10 tips for living in the Underworld

10 tips for living in the Underworld

The Nether is an alternate world covered in red rock and lava in Minecraft. Hardly anything grows there, and surviving within this scorching hellscape can be challenging for new players. For those who have decided that living in the upper world isn’t all that fun anymore, the Nether is a huge challenge and change of pace filled with its own troubles and adventures.

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Overcome these problems in the Nether that many Minecraft fans wouldn’t clash normally is important if players want to live a decent life after building a Nether portal for themselves. Once through the gateway to the other world, knowing what players will be up against and what they should take with them is essential.

10 Dress before you send

Unlike the normal world of Minecraft, things in the Nether hit hard. This means that players wishing to live inside the Nether will first want to get a decent set of full armor, preferably diamonds, before even thinking about setting foot in this lava world.

There is a risk of losing this entire set, however, fans of the franchise are less likely to die from an unfortunate Ghast blast if they are outfitted head to toe in glowing blue gems.

9 Do not bring valuables

This may seem very obvious to any expert or long-term player of this sandbox title. It’s still important to make sure valuables, whether it’s a couple of diamonds or a whole stack of minerals, are left at home properly. Otherwise, players risk these items turning to dust should they accidentally stumble into lava or die near fire.

Even leaving them in a chest next to the Nether portal that leads back to the upper world is a good idea if players expect to need them again while living inside the Nether.

8 forget to sleep

First of all, because there is no day and night cycle, there is no reason to press a bed other than to set a spawn point, but in the Nether this is pretty much impossible. Placing a bed and pressing on it while in the Nether will cause it to explode, risking both the player’s death and the loss of a perfectly good sleeping utensil.

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The inhabitants of the Nether must set up a small house near their portal with a bed in the upper world so that, in the event of death, players can return directly to their new life experience.

7 Practice deflecting ghosts

Ghasts are a common enemy in the Nether. They are terrifying giant squids that wail and float in the air crying as they attack the player with explosive fireballs that can knock them off ledges as well as being a total nuisance.

However, these explosive rounds can reflect on the Ghasts face, by hitting the round with a weapon or even a bare hand, players can give the Ghasts a taste of their own medicine. It also prevents the ground from exploding under the player.

6 Bring a new map

Like the regular world of MinecraftThe Nether is sprawling far and wide with its own variety of biomes and fortresses to explore. Remembering where everything can be difficult, especially when avoiding all the danger of the Nether, and that’s why it’s a good idea to bring a fresh map.

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Arguably everything on this map may look the same, but if a player can remember specific sections of where they saw something, it can make navigating this large amount of red much easier. No more going too far and not knowing the way home.

5 hunt hoglins

Food is nearly impossible to find in the Nether, and players must eat if they want their hearts to regenerate. One way to accomplish this is to bring in red and brown mushrooms, as well as some dirt from the world to make mushroom stew. However, this can take a while to grow.

The easiest option is to locate a crimson forest, where packs of Hoglins can be found. These mobs will gradually appear in groups of 3-4 over time and can drop a couple of Pork Chops that can be cooked and eaten.

4 Budding alchemists will prevail

A key mechanic in Minecraft as well as enchantment is alchemy, and it’s a useful skill to learn when it comes to living in the Nether. Learning what is needed to create fire resistance potions will be of great help in those situations where the player accidentally falls into the lava.

The great thing about making fire resistant potions is also that all the necessary ingredients can be found in the Nether, minus the water. All players will need to brew this potion which is Magma Cream, Nether Wart, and Fire Powder to heat the mixture.

3 Bring a lot of cobblestones

Many of the blocks found in the Nether are easily destroyed by Ghast blasts, meaning trying to build a solid foundation can be difficult with the materials found there. Those wishing to go into the Nether will want to bring copious amounts of Cobblestone, as it is a vital step to survival.

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Cobblestone isn’t completely indestructible, but it can take more hits than other materials players can think of using. Another positive aspect is that it is non-flammable and therefore any progress will not simply disappear the moment it is lit.

two protect the portal

Although the goal is to live in the Nether, it is still important to have a way to get back. If a Ghast hits the portal, the light inside will go out and there will be no way to get back home. Of course, it can be easily re-lit with a flint and steel, but avoiding the need to do so in the first place is a great first step to living there.

Players should quickly surround their portal with cobblestones to prevent it from being assaulted by Ghasts, this can also double as a starting base as they scout out the best area to set up a house in the Nether. Later, this cobblestone can be replaced with inferior brick which has higher blast resistance and will not break like cobblestone does.

1 Leave trails of breadcrumbs everywhere

The closed areas of the Nether can be difficult to navigate, with no sun to point you in the right direction and many of the same looking areas, players can easily get lost. Even with a map, it can be hard to tell your way home, which is why it’s a good idea to leave a rare block in the Nether as a breadcrumb trail home.

Much like navigating the deep caves of the world, placing a torch on a cobblestone block in the direction players need to go will take a lot of the stress out of trying to get home.

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