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Technoblade, a YouTube star who had more than 11 million subscribers watching him play Minecraft, has died, his father announced in a video posted on the influencer’s account. He was 23 years old.

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Technoblade, who kept his identity secret but said in his final video that his first name was Alex, has died after a year-long battle with cancer, his family announced Friday.

A video, titled “see you later nerds” was posted on the Technoblade YouTube channel on Thursday, The New York Times informed. It had been viewed more than 40 million times as of Saturday morning. A man who claimed to be the YouTuber’s father narrated the video with a white poodle sitting on his lap, according to the newspaper.

“Hello everyone. Technoblade here. If you’re watching this, I’m dead,” said the youtuber. video message said.


Technoblade also thanked fans for supporting his content, buying merchandise and channel memberships, and joked that his brothers are “going to college.”

“If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to go back to being Technoblade every time, as those were the happiest years of my life,” the message read. “I hope you have enjoyed my content and that it has made some of you laugh and I hope you all continue to live a long, prosperous and happy life.”

The content creator made his YouTube channel in 2013, CBS News informed.

Technoblade subscribers watched recordings of his Minecraft gameplay as he commentated off-camera, the Times informed. He would usually focus on the game he was playing, but sometimes he would also describe life events, including the devastating news of his cancer diagnosis, according to the newspaper.

He first revealed his cancer during a video he posted on his channel on August. The video showed the game as he spoke off-camera, according to the Times.

He said he sought medical help after experiencing pain in his right arm, CNN informed. Technoblade said they originally believed the pain was due to repetitive stress injury from gaming.

Technoblade wrote his final note on his father’s laptop about eight hours before his death, his father said, according to USA Today.

“He was the most amazing child anyone could ask for,” the father said. “I miss Technoblade. Thank you all for everything. You meant a lot to him.

The video also included several photos of the YouTuber with his loved ones, the Times informed. He had rarely shown himself in videos of him, preferring to present himself as his avatar: a crowned, sword-wielding pig.

the video it ends with a written statement attributed to Technoblade’s mother, whose name is not mentioned.

“Since Technoblade’s early online days, he has always been looking for ways to delight and reward his audience, giving away prizes online, encouraging good sportsmanship, and most of all, sharing his Minecraft adventures for entertainment and laughter,” he said. wrote.

The Technoblade family could not be reached for comment on Friday. Hypixel, a game company that worked with Technoblade, said the family had asked that requests for comment not be sent to them, according to the Times.

“The video they shared contains all the information they feel comfortable sharing at this time,” Don Pireso, the company’s senior administrator, said in a Twitter direct message to the newspaper.

The Technoblade Item Shop — which features T-shirts with the slogan “So long, nerds, Alexander ‘Technoblade’ 1999-2022” — will continue to be family-owned, USA Today informed. Proceeds will go to sarcoma Foundation Of America, according to the newspaper.

In a declarationthe organization said it will honor Technoblade with its Courage Award at our 20th Annual Stand Up to Sarcoma Gala on September 28 in New York City.

“His generosity and selflessness were evident when he was able to rally his fans and supporters to raise over $500,000 for SFA to date,” said the statement said. “Reading through the many tributes left for him online, we know he was loved by millions of fans and supporters.

“I hope you enjoyed my content and that it made some of you laugh,” Technoblade said. video message said. “And I hope that everyone continues to live a long, prosperous and happy life. Because I love you guys. Out Technoblade.


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