10 Things Resident Evil 2 Remake Does Better Than The PS1 Original

Many innovative video games have appeared and have forever changed the nature of the industry, but resident evil 2 from 1998 remains an iconic title for both survival horror and gaming in general. The survival horror genre has gradually evolved from a niche fascination to one of the most popular areas of gaming and Capcom. demonic resident The series continues to dominate this gruesome genre.

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The popular trend of releasing remastered remakes of classic titles is a strategy that has worked quite well for demon resident. a robust resident evil 2 The remake arrived in 2019, more than two decades after the original. The new resident evil 2 it makes crucial changes to the original experience that certainly aren’t for everyone, but there are still plenty of ways in which the shiny new version is an improvement on the PlayStation original.

10 It’s a scarier gaming experience

The original resident evil 2 it’s built in such a way that the specific camera angles and surprising sound cues strike fear into the player, even if other mechanics take them out of the experience. the demonic resident The series has evolved significantly from resident evil 2 and some titles are guilty of prioritizing action over horror. resident evil 2 it makes sure that the haunting atmosphere of the game is intact and the game delivers even more scares than before. Smarter enemies, revised monster designs, and moody sound and lighting design ensure the game is appropriately terrifying.

9 Improved defensive abilities and easier shots

demonic resident players typically have a lot of freedom when it comes to their inventory and their primary chosen means of zombie elimination. There are certain mechanics from the original game that are iconic to the 1990s, such as the game’s “tank controls” and how a player must stop moving and aim before they can fire their weapon. the resident evil 2 The new version features more natural shots that catch up with modern times. However, the new version also incorporates defensive elements that can be used to minimize damage during attacks. Players can also board up windows in an effort to reduce zombie infestations.

8 The amount of unlockable content has been increased

the demonic resident Games have always been pretty generous in terms of unlockable content that can be accessed by more experienced players if they are especially proficient at their game. Audiences have become even more familiar with resident evil 2 in the two decades since its release, so Capcom resident evil 2 remake institutes new challenges that are even tougher.

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Quick matches will reward the player with powerful perks like unlimited ammo and an unbreakable knife. The remake also adds a complementary fourth Survivor mode with many new and strange playable characters.

7 There is a cleaner timeline relative to the rest of the series

The original resident evil 2 successfully picks up the conclusion of its predecessor and lays the groundwork for Resident Evil CODE: Veronica Y Justice in subtle ways. the resident evil 2 remake was released after resident evil 7: biohazard, that has pushed the wider demonic resident knowledge to new places that were impossible to consider in the 1990s. resident evil 2 The new version does not interfere with the story of the original, but finds opportunities to seed relationships, corporations and events that are present in Resident Evil 4 and subsequent games in the franchise.

6 Mr. X is a more substantial and terrifying antagonist

There is no shortage of terrifying scenes in resident Evil 2, but one of the game’s most memorable recurring elements is the lumbering Mr. X, a bioweapon who knows how to make an entrance. Mr. X bursts through walls to surprise and overwhelm the player, but the modern remake turns the threat into an even more daunting predator.

the resident evil 2 remake increases the AI ​​of Mr. X and puts a lot of Resident Evil 3‘s nemesis in character. The result is a more intuitive and terrifying Mr. X than ever before.

5 Supporting characters in the game get more chances to shine

the demonic resident The series has slowly established a large cast of characters who appear in different entries and help connect the dots of seemingly disparate adventures. resident evil 2 It features franchise mainstays Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, but the game also pays close attention to Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong.

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the resident evil 2 The remake expands on these relationships, but more minor characters like William Birkin and Chief Irons receive powerful development. The remake helps develop the margins of this world.

4 Graphics and images are on another level

It should come as no surprise that any video game that came out in 2019 is going to look considerably better than a title from 1998. resident evil 2 The remake could be a complete disaster, but it would be safe to say that the next-gen graphics achieved with Capcom’s RE Engine and modern hardware technology would still be the title’s saving grace.

Fortunately, resident evil 2 has much more to offer, but these detailed visuals allow for a higher level of immersion and an experience that is naturally scarier. The original resident evil 2 It still holds up when it comes to gameplay, but its graphics are very much a product of the 1990s.

3 Boss battles are more challenging

the demonic resident The games are known for their intimidating bestiary of biological monsters like Hunters, Lickers, Bandersnatches, and more. The series also understands the importance of daring boss battles that put the other monsters in the game to shame.

resident evil 2 It has some inspired fights that mostly involve William Birkin’s increasingly unsettling mutations, but there are also giant alligators and other terrifying sequences. All of these grueling challenges are intensified in the new version. They are more challenging, have higher intelligence and are extreme stress exercises.

two There are better voice acting and performances

The original demonic resident the games are still praised for their challenging and innovative gameplay, but have also gained cult status through their egregious use of voice acting. Voice acting was a mixed bag in the 1990s and resident evil 2 it features both a clunky script and stagnant performances.

the resident evil 2 The remake features video game performances that reflect the innovations in the field. The remake’s actors deliver emotional performances, while the original game’s dialogue almost sounds like a joke. Of course, these lackluster performances have become legendary in their own way, but they have become an outdated gaming trend.

1 The creative and talented modding community that forms around the title

resident evil 2 presents a complete package. With that said, there is a community of very passionate and talented fans who find ways to recontextualize titles through curious mods. Mods can be focused solely on cosmetic improvements or gameplay changes, but the demonic resident The modders have added some morbid humor to make the game an even weirder experience.

something ridiculous resident evil 2 PC mods turn Mr. X into Pennywise from It’s, Thomas the Tank Engine and other nightmarish forms of fuel. Creative mods aren’t something everyone will experience, but they’ve given resident evil 2 a new life and were impossible in the original.

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