate with

Exploring as Drake, Sully, Chloe, or any other character would be a welcome addition to the Minecraft world. Put them in a mine cart and send them on an adventure to discover the mysteries and treasures hidden in each map. Hopefully Drake won’t completely destroy the map when he’s done.

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