Games with pointless plot twists that are still impressive

plot twists they can be powerful additions to a game’s story. Of bioshockThe words of the arc to the shocking end of The last of usthese moments can define the games they come from and leave a lasting impression.

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However, sometimes the twists can hit the player with confusing reveals that don’t fit with what was expected. While this can sometimes break a game, other times it may be accepted by the player as an unnerving quirk of an excellent game. Here are some examples and naturally these examples contain spoilers so be careful.

10 Come what may at the end of the inside

Playdead’s titles are surreal in nature, though Limbo it was reasonably easy to understand despite its dreamlike nature. What was less easy to figure out was his tracking title, Inside.

Inside stars a young boy traveling through an oppressive landscape of ferocious dog guards, mind-controlled citizens, and other dangers. Then, at the final destination, the boy becomes one with a mass of flesh and limbs, then breaks out of the facility in which he is contained. It’s unclear what happened there, but it’s a moment that created endless debate about its meaning, and added an extra layer to the game’s already surreal feel.

9 El Dorado is not a legendary city of gold (Uncharted)

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is a light-hearted adventure game starring the charming and mischievous Nathan Drake. He and his band of misfit friends venture into lost lands in search of treasure while battling pirates. Nothing too unusual here.

However, in the last third of the game, the game suddenly turns to horror. The treasure they are looking for is cursed and has created a bunch of zombie creatures, and now they are chasing them all. It’s a dramatic shift in tone that can catch players off guard, and yet the final part of the game builds to a tense and exciting conclusion that players love.

8 The Real Threat (Until Dawn)

Similar to the previous entry, this twist involves the reveal of an unexpected supernatural entity. Although Until sunrisea horror game, this is because the game establishes a standard serial killer narrative in its first few chapters, though it becomes clear that the killer may not be as terrifying as expected.

The real threat here comes from the existence of wendigos on the mountain, aggressive supernatural beings with a love of decapitation. This makes the final moments of the game even more terrifying, although you have to overlook the fact that this twist ignores the little problem they had on previous visits to the cabin before the game.

7 Wesker is alive (Resident Evil Code Veronica)

This is kind of a double twist, like the original. demonic resident revealed his squad leader, Albert Wesker, as a double agent working for the sinister Umbrella Corporation all along. He gets a karmic death at the hands of Umbrella’s Tyrant bioweapon and then the mansion and its labs explode.

The second turn arrives Resident Evil Code Veronica, where Albert Wesker shows up safe and sound, having somehow survived all of that and now sporting superpowers. It’s goofy, hand-wrapped as the result of some undefined Umbrella experiment, but it leads to the creation of the series’ most iconic villain and his subsequent delightful appearance in Resident Evil 5, for what it’s worth.

6 It’s called Final Fantasy 7 Remake for more reasons than one

When Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced to an ecstatic crowd at E3 2015, the expectation was that we would simply see the beloved 1997 JRPG with more realistic visuals. However, when the game finally released in 2020, Square Enix evidently had other plans for this story.

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While much of the game followed the events of the Midgar sections of final fantasy VII, some events change, ghostly figures representing fate try to correct it, and Sephiroth shows up early, determined to remake history in his favor. An odd twist, but it does open the door for the next installments in this trilogy of remakes to surprise us in even more new ways, which is exciting.

5 Unexpected sci-fi story (Assassin’s Creed 2)

While the assassin’s Creed The franchise has seen some changes over the years, the first entries setting an unexpected direction beyond the expected historical stealth game. The first game occasionally switched to the modern era where a man named Desmond Miles, one of Altair’s descendants, is watching all the action through a device called the Animus.

This expanded into assassin’s creed ii, with the Animus failing during Ezio’s excursions through Renaissance Italy, revealing a complex history between the game’s Templar-Assassin conflict. Ultimately, these glitches reveal a science fiction story involving a precursor race, one of whom ends up speaking directly to Desmond through Ezio. Unexpected, strange, mind-boggling and yet absolutely amazing to discover.

4 Kessler’s identity (infamous)

Infamous is an epic superhero game about a bike courier named Cole McGrath who gains superpowers after being told to deliver a mysterious package. This also leads to his home, Liberty City, being quarantined by the government, and a league of supervillains rising up to terrorize the citizens, led by a man named Kessler.

The game’s big twist comes during the final battle against Kessler, where he uses powers suspiciously similar to Cole’s own. This is because Kessler is Cole from the future of an alternate timeline, who has been manipulating events to reshape this timeline. An odd left field twist, but one that helps set up the even better sequel that would follow.

3 The end of the joke is Canon, Harrowing (Drakengard/Nier)

the nier games are known for dense plots and multiple endings that lead to more games, so it’s no surprise that another game from director Yoko Taro is filled with multiple endings, some of which get a little weird. The real surprise, however, is that the events of Nier Replicant they are created by an alternate joke ending in the seemingly unrelated title drakengard.

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drakengard is a dark fantasy PS2 game set in a world of dragons, but its final ending sees the protagonists and the villain disappear through a portal into modern-day Tokyo, where they battle it out in a rhythm game before being shot down by planes. of combat. Sounds silly, except this is the catalyst for a grim apocalyptic event that leads to the events of nier. Pointless, but amazing.

two The existence of the world of Xenoblade

There is something about Japanese directors and the strange origins of the world, like Xenoblade is also guilty of this. Also, this is a twist that applies to both the first and second. Xenoblade games, which initially seem disconnected.

Both games reveal that their respective worlds are the result of an experiment that took place during a great galactic war in our future, during which the lead scientist was split into two newly created dimensions, his dark and light sides becoming gods to each other. one, the latter being. the final boss of the first game. He is difficult to understand, but excellent in the way he connects games. And this is likely to play out in xenoblade chronicles 3.

metal gear is a series that isn’t afraid to be a little silly at times, but solid metal gear 2 it is one of the high points of his stupidity. It is a game that hits the player with many twists, all strange, all amazing.

The game suddenly makes you play as Raiden instead of Snake, Revolver Ocelot possessed by the previous game’s villain via an arm transplant and reveals the whole thing to be a sentient AI-driven simulation, all of which makes for an engaging experience. constantly puzzling. However, the game remains one of the best in the series and led to creator Hideo Kojima being praised as a mad genius to this day.

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