Resident Evil game tier list

Resident Evil game tier list

the demonic resident The franchise has been one of the longest-running and most successful franchises in video game history, with Capcom regularly releasing new entries. Recently, Capcom revealed its plans for demonic resident‘s future, confirming that DLC is on the way for Resident Evil Village later this year, while a full Resident Evil 4 The remake is in development for a 2023 release.

Capcom has released many main series demonic resident games over the years, and most of them have turned out to be pretty good. In fact, most of the main series demonic resident The games are highly rated by fans and critics alike, though there are a few that haven’t lived up to expectations.


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As fans await more information on the Resident Evil 4 remake, here is a tier list ranking each main series demonic resident game released so far.


resident evil 2 – The original demonic resident coined the term survival-horror and helped put the genre on the map. The bar was set very high, but Capcom managed to exceed expectations with resident evil 2. resident evil 2 allows players to get lost in Raccoon City overrun by carnivorous zombies and other unspeakable horrors like rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who is looking for her brother Chris. RE2 It was a massive improvement over the original game in almost every category, and it remains a landmark release in the survival horror genre.

Resident Evil (2002) – Barely six years after the first demonic resident released, Capcom moved forward with a new version for the Nintendo GameCube. the demonic resident The remake vastly improved the graphics of the original game and made the infamous Mansion Incident much more terrifying with the hideous Lisa Trevor and zombies that don’t stay dead unless players burn their corpses. the demonic resident The remake is the ideal way to experience the original story, and thankfully it’s available on modern platforms via an HD remaster that added modernized controls and more.

Resident Evil 4 – Most video game franchises figure out what works and stick to that plan throughout their existence, but director Shinji Mikami took demonic resident in a bold new direction with Resident Evil 4. One of the most influential and critically acclaimed video games ever created, Resident Evil 4 sees Leon S. Kennedy on a dangerous quest to save the president’s daughter. He introduces an over-the-shoulder camera and ramps up the action significantly. RE4the overall impact of demonic resident The franchise remains controversial, but there’s no denying the great art on display.

Resident Evil 2 (2019) – Capcom has never been shy about remaking the classic demonic resident games, so it’s no wonder he eventually did the same thing for resident evil 2. the resident evil 2 The remake is a mostly faithful recreation of the original 90’s game, but with gorgeous graphics that are up to modern standards and various tweaks to make the game live up to today’s expectations. the resident evil 2 The remake also made Mr. X much scarier, allowing him to relentlessly chase players almost anywhere they tried to go, leading to many unscripted terrifying moments.


demonic resident – The demonic resident That Started It All remains a must-play to this day. Watch the STARS Alpha Team explore the dangerous Spencer Estate in search of the missing Bravo Team. What they discover is a mansion filled to the brim with zombies and other monstrosities, all of which are extremely deadly. There are certain aspects of the original. demonic resident It hasn’t aged as well as other games in the series, but it’s still a classic of the genre and well worth playing, even with the new version available.

Resident Evil 7 – The demonic resident franchise was suffering from an identity crisis after Resident Evil 4 it pushed him in a more action-oriented direction. Resident Evil 7 was Capcom’s attempt to bring demonic resident back to its survival horror roots, and was largely successful in achieving that goal. Resident Evil 7 is a pure survival horror game that is very similar to the classic demonic resident games, although the big difference is the first-person point of view and the greater focus on scaring the player. Easily one of the scariest. demonic resident games yes no the more terrifying, players won’t soon forget the terror inflicted on them by the Baker family.

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis – Capcom struck gold with the top two demonic resident games, so it was natural for him to move on with another as quickly as possible. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis originally not supposed to be the 3rd main series demonic resident game, and it shows, though it’s still a great entry in the series. the stars of the game RE1 protagonist Jill Valentine as she explores Raccoon City, visiting some locations that players have already experienced in resident evil 2. RE3The titular Nemesis monster helped take the third game in the series to the next level, quickly becoming one of the most iconic creatures in the franchise.

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Resident Evil Code: Veronica – Originally a Dreamcast exclusive, Resident Evil Code: Veronica gave way to demonic resident series to a new generation of video games. Resident Evil Code: Veronica sees Chris and Claire Redfield subjected to more of the Umbrella Corporation’s unspeakable horrors, but with improved controls and quality of life improvements compared to previous games in the series. Code: Veronica it also sees the shocking return of series antagonist Albert Wesker, resulting in one of the franchise’s most memorable moments. There are aspects of the game that haven’t been kept up, particularly the backtracking when players take control of Chris and the way it allows players to screw up their own game, but it’s still a great game and there’s a reason players fans ask for a new version. .

resident evil zero resident evil zero is a prequel to the original game, showing what exactly happened to the STARS Bravo team on the night before the mansion incident. It puts Rebecca Chambers in the starring role and also throws fan-favorite character Billy Coen into the mix. resident evil zero introduced an interesting new gameplay mechanic where players can switch between the two playable characters at will. It also abandoned item boxes from the series in favor of allowing players to drop items on the ground. These changes didn’t resonate with all fans, but the game still provides a riveting experience. demonic resident experience independently.

resident bad 5 resident bad 5 Is essential Resident Evil 4 with cooperative and an even greater focus on action. resident bad 5The over-the-top action and third-person shooter approach to horror and puzzle solving didn’t sit well with everyone, but the game is still one of the best co-op shooters out there. resident bad 5 It also features incredible replay value, with players challenged to get high scores on each mission, fully level up each weapon, and find the many collectibles hidden throughout the game.

Resident Evil Village Resident Evil 7Capcom’s first-person point of view was controversial, but Capcom still decided to double down with Resident Evil Village. The latest main series entry in the long-running survival horror franchise, Resident Evil Village pick up where RE7 left him, with Ethan Winters facing off against a new set of villains, including the insanely popular Lady Dimitrescu. Resident Evil Village it’s more action-oriented than its predecessor, which again proved controversial in the community, but is otherwise a solid follow-up and serves as further proof that the RE The formula works very well in first person.


Resident Evil 3 – Capcom was very successful with their other demonic resident remakes, so it makes sense that he decided to produce a remake for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, although it is definitely one of the weakest games in the franchise. the Resident Evil 3 The new version removes “Nemesis” from the title, and also makes the titular monster significantly less intimidating. The short game focuses on scripted sequences and removes some of the original. RE3defining features to tell a more simplified story. It’s still a fine, highly polished game, but it could have been so much more.

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resident Evil 6 – Worst demonic resident the far game is resident Evil 6. resident Evil 6 marks the lowest point of the franchise, further committing itself to action over horror and bogging down the narrative with multiple interlocking campaigns starring the series’ most recognizable characters. resident Evil 6 it has its moments, and the return of co-op is welcome, but it’s a tough job to play and overall a significant step down from its predecessors.

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