Call of Duty Warzone fans on Reddit point out multiple issues with Golden Plunder in Season 4

Call of Duty Warzone fans on Reddit point out multiple issues with Golden Plunder in Season 4

Call of Duty Warzone introduced the Golden Plunder mode with the Season 4 update and the game base is already on the warpath for its various issues.

The Season 4 update has introduced a lot of varied content to the game. From the addition of the Fortune’s Keep map and Caldera changes to new vehicles, weapons, and game modes, the latest patch will keep players engaged for quite some time.

However, it is also riddled with bugs. The latest update has introduced the Golden Plunder mode for Caldera, which has a lot of issues for the developers to resolve. This article will focus on those mentioned by the Call of Duty Warzone Reddit community.

Call of Duty Reddit Community Addresses Issues in Golden Plunder

Golden Plunder mode is a new addition to the game in which 120 players must compete to loot and extract at least $5,000,000 using helicopters and cash-draw balloon field upgrades. The team with the maximum amount of cash at the end of the match wins.

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Call of Duty players will have to search for ground loot, supply crates, loot boxes, and broken ATMs to collect the required cash. They should also keep an eye out for Golden Key cards, as getting one will allow you to open sealed bunkers that contain massive amounts of cash and other high-tier loot. However, keep in mind that the key card spawn rate is the lowest in the game.

Despite being an interesting and fun game mode, Golden Plunder has its fair share of bugs and issues.

Redditor u/DevManTim wrote about the field upgrade bug in Golden Plunder mode in their recent post. Field Upgrades are legendary-level ground loot, providing powerful abilities and in-game items.

Usually when a field upgrade is picked up, it takes a bit of time to recharge before becoming usable. After use, it has a recharge period again.

However, the field upgrade in Golden Plunder faces a serious bug. Players can instantly pick a field upgrade and use it. However, it does not recharge in this case.

Pick up another one, but it doesn’t improve the situation since the new field upgrade can’t be used either. This means that players can only use one instance of the highly favored ground loot in a Golden Plunder match.

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Due to this glitch, players cannot safely extract the cash using the Cash Extraction Balloon field upgrade. Cash extraction balloons are a safer method of extraction, as they can be used in a secluded location, away from opponents.

This is the complete opposite of a Helicopter Extraction, which is usually camped by enemies. This is a serious issue that will hopefully be resolved by the developers.

More problems in Call of Duty Warzone Golden Plunder

Field update failure is not the only issue facing the player base in Call of Duty Warzone Golden Plunder.

In a massive Reddit post, user u/MadAshx described the issues facing the player base in Golden Plunder along with their frustration with the developers for not fixing them.

However, according to the developers, the game is too bloated to introduce fixes. The player base feels that while Activision has no problem adding new content to an already massive game, they have never rushed to fix its issues.

The number of experience points gained from Golden Plunder has also been reduced. Players typically jump into a game of Plunder because of the sheer amount of experience points that can be earned in a single playthrough. The amount of experience points earned depends on the amount of cash collected.

Despite repeated assurances from the developers, the amount of money to be earned in the game is quite low. This has led to a reduction in the amount of experience points earned in a single match. As a result, the grind of wanted items and weapon upgrades is much more severe.

The Calling Card, which can be acquired by earning Golden Plunder at Prestige Level 120, is also not unlocked even if the player meets the required conditions.

These are some of the problems that many face in Golden Plunder. Due to these issues, the game could lose most of its player base when Call of Duty Warzone 2 releases in the latter part of the year.

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