The 6 Best Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft, Ranked

The 6 Best Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft, Ranked

Since its creation in 2011, Minecraft it evolved considerably and became one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. What started as a simple sandbox game grew. Available in multiple versions and platforms, several spin-offs emerged within the franchise. Minecraft had something for everyone. It offered Survival mode for those who enjoy a challenge, Creative for builders, and even loads of online mini-games for that extra competitive edge.

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new features Minecraft have been introduced with each update over the years, presenting endless possibilities for creativity and flow. A solid concept that has been around for a long time, enchantments actively enhance certain tools and weapons, as well as the gameplay that comes with them. Since the pickaxe is the most important tool for mining, its enchantments naturally come under scrutiny, making the best of them stand out.

Each Minecraft The player can agree that Curse of Vanishing is easily one of the worst enchantments out there. A player will most likely be looking to enchant the most valuable tools, be it diamonds or netherite. Having an enchantment that makes the respective tool or weapon disappear on death is simply detrimental to any game.

Fortunately, tools with this unfortunate enchantment are mostly found in obscure places, and are often made of more undesirable materials, such as gold. Curse of Vanishing is perfect for pranks or adding a higher level of difficulty, but not much else.

5 Silk Touch adds a unique dimension to mineral mining

Silk Touch isn’t for everyone, but its unique qualities make it a valuable pickaxe enchantment. A Silk Touch pickaxe allows players to carry a block of valuable ore with them, rather than mine the ore itself. This can be especially useful if a player does not yet have a Fortune enchantment, but hopes to acquire one in the near future.

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This concept can carry over to the likes of the chest ender, where the Silk Touch pickaxe takes everything without destroying it. It’s incredibly useful for those players who are often more finicky about their playstyle, rather than just hitting and mining everything in sight.

4 An unbreakable pickaxe is perfect for those long mining sessions

Unbreakable enchantments are valuable for anything that has limited durability. It can often be outclassed by the Mending enchantment, which is more sustainable in the long run, but the Unbreaking enchantments are useful nonetheless. A pickaxe with Unbreaking allows players to put aside their worries of their precious tool breaking at the worst possible moment.

Even the best Unbreakable enchantment doesn’t make the tool indestructible, but the increased durability is invaluable nonetheless. One advantage Unbreaking has over Mending is that experience can be earned and kept separately, rather than spent on repairing the specific tool.

For now, each Minecraft The player knows the worth and value of the Mending enchantment. As such, it is quite difficult to find and is not available from an enchantment table. He often comes across a book villager who may have one to trade. A tool or weapon with the Mending enchantment can be repaired by converting any experience gained into enhanced durability.

This extends the longevity of a player’s most valuable tools beyond what Unbreaking enchantments can offer. The repair is well worth its rarity and the hassle involved in obtaining it. It’s an end game enchantment for the best tools out there.

two Efficiency makes mining faster and easier

The early stages of any Survival game in Minecraft it can be quite long and frustrating until one has better tools and equipment. The iron and diamond tools help the player get to the comfortable stage where they can move on to the more difficult targets, but certain enchantments help even more.

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The Efficiency enchantment does exactly what its name suggests and is a must have for any pickaxe. The luxury of fast mining can’t be underestimated, whether it’s whittling down time on the most stubborn blocks like obsidian or trying to mine caves at high speeds. As long as the same pickaxe has a durability buff like Unbreaking or Mending, Efficiency creates a valuable tool every miner needs.

1 A pickaxe with a fortune charm is a treasure hunter’s dream.

The various minerals available for mining in Minecraft they often vary in accessibility or rarity, depending on the seed or the player’s willingness to explore. Some experience severe shortages of coal or iron, while others can go hours without finding a decent lode of diamonds. A pickaxe with the Fortune enchantment helps speed up this process.

Fortune simply increases a block’s drops or the chance of finding those tasty rare drops. It is an explorer’s dream to get more reward for the same amount of work, ultimately resulting in a larger treasure. Many players will carry a Silk Touch Pickaxe with them to carry ore blocks to the base, then mine them all at once with Fortune for additional value in rewards. Anything that offers players the chance to get more diamonds should be considered the best.

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