Every Peely Skin in Fortnite and how to get them all

Every Peely Skin in Fortnite and how to get them all

Peely is one of the most popular original characters in Fortnitebut how many skins does the fan favorite banana have now and how do you unlock them all?

The Fortnite skins that tend to get the most attention are their crosses. And there’s a good reason for that, as Epic Games’ Battle Royale makes cameos from other franchises better than any other game.

Just look at all the new Naruto skins in Fortnite right now, or the possible return of the Stranger Things collaboration!

But some of the best skins in the game have been original creations. Just look at the popular new Goth Phaedra skin, available to Fortnite Crew members this month.

And of course we’re not forgetting the new free Major Mancake skin – get it here before it’s too late!

But when it comes to Peely, the unlikely hero has appeared multiple times in Fortnite history. So let’s take a look at every Peely skin in Fortnite to date and how each one was unlocked.

Fortnite: How to Unlock All Peely Skins


fortnite furry
epic games

First impression: Episode 1 Season 8
How to unlock: Season 8 Battle Pass Tier 47

The original, and possibly the best, Peely was part of the Season 8 Battle Pass and quickly became a hit with players. This skin is reactive, starting with a greenish-yellow color and maturing as the match progresses.

Although the Peely we all know and love is a single character, there are actually many variants of Peely in his tribe. And after the recent Collision live event, it’s safe to say that our Peely is now a certified hero (as if he wasn’t already).

Peely was apparently first created when Jonesy brought a banana into a crevasse. In any case, we’re glad you’re here.

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P-1000 Skin Fortnite
epic games

First impression: Episode 1 Season X
How to unlock: Purchase the P-1000 Challenge Pack ($19.99)

In the original Fortnite Season 9 trailer, Jonesy and Peely were trapped in a bunker together with plenty of entertainment…and no food. As such, the duo survived by mixing Peely into a smoothie, though he seems happy enough.

To make up for his actions, Jonesy later built a mech suit for Peely, culminating in the P-1000. This skin was available through the P-1000 Challenge Pack in Season X.

The P-1000 still features the Peely shake on his head, presumably controlling his Iron-Man-style robot body.

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bare bone

Fortnite Bare Bone
epic games

First impression: Episode 2 Season 1
How to unlock: Item Shop (1500 V-Bucks)

Peely Bone made his debut in Chapter 2 Season 1, revealing a horrible truth. Although he looks like a fruit, it appears that Peely is actually half human, with a skeleton and organs under his banana pulp.

How does this make sense with the merge story you ask? Try not to think about it too much.

Peely Bone was introduced as part of the Fortnitemares event and comes along with a Xylo-bone Emote that makes him play his ribcage like a xylophone.

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agent peely

Agent Peely Fortnite
epic games

First impression: Episode 2 Season 2
How to unlock: Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass Tier 1

It didn’t take long for Peely to return once again, as Epic Games debuted their spy-themed season. This time, normal Peely is back, decked out in a snazzy secret agent tuxedo.

Agent Peely was made available as the first rewards in the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass, as part of the Banana Royale set. With the description “he’s licensed to fight”. Agent Peely is clearly inspired by James Bond.

Also, since he has both a Ghost and Shadow skin variant, Agent Peely is technically a double agent. Getting to level 300 in the Battle Pass also unlocked a solid gold version of Agent Peely.

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Fortnite Disheveled Skin
epic games

First impression: Episode 2 Season 3
How to unlock: Buy the Summer Legends Pack ($19.99)

So far, Unpeely is the only Peely skin where the character completely shed his banana peel. The costume comes with two variant channels, allowing players to remove their hat and/or sunglasses.

Unpeely is intended as a summer remix of the original skin, coming alongside Summer Fable and Tropical Punch Zoey in the in-game store.

This version of Peely is definitely one of our favorites, but it’s a bit unnerving to imagine the skeleton we now know is inside.

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potassium husks

Fortnite Potassium Peel
epic games

First impression: Episode 2 Season 6
How to unlock: Item Shop (1200 V-Bucks)

It’s been some time since Potassius Peels have appeared in the Fortnite Item Shop, but this rare skin variant returns on a semi-regular basis. The skin is inspired by the Roman emperors, in particular Julius Caesar himself.

While Potassius Peels only appeared in Season 6, the skin made its debut as a state in the Colossal Coliseum POI the season before. Fans initially named the upcoming skin as Peelius Caeser.

Interestingly, Potassius Peels is the first Peely skin that isn’t epic in rarity.

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epic games

First impression: Episode 2 Season 8
How to unlock: Buy the Tech Future Pack ($17.99)

Peely gears up in style with her P33LY skin. With an emotive electronic viewfinder and full-body tech suit, the banana is ready for action.

From his description, P33LY is an assassin, which explains why he seeks to stay in the shadows in his new outfit.

The Tech Future package also includes NeuraLynx, CRZ-8, and a variety of high-tech gear. But we know you’re really only interested in P33LY and its new NanaTech Blade.

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fleece stripping

Furry Polar Fortnite
epic games

First impression: Episode 3 Season 1
How to unlock: Open a gift during Winterfest 2021

As a little holiday surprise, Polar Peely was available as a gift at Sgt. Winter’s Cabin from December 16, 2021 to January 6, 2022. Players could open a new gift each day, one of which contained this frozen variant of Peely.

In addition to his blue color change, Polar Peely also features additional snow and ice all over his body.

It’s also the only Peely skin that’s completely free, with no purchases required!

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peely cartoon

Toon PeelyFortnite
epic games

First impression: Episode 3 Season 1
How to unlock: Buy Inkville Gang Pack (2300 V-Bucks)

Technically, Toon Peely was first seen on Kablammo! spray, part of the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass. However, just a few seasons later, the skin would come to fruition, thanks to the Inkville Gang Pack.

Toon Peely comes along with a cosmetic from Nanner Shake and Nanner Hammer. The pack also includes a Bushranger toon variant and more toon items.

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Kawspeely Fortnite
epic games

First impression: Episode 3 Season 3
How to unlock: Item Shop (price currently unknown)

KAWSPEELY is the latest but certainly not the best Peely skin in Fortnite. A crossover variant of premium brand KAWS, the mask was created as a collaboration with artist Brian Donnely.

This isn’t the first time KAWS has appeared in Fortnite, but it’s interesting to see him cross paths with a familiar character this time.

Featuring crosses for eyes, cartoon gloves and shoes, as well as the KAWS crossbones, we’re sure this mask will garner more than a few sales from Peely collectors. But that doesn’t stop it from being torn to pieces by the game’s online community.

That’s it for Peely’s skins so far, but we can bet there will be more to come in the near future! In the meantime, could Stranger Things’ Vecna ​​be coming to Fortnite soon?

We already know that the next Dead by Daylight crossover is also for Fortnite! As exciting as the original skins are, these collaborations are sometimes must-have ensembles!

And gamers are even speculating about an upcoming Elden Ring x Fortnite collaboration! That’s one we’d certainly like to see happen.

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