Resident Evil 5 deserves a remake just for its cooperative mode

Although its action-oriented style disappointed fans, Resident Evil 5 has potential and deserves a remake just for the fun of its cooperative system.

resident bad 5, despite its negative reputation, deserves a remake because it has potential yet to be realized. Although not as unpleasant as resident Evil 6, RE5 disappointed fans with its switch from survival-horror to action-horror, so unlikely demonic resident redo to happen. Yet, RE5 it has a lot of redeeming qualities that could be tweaked in a remake to make it the co-op survival horror experience that games currently lack.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Resident Evil 5.]

resident bad 5 takes place in West Africa, where Chris Redfield has been sent to investigate a viral outbreak. He teamed up with Sheva Alomar for the mission, but is cold towards her as he is still mourning the loss of her previous partner, Jill Valentine. Chris and Sheva’s partnership is what allows for cooperation throughout the story of RE5And it doesn’t take long to discover that familiar villains are behind the outbreak in West Africa.


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resident bad 5 should be redone with a reimagined story like Resident Evil 4new version of . There is a good foundation for developers to work from, and the action-oriented style of RE5 it could be converted to a style and gameplay more appropriate for a survival horror game. A remake could also open up the opportunity for characters like Sheva to return in other games. demonic resident titles, as she, like many of the other protagonists, is dedicated to fighting biohazards.

Only the cooperative mode of Resident Evil 5 justifies a remake


Despite all its flaws, the cooperative in resident bad 5 It is a great option to have fun with a friend. Also, there is a significant lack of cooperative survival horror games on the market right now, and a resident bad 5 remake is a great option to help fill that gap. demonic resident has difficulties with multiplayer, but the cooperative in RE5 it worked well enough, especially in the Lost in Nightmares DLC, and a new version would have a chance to refine it. Lost in Nightmares took RE5 in the right direction with a more survival and horror style keeping the cooperative elements to be able to enjoy it with a friend.

The biggest problem for RE5 The co-op style is not having a human to play with, as the complementary AI isn’t very helpful. Capcom has put the elements of a great cooperative survival horror game throughout its demonic resident titles, and now is the time to take the best of those elements and combine them. It’s hard to find a decent co-op horror game to play with a friend, and Capcom has an opportunity to make a great co-op horror game by remaking resident bad 5.

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