The 10 Most Divisive Entries In Beloved Video Game Franchise

The 10 Most Divisive Entries In Beloved Video Game Franchise

It is difficult for any video game developer to continually produce games that satisfy the fans of that respective series. Every fan has a set belief in what constitutes a good game within that series, and any game that deviates from that identity, or falls below those standards, is met with some rejection. The longer a video game series lasts, the more varied those beliefs become among fans. This often results in some beloved video game series being divisive.

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A divisive game doesn’t mean it’s bad; it just means that they are the subject of a lot of debate within a fandom. This could be due to story-related reasons such as an unsatisfying conclusion, gameplay elements such as the battle system, or changing too much or too little from an established formula. No matter how good a video game series’ track record is, none are immune from pitching a divisive entry.

10 Final Fantasy VIII is one of many divisive Final Fantasy games

With a series that chooses to drastically change things up with every entry, Final Fantasy is known for having divisive entrances, even as recently as final fantasy xiii Y final fantasy XV. Despite this, the title of the most divisive Final Fantasy will Final Fantasy VIII.

FFVIII tells a story about romance. For a romance plot to work, the romance needs to feel believable and organic, which some fans felt FFVIII it has failed. Throw in a confusing time compression plot point, as well as an easily exploitable leveling system, and this results in the perfect recipe for a divisive entry.

9 Kingdom Hearts III struggled to handle the weight of its target

the kingdom hearts The series is not known for its cohesive and simplistic narrative. kh is filled with vital story entries ranging from mobile games to a prologue found in a remastered collection. Kingdom Hearts III he was faced with the monumental task of putting it all together and concluding the Xehanort Saga.

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The eagerly awaited KH III saw praise for its combat and its Disney worlds, but some fans lamented that the emphasis on those Disney worlds resulted in a lack of Final Fantasy characters and a retroloaded narrative. The “ReMind” DLC alleviated some of those concerns, but having to pay money for narrative fixes never sits well with fans.

KH III It’s not the only recent game that had to wrap up a convoluted overarching narrative. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero Y Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were designed to be the missing pieces of the metal gear series by completing Big Boss’s rise to villainy.

MGSV features fun and exploratory gameplay, allowing players to approach situations in numerous creative ways, adding immense replayability. Nevertheless, MGSVThe story disappointed some fans with its strange twist and sudden ending. Many fans believe MGSV it’s not complete, and it doesn’t help that a major final mission was cut from the final product, information that was only revealed via a behind-the-scenes blu-ray released with a collector’s edition of the game.

7 Resident Evil: Code Veronica was harder than knocking a rock off a ledge

the demonic resident The series is no stranger to ups and downs. Nearly every mainline entry could be considered divisive, including Resident Evil 4. However, one RE The game stands out as more divisive than the rest: Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Despite lacking a number in its title, veronica code is a major story entry in the RE series reuniting the Redfield brothers and bringing back Albert Wesker. Even, veronica code is a big hurdle when playing through the RE series, as it is arguably the most difficult RE play. It’s easy for players to reach a point where they can’t progress due to a lack of ammo. while many RE fans accepted this challenge, others did not feel the story was worth it.

6 Fallout 4 removed some of the RPGs in this RPG series

In 2015, Bethesda Softworks revealed the long-awaited and oft-leaked fallout 4. As a bonus, fallout 4 it had a release date set for later that year, which was a refreshing approach compared to waiting several years for a release. As easy as it was to sink time into post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts, fallout 4 ended up dividing Fall fans.

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The main complaint was the dialogue system. A lots of Fall fans disliked the generic dialogue options along with the lack of in-depth skill controls, things that later returned in Fallout 76. Overall, fans also found the story predictable with a lack of interesting factions and options compared to Fallout 3 Y Fallout New Vegas.

5 The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Was Exhausting For Many Zelda Fans

The legend of zelda skyward sword is a single entry The legend of Zelda Serie. sword to the sky places a much greater emphasis on narrative compared to previous Zelda tickets telling a story that takes place at the beginning.

sword to the sky story and the orchestrated soundtrack were met with praise within the Zelda fanaticism, however, sword to the sky it saw criticism for its motion controls, overly-talkative Fi, and its pacing. While the first two were improved through sword to the sky HD remaster, the latter is still a point of contention. sword to the sky he frequently tasks players with revisiting areas and fighting The Imprisoned boss multiple times, which he can do sword to the sky tiring to play.

4 Halo 4 was a new era for Halo, for better and for worse

halo 3 could have been a perfect closure for the aura Serie. Bungie left enough of an opening for a sequel, but still provided a satisfying conclusion to the event. halo 3 it was the end of the road. With how much of a money maker the aura the series is the most anticipated aura to continue in some form, which he did in 2012 Halo 4.

Now run by 343 Industries, Halo 4 continues the story of Master Chief through a new narrative arc. While the gameplay and multiplayer mode still received praise, some aura fans thought Halo 4 The campaign relied too heavily on extended media, such as books, to better understand the intentions of the characters. aura fans were also divided on the direction Halo 4 Cortana took. Both would go on to divide fans into Halo 5: Guardians.

3 Street Fighter V’s comeback story isn’t enough to remove the stigma from its release

In the fighting game genre, how a game ends is often more important than how it begins. However, when a game is as deprived of content as street fighter v was on its 2016 release, that negative stigma sticks with it, no matter how big of a comeback story it pulls off. First impressions matter.

Although SFV winning many Street Fighter and fighting game fans throughout their lifespan, SFV it is still not without core problems. SFV netcode online leaves a lot to be desired. Besides that, some SF fans feel SFV the game has limited creativity and discourages risk-taking through its V-Trigger system.

two Generation VIII Pokémon is controversial, but many Pokémon fans still love it

The eighth generation of Pokemon showed how much the iconic multimedia series can take. pokemon sword Y pokemon shield are arguably the most controversial mainline Pokemon entries to date. Much of that controversy centers around the inability to transfer all Pokémon from previous games into what is now known as “Dexit”. This, along with outdated images and reused animations, created pessimism about the state of the Pokemon series for many Pokemon fans.

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Even, pokemon swsh sold in mass, with many Pokemon Fans satisfied with Pokemon Game Freak game released, as well as the first expansion DLC content released for the Pokemon Serie. For better and for worse, Pokemon it will likely continue to divide fans as long as its games sell out.

1 Not everything is sunny in Super Mario Sunshine

not even famous Super Mario The series has no divisive games. Perhaps the most divisive Mario game is super mario sun. After the influential Super Mario 64 seamless transition Mario to the third dimension, fans were excited about mario GameCube tracking in 3D.

When super mario sun was released, however reception was initially mixed. Some fans were put off by the over-reliance on the FLUDD mechanism in platforming and combat as Mario fans were waiting for a real sequel to SM64. Other fans found that FLUDD gave Mario more maneuverability than ever before, which is helpful considering super mario sun it is one of the most difficult Mario 100% games, 3D or not.

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