Resident Evil’s Most Impractical Outfits

Resident Evil’s Most Impractical Outfits

One usually doesn’t expect to see cops running around in high fashion runway attire in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Nevertheless, demonic resident it actually exists to combat this very notion of practicality. Because of all the zombie media stars, the ones in demonic resident don’t just take the cake; They buy all the pastry.

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Of course, it’s a fun video game franchise that focuses primarily on entertainment value, so expect a suspension of disbelief from viewers. Still, one cannot help but feel the perceived shame of these demonic resident protagonists as they are forced to fight zombies in inappropriate and impractical attire.

8 Ada Wong’s red dress – Resident Evil 2

Ada Wong is one of the most elusive spies in the demonic resident myths, but not if Leon Kennedy can help it. That probably explains his default choice of clothing in both resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 4. Her most iconic look is that red dress designed as a hybrid. cheongsam.

It’s great because it explains how much Ada values ​​her cultural heritage, but does any of it really matter when the world ends? There are a thousand and one ways those dress lapels could catch on something that could end Ada’s tenure as a mercenary, not to mention the lack of mobility the dress offers.

7 Pirate Jill – Resident Evil 3

She’s a ripe fruit, but Jill Valentine has a wardrobe that begs to be analyzed in terms of survival logic. Her original casual outfit with her skirt and blue blouse put her on top of the best girl next door heroine of games, but even that doesn’t make sense in a zombie apocalypse. An even worse unlockable outfit is the Pirate Jill outfit.

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It exposes about the same amount of scratchy, chewy skin as her original casual outfit, except it looks like it takes an hour to put on all the pieces. Not exactly the best emergency response team. Oh, and who could forget the parrot prop on the shoulders? It looks good as a warning device, but that’s about it.

6 Clubbin’ Sheva – Resident Evil 5

Players who thought Jill’s casual outfit was too revealing probably haven’t seen Clubbin’ Sheva. It looks like she was plucked straight out of a cyberpunk club in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. At least Sheva’s original costume was still practical; she even gave him some Lara Croft vibes.

Then there’s this thing, best summed up as a pair of gold loincloths. To be fair, Sheva has a bolder outfit than this in the form of a tribal outfit, but at least that one seems more useful when it comes to mobility. This is just Beyonce’s Goldmember stage outfit from the movie, Austine powers into gold member.

5 Rebecca Nurse Costume – Resident Evil 0

Rebecca is similar to Jill when it comes to wardrobe. They shouldn’t have bothered with the mini-clothes and could have put on a full bikini like Sheva. That’s why the existence of Rebecca’s nurse costume is quite surprising. She is even more ironic than Pirate Jill; a nurse killing zombies instead of finding a cure for them is a pretty cruel joke.

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The worst thing is that the outfit comes in white. Whoever chose this outfit probably doesn’t know what happens when blood seeps into the white fabric. Rebbecca couldn’t have chosen a more inappropriate outfit while she was surrounded by blood and guts. It wouldn’t be so bad if she was actually a proper nurse outfit; this thing she can’t decide if she is a maid or a nurse.

4 Billy Cody Costume – Resident Evil 0

Women may have borne the brunt of questionable outfit design choices, but that doesn’t mean men demonic resident they are exempt from the same evils. Take the Cody costume from Billy resident Evil 0, for instance. The whole outfit covers a lot of skin and is pretty respectable as far as a Cody knockoff from Street Fighter.

However, Cody’s costume has a fatal flaw. What if Billy needs to empty his bladder or his bowels? There appear to be no visible lapels or buttoned openings. While Billy won’t die from the Umbrella Virus or a zombie’s teeth, his bladder and intestines will kill him first. Also, how do you put on this romper?

3 Ashley Knight – Resident Evil 4

When it comes to protection from abuse, Ashley from demonic resident 4 she took it to the extreme with one of her outfits. The Ashley Knight is available as an unlockable piece, and is a good answer to all the impractical and questionable armor on the female characters in demonic resident. It also looks silly.

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While these things protect, they don’t provide the best visibility. Additionally, plate armor has a habit of immobilizing its wearer if they ever land on their back. That explains why Leon can’t pick it up if he’s wearing this. Still, the Knight Ashley armor makes Ashley invulnerable, making her one less daughter of the president to care for.

two Sailor Chris – Resident Evil: Revelations

The developers probably thought it was unfair for women to get all the flashy costumes. Men deserve some skin reveals too, so Sailor Chris’ outfit came out. Normally, sailor outfits for men consist of pants and a shirt that they can breathe with. Sailor Chris is the antithesis of the practicality of the sailor suit.

You can forget about running offshore while wearing this. Everything looks ten sizes too small for his body frame. They are most likely made for children, and Chris Redfield just forced them as much as he could, just like he keeps forcing his sister Claire to Leon Kennedy.

1 High heels

It’s not illegal to run around in stilettos and high heels during life-threatening situations, but good luck doing anything productive or effective during that ordeal. Even famous heroines like Lara Croft opt ​​for more conservative heels (before and after the reboot).

It doesn’t matter if they run over rocky terrain or through grates; those heels don’t get stuck and they don’t twist your ankles either. On the other hand, the superhuman women of demonic resident with their skeletal system of steel and otherworldly balance skills they get by just fine with the five-inches.

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