Top 10 New Games Announced June 2022

Top 10 New Games Announced June 2022
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Leon's face in the village in Resident Evil 4 remake

It’s time to mourn. Regret what, exactly? Well the month of June is gone and it was a very good month to play in various ways. Many big name titles came out on all systems and gamers were very happy. But they were also happy with the announcements made during the month. We will show you some of them.

#10 The Alters

the alters

Coming to the main roster now, we’re going to kick things off with something really different. The Alters focuses on a man named Jan, who finds himself in the worst possible situation as he crash landed on a planet where he is all alone.

In order to try to survive, no matter the consequences, he is designed to create alternate versions of himself based on life paths he didn’t choose before he got there. This is the ultimate “What if?” game, and it plays a lot with the notion of “what if I met an alternate version of myself?”

The game is made by the teams behind This War of Mine and Frostpunk, so you can expect a very deep experience.

#9 Layers of Fears

If Layers of Fears sounds familiar, it’s probably because it’s the latest in a long line of unique “psychedelic horror games,” each trying to push the boundaries of certain things, while proving just how great an overall narrative can be.

In this particular game, you’ll be put in a place where you’ll find out more and more about artists who were literally enslaved by their possessions, and that means things are really going to get weird.

The game is powered by the Unreal 5 engine, and that means you’ll have a beautiful experience that uses those graphics to terrify you later. You have been warned.

#8 Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

Warhammer 40K: Boltgun

The Warhammer 40K franchise is nothing short of expansive. They are more than happy to go and branch out into different video game genres to better cater to not only the lore of their universe, but also fans who want to play the franchise in different ways.

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is a great example of this, because the title doesn’t focus on great teamwork like Vermintide or put you in the bigger stories like Space Marine. Nope, this is an old school Doom-style shooter where you’re a space marine tasked with cleaning up the galaxy from dirt… and that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

So load up and have fun!

#7 Destroy All Humans 2 Failed

The Destroy All Humans franchise was very much a love letter to all the “alien fears” of the past and then turning them on their head by having you BE the alien that is trying to screw humanity in the most inventive way, and… .probing…in ways.

Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed is a complete remake/remaster of the original title. You will once again play as the clone Crypto, who is now stranded on Earth after the KGB blew up his mothership. Now, you must take revenge on everyone, even if it means going and making alliances with humans.

Wield a wide variety of wacky weapons and see the city like only an alien can.

#6 Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport’s line of racing games has always put quality above all else, and yet it’s been five years since the last game came out. But that’s about to change because Forza Motorsport (also called Forza Motorsport 8) has been shown off and things look very promising.

As far as the game has been noted to have amazing 4K graphics and it has already showcased a wide variety of cars that you will be able to drive from muscular thugs to the fastest cars on the market.

And as we get closer to launch, you will no doubt find even more to enjoy in the title.

#5 Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

Arguably, the Resident Evil series has never been stronger than it is right now. It’s had two big mainline games in a row (Biohazard and Village) and the new versions have done really well too. But, if you haven’t played the 8the main delivery, now you have the opportunity in possibly its best form.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will take you back to the story and life of Ethan Winters as his daughter is taken and thrown into a town full of monsters and 9 foot tall vampire ladies that we’re sure no one would want to have. in them…definitely not.

The Gold Edition brings a new story starring Rose Winters (Ethan’s daughter) and also adds to the multiplayer mode.

#4 Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion

While everyone who’s ever played it (or at least played it when it came out on PS1) loved Final Fantasy VII, it’s well known that this wasn’t the end of the story, or even the beginning of it. Because as we found out, Cloud Strife is not all that it was thought to be (in the memory/life sense). Long story short, his life was a “transplant” of his best friend in Zack Fair.

Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion is a complete remake of the original FFVII prequel, going much deeper into the story of Zack Fair, Cloud, Sephiroth and how it all intertwined with the main game we all know.

The game looks great and will no doubt play great when it releases later this year.

#3 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

There was a time when Star Wars games were everywhere…and that was the problem. Because there was no real “guiding light” in terms of what they should and shouldn’t be, the quality varied wildly. For every KOTOR, there was something like Force Unleashed 2. But then Respawn came out with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and reestablished faith once again in the single-game side of things (fuck you, Battlefront!) . And now, we have Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to look forward to.

To be fair, we know little about this game other than the fact that there has been a time jump, Cal Kestis is still the main character, and there is a “man in a tube” he is interested in. But that’s enough to get people hyped!

#2 Resident Evil 4

Leon's face in Resident Evil 4 remake

Honestly, it’s kind of fitting that we end this list with not one, but TWO full-on remakes. Honestly, the Resident Evil franchise has been doing everything it can to revitalize itself by not only making compelling new entries like Biohazard and Village, but also restoring/remaking the past so players can understand what got them to these points. Resident Evil 2 and 3 in Remake form were huge hits, and now it’s Resident Evil 4’s turn.

This was the game that arguably set a bar that couldn’t be surpassed for a while (see: RE5 & 6), as it changed things up in terms of gameplay, how the story unfolded, setting, and more.

The game will not only be visually revised, but the story will also be different. Something to look forward to for sure.

#1 Rebirth of FFVII

Yeah, Final Fantasy had a great month of June, and that’s a good thing because you could argue that the franchise is at a peak that it really hasn’t been in a while (in terms of having multiple successful games or in the works versus just one good title). among many mediocre one).

FFVII Rebirth will continue the story of the Remake game and will further change the expectations of what fans expect from this remake from top to bottom. There will be more Sephiroth in this title, so it instantly makes it cool, but since we’re going to be leaving a certain city for this game and experiencing the past even more, things are going to be fun.

…it is a pity that we have to wait until 2030 to achieve it…

bonus games

crazy 23

We’ll start with a kind of softball because Madden has been around for a long time. And every year it sells millions of copies because people want to play as their favorite players and teams to try to get to the Super Bowl that they couldn’t in the actual NFL season. Yes, we said it!

With Madden 23, the feeling of grandeur goes far beyond the cover dedicated to the late John Madden, but they’ve improved things to give you better control over everything in the game. So when August rolls around, you’ll no doubt be putting on your shoes.

minecraft legends

minecraft legends

So why is Minecraft Legends the other bonus game? Well, we’re not saying we’re not the biggest fans of Minecraft… but we’re not saying that either… so take it as you will.

The game will put you in the “new but familiar world” of Minecraft and take you on a deep adventure to discover the mysteries of the land. You can play alone or with friends, and you can only enjoy single player mode or participate in various PVP battles with friends and other people online.

Look, Minecraft Legends is for Minecraft players, plain and simple, if you’re one of those people. You will like this game.

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