The Best Horror Game Of All Years Of The 2010s, Ranked By Metacritic

The Best Horror Game Of All Years Of The 2010s, Ranked By Metacritic

Horror has always been a staple of video games. Many players even consider the likes of pac-man be the prototype of the survival horror genre. You are on your own, forced to collect items that prolong your survival to the next stage, with very few resources to fight the inevitable doom of supernatural creatures hunting you.

Even to this day, with upcoming games like The Callisto Project and the many remakes of horror classics like Dead space Y Resident Evil 4, horror is still a strong genre. The 2010s are not without this phenomenon, possibly featuring some classics of their own.


10 SOMA (2015) – 84

SOMA woman AI splits by logo

SOMA is a science fiction survival horror game developed by Frictional Games, from Amnesia the dark descent fame. The player controls Simon Jarrett, an ordinary Canadian who participates in an experimental brain scan. However, when he wakes up, he finds himself in an underwater research center where horrible amalgamations of organic technology roam the corridors with impunity.

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SOMA is arguably the most atmospheric of Frictional Games’ releases to date. With its dimly lit hallways, the near-silent hum of machinery, and the ever-present crush of the little “life” living in this barren hell, the player feels the same isolation that Simon does. Additionally, the game addresses high-concept ideas of what constitutes “life”, whether from a literal or metaphysical sense.

9 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017) – 86

Resident Evil 7 Unveiling Better Than Village

In Resident Evil 7, the player controls the new character Ethan Winters, a normal man looking for his wife, who disappeared more than three years ago. He tracks her down to the Baker house in Dulvey, Louisiana, which had taken Mia after her ship sank. The house has deteriorated to a sickening degree, and as Ethan digs deeper, he begins to uncover the dark origins of the rot infesting the house.

Resident Evil 7 it was the long-awaited seventh entry in the then-stalled demonic resident franchise. In stark contrast to the last four action-packed sequels, Resident Evil 7 returns to the series’ survival horror roots. The player is not a hardened agent, but a completely normal man who is in over his head. The decaying Baker house provides the perfect backdrop for one of the best games in the entire franchise in a long time.

8 SUNSET (2018) – 88

DUSK double barrel shotgun against terrifying enemies

DARKNESS, Developed by New Blood Interactive, is a retro horror themed first person action shooter. Set in the mysterious town of “Dusk”, the player controls a man nicknamed “Dusk Dude”, a treasure hunter searching for the small town’s hidden treasure. However, he is captured by psychotic peasant cultists and must fight his way out of town in one piece.

DARKNESS showcases the impressive flexibility of horror games by being a throwback to the fast-paced action of games like Earthquake Y Condemn. Despite the exciting gameplay, Dusk’s small town still gives many scares. Body terror and supernatural creatures galore are everywhere in this sadistic city, and there’s something of a catharsis in being able to kill them all with jugged shotguns.

7 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (2014) – 88

The home screen of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth video games

The Isaac Rebirth Union, Developed by Nicalis, it is a complete remake of the original, with new content such as expanded lore, levels, and a completely new game engine. The plot still follows Isaac, a traumatized boy who runs away from his fanatically devout Christian mother who, in her delusions, believes that she must sacrifice him for God.

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The game is a black comedy, contrasting cartoonish, childish imagery with hideous flecks of flesh and sinew. Isaac literally uses his tears to fight off the onslaught of mental and physical threats that come his way. While the game is tongue-in-cheek, the theme and execution put it firmly in horror territory. For that reason, it’s an indie horror delight.

6 Limbo (2010) – 90

limbo video game

Limbo is a 2D horror puzzle platform game developed by Playdead. Limbo puts you in control of a nameless boy searching for his sister in this mysteriously dark new world. None of this is openly told to the player, as there are no notes or dialogue. Instead, the game’s terrifying setting tells the story for the audience.

Limbo received much praise for its engaging puzzles and intensely unsettling atmosphere. The game is nothing more than shades of black and white, which perfectly encapsulates the isolation of purgatory. Helplessness is the name of the game in Limboand players will die over and over again to find their way out of this nightmarish realm.

5 Dead Space 2 (2011) – 90

dead space eye needle scene 2

dead space 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead space, and continues the story of Isaac Clarke. Three years after the first game, Isaac finds himself trapped in a hospital at Titan Station. His sanity is completely shattered and while he recovers, the Necromorphs attack the station and start the process all over again.

dead space 2 it’s only slightly more action-packed than the first game, but that’s to be expected from a narrative standpoint. At this point, Isaac meets the Necromorphs, and his fight against them is even more cruel and hateful now that he has nothing to lose. While some fans didn’t like the changes, many enjoyed the new variety of levels, as well as the more action-packed gameplay.

4 The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series (2012) – 92

Telltale's Walking Dead Xbox

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a critically acclaimed point-and-click survival horror game. The player takes control of Lee Everett, a convict on his way to prison for murder. However, that’s when the dead begin to rise. After escaping from the police car, Lee soon finds Clementine, a young woman whose family is far away from her, and protects her from whatever threat arises, dead or alive.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead released at the height of the show’s popularity, and received so much praise. While the undead are still a major element, much like the show, the real horror comes from the depths other humans will go to in order to survive. With fantastic writing and incredible performances from the game’s cast, it’s a video game on par with some of The Walking Dead’s best seasons.

3 INSIDE (2016) – 93

INSIDE is the spiritual successor of Limbo, another critically acclaimed horror puzzle platformer from Playdead. Once again, the player controls a nameless young man in an incredibly dark and hostile environment. This time, however, the game is rendered with 3D graphics and colors, but retains the minimalist aesthetic.

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INSIDE it is a story about the cruelties that technology requires to reach the heights that it reaches. Once again, the story is told purely through visuals, but with the benefit of a 3D environment, INSIDE reaches new levels of haunting. The deaths are also more gruesome, and the creatures are more violent than anything found in Limbo.

two Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) – 93

Presentation image of the remake of Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2 (2019) is the remake of Capcom’s 1998 survival horror classic. The plot follows Leon S. Kennedy, a new recruit for the Raccoon City Police Department. On the first day of it, however, a zombie outbreak spreads throughout Raccoon City and, along with another survivor, Claire Redfield, Leon must find a way to escape the doomed city before the government incinerates everyone. that are inside

resident evil 2 is a true remake, as instead of just updating the graphics or adding new story elements, the entire game cycle is changed. Gone are the tank controls of yesteryear, and now the game is done in a modern style. demonic resident games. However, the change in perspective doesn’t lessen the horror at all, and so much has changed that even RE2 veterans are scared of new additions.

1 The Last of Us (2013) – 95

The Last of Us remake Joel Ellie approved by Sony

The last of us is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure horror game developed by Naughty Dog. The game follows Joel, a jaded middle-aged man who is still mourning the loss of his daughter during the start of the apocalypse, and Ellie, a young woman who never knew life before the apocalypse.

The last of us It was critically acclaimed for its cinematic storytelling, fantastic performances, and brutal nail-biting matches. While it’s more of a survival thriller than a pure horror game, it’s still a zombie apocalypse with plenty of terrifying sequences. In particular, any Clicker-infested building is a really intense survival horror experience.

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