Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

About to turn 20, the Obligations The franchise debuted in 2003 and changed the face of first-person shooters forever. It may have taken a few tickets to get going, but once it did, it never stopped, and now Obligations is one of the biggest franchises on the entire planet, with millions of fans desperate to get their hands on the next sequel, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Though tight gunplay and fast-paced gameplay is what defines Obligationsthe best entries in the franchise brought a little more to the table, like a riveting plot and lovable cast of characters.


One of the most beloved characters in history, if not the most beloved. Obligations The franchise is Captain John Price, a mustachioed British Special Forces agent who is as quick with a gun as he is with words. while most Obligations fans will remember Price for his pivotal role in 2007 Modern warand his subsequent appearances in the rest of the Modern war trilogy, Captain Price actually has an even longer history in the franchise, dating back to 2003 with the first Obligations.

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Captain Price in World War II

Originally intended to be a reference to the WWII movie. a bridge far awayCaptain Price first appears in 2003 Obligations, the franchise’s debut title. Although he shares the same mustachioed appearance and British accent, this Captain Price is not the one found in call of duty 4 modern warfareand while fan theories have suggested that it could be his grandfather, that has never been confirmed by Infinity Ward or Activision.

Chronologically, Captain Price appears first in call of duty 2, commanding the 7th Armored Division in North Africa. Over the course of a few weeks, Captain Price and his Division manage to push back a good portion of the German presence in North Africa, first disabling their anti-aircraft guns and then taking out their communications array before attempting to drive the forces out. remnants of Tunisia. However, while in Tunis, Price and his team are ambushed by overwhelming German forces, and he makes a split-second decision to retreat with only a handful of his squad after the team splits up. So while this may not be the same Captain Price that fans would meet in later entries, he shares the same tactical reasoning and is willing to make impossible decisions if the situation calls for it.

A few months later, after the North African campaign draws to a close, Captain Price finds himself in command of a new division, the 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. This unit is first tasked with securing a bridge over the Canal de Caen, the first step in driving German forces out of France. Securing the bridge against ground, sea, and air forces, Price is called upon to once again lead the 7th Armored Division, this time in Normandy. After clearing out a few villages, the squad is pinned down by a patrolling German Tiger tank, and Price takes it upon himself to give his team a rousing, morale-boosting speech, yet another trait Price exhibits today.

After the French campaign, Price’s determination and skill are recognized by the British Special Forces, who recruit him into the SAS. Captain Price’s final mission would see him attempt to destroy the Tirpitz, a German battleship. Price and his squadmate Evan manage to sneak aboard the ship using forged documents. To avoid detection while on board, Price uses his knowledge of the German language to lay low, proving that he truly is the best of the best. Unfortunately, the odds were not in Price’s favor, and he eventually alerted the ship to his presence. In a final act of sacrifice, Price distracts the German soldiers while his partner plants explosives.

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Captain Price in the Modern Warfare trilogy

By far the best known Captain Price, John Price is first introduced in call of duty 4 modern warfare, during the game’s opening training sequence, where he oversees Soap’s final test. Since at least 1996, Price had served in the SAS, as had the World War II captain of the same name. During an undercover mission to Pripyat, Price is tasked with assassinating arms dealer Imran Zakhaev. Price misses the shot and instead blows Zakhaev’s arm off. Price alerted Zakhaev’s forces and took his wounded lead officer, MacMillan, to an extraction point. He then held off soldiers from an entire army before the two were extracted, displaying Price’s inherent survival instincts.

Fifteen years later, Price now leads his own SAS task force, codenamed Bravo Team. Price and his team are tasked with defeating Zakhaev, who they eventually find in an underground nuclear bunker. After disabling a series of nuclear weapons that were dropped on the US, Price and his team pursue Zakhaev, but are ambushed by a Hind gunship. With the entire team bleeding to death on the ground, Price threw his pistol at Soap, who managed to kill Zakhaev.

Once Price has recovered, he is reassigned to a new elite squad called Task Force 141, where he assumes the role of field commander. Price then leads this new task force on a series of missions, most of which are aimed at taking down Vladimir Makarov, the new leader of Zakhaev’s former terrorist cell. Eventually, the task force is betrayed by General Shepard, the very man who created the unit in the first place. Price and Soap chase him down and kill him, becoming war criminals in the process. the Modern war The trilogy’s Captain Price is determined and willing to go to any lengths to complete his mission or achieve his own personal goal. Although his team is clearly his priority, he isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to complete the task at hand, no matter what or who he risks.

Captain Price in Modern Warfare 2019

Acting as a soft reboot of the series, 2019 Modern war features a new but familiar version of Captain John Price. Having joined the army at just 16 years old, Price served in the British Army for 18 years and became an SAS agent at an extremely young age. In 2011, Price was given the rank of Captain and put in charge of a counterterrorism task force. With such a long and decorated career behind him, there is no part of the world that Price hasn’t fought in, no untrodden ground, no arena of combat that he hasn’t managed to think of and bravely come out of. This newest version of Captain Price may be the most tactical, skilled, and deadly of the bunch, and based on the trailers released so far, it appears that his appearance in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will continue to prove that.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 launches October 28 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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