10 characters I would love to have as a training partner

10 characters I would love to have as a training partner

You have to be a special kind of person to prefer exercising completely alone. Having a friend during training is the perfect way to make the (for some) unpleasant but necessary experience go by much faster.

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Knowing that you are working hard or struggling to do your best with a friend by your side can help make the experience that much more rewarding. That said, there are tons of video game characters that I would love to work with. While not all of the characters are necessarily fitness enthusiasts, there are more than a few that could push anyone to be the absolute maximum physical version of themselves.


10 captain falcon

You might be thinking that Captain Falcon is a runner, and as a result, you probably don’t need to exercise as much. While that may be true on some level, there’s no denying how turned on the high-speed runner is considering you can easily identify each of his individual abs through his clothing.

If I’m looking to be shredded, I’m calling the Falcon. Imagine doing sets of his favorite exercise with him in his ear cheering, “SHOW YOUR MOVES!” Okay, Mr. Falcon, I’ll absolutely do that. Please don’t hit me with a hawk.

9 cattail

While Tifa seems to be the type of woman who would rather work out on her own, I’d venture to assume that having her as a training partner would help motivate anyone. With the release of Remake and its various mini-games, it’s clear that Tifa can generate pull-ups like nobody’s business.

Obviously, Tifa is stronger than me, I can’t exactly hit robots and evil creatures, so I wouldn’t be afraid of her seeing me. An added bonus, she knows how to fight, so if she ever needed to be taught a lesson, there would be worse people to hit.

8 Cheated

I’m not even American and I’d like to work out with Guile every day if I could. It would bring a level of patriotism to a workout that I think anyone could appreciate. I just need to keep my attitude in check to make sure I’m not on the wrong end of a sonic boom.

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Guile is great, but let’s not be shy about the real reason he would be great to work with: his theme song. Everyone knows that Guile’s theme somehow works with literally any situation, so an hour-long loop of the tune would make any workout fly by.

7 doomguy

A lot of people may wonder why anyone would think someone like Doomguy would make a good sparring partner, but I think it should be pretty obvious. Man can literally tear the hellspawn apart with his bare hands.

The intensity and bombastic force that Doomguy could generate in a weight room is probably the kind of thing that would catch anyone’s eye. He would be working on a new personal brand bench press while Doomguy is in the corner smashing evil creatures. It would be graphic training, and maybe a bit of emotional healing, but it would probably encourage you to become the next Doomguy.

6 Kratos

I think most people would hate to spend more than a few minutes with Kratos in almost any situation, but would be more than happy to have him as an overly-raging dad. Just one look of disapproval would be enough to make me lift a lot more weight than I ever thought I could.

Other than that, knowing he’ll be there to yell in my ear when I let him down would be more than enough to make sure I never give up on a set. Sure, he wouldn’t be everyone’s best training partner, but some people need some serious motivation.

5 Machamp

Does Machamp even need an explanation? Take a good look at the magnificent Pokémon and you should know exactly why it would make a great training partner. Not sure if Machamp needs to exercise? No I dont think so. Have you ever seen a workout?

Even so, we would be the kings of the gym. No one wants to hog any gear from the four-armed fighting beast that is Machamp. Even better, Machamp can hold the camera for one of those much-needed post-workout selfies. I always have to show off the big arm pump.

4 little mac

Sometimes everyone needs a training partner to come in and do what needs to be done. No games, no long talks about diets, just pure work ethic. Little Mac is clearly the man who encourages anyone to exercise.

I would probably spend more time in the cardio section, but I’m not a cardio-no believer; there are forever time for cardio. If he brought Doc Louis to training, we might even get some much-needed advice, something no one should avoid.

3 Wii Fit Trainers

Granted, saying that Wii Fit Trainers would make great training partners might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s hard to argue with the results. How could you not do your best work when their blank, expressionless faces stare at you and invite you to work harder?

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We all know what happens if I step out of line; We’ve all played Super Smash Bros. They would give me a big hit. I’m not interested in disappointing the gray gods of fitness, so I’ll make sure I do my best work.

two Chris Redfield

You could choose any character from the Resident Evil series to train and there would be no need to ask questions. All the characters are at the peak of their physical fitness, even if they don’t always seem that way. However, above all the characters is Chris Redfield.

Say it with me, the man literally hit a rock. Imagine a personalized workout from Chris Redfield. There are no gyms, just huge rocks. You can’t move on until you’ve properly hit your first rock, only for each sequential rock to get bigger and bigger. It would be hard work, but it would be worth it for those Redfield guns.

1 chun li

If you’re like me, you dread leg day. It’s a necessary evil to try to avoid chicken feet, but it’s never the day you look forward to the most. Chun Li could probably help make that day that much better by showing everyone exactly how a leg day should be done.

It would be hard not to get emotional when Chun Li fired through some of the heaviest lifts possible. Sure, it would leave my legs equivalent to nursing home jelly, but my legs that are no longer like sticks would be grateful at the end of the day.

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