Top 10 Short Horror Games You Can Beat In Under 10 Hours, According To Reddit

Top 10 Short Horror Games You Can Beat In Under 10 Hours, According To Reddit
Top 10 Short Horror Games You Can Beat In Under 10 Hours, According To Reddit

Although remakes have a habit of ending much longer than the game they’re based on, the demonic resident The franchise has been smart to keep the first run under 10 hours, as this shorter game time allows horror games to maintain a level of tension and atmosphere that would be much more difficult to achieve in a longer game. .

For fans hoping for a revamped but still compact horror experience in the form of Resident Evil 4 Remake next year, there are tons of other short horror games to try in the meantime. Horror game fans on Reddit had a handful of titles to recommend.

Distraction (2015)

Distract Gameplay

There’s something about 2D horror games that gives them a unique appeal, and this indie title is no exception. redditor cracudocarioca He suggested Kidnappingcalling it “a pretty good short horror game” and emphasizing that it can be beaten in a mere 2 1/2 hours, which puts it on the shorter side even by the standards of short horror titles.


A psychological horror with a dark and beautiful art style that immediately makes it stand out. Kidnapping it unfolds like an atmospheric novel as its main character discovers the cost of his ambitions. The game was created by Jesse Makkonen’s one-man team and shows how cohesive the game feels as a single tense and bleak experience.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Leon and Claire running away in Resident Evil 2

the demonic resident The franchise is sure to come up in a discussion of great short horror games and, for Reddit users like trunguyen1006, there was one title that was a particularly great example. They proposed resident evil 2, saying “10/10 would recommend.” Although the various routes make the game much longer for dedicated fans, its initial campaign can be completed in just over eight hours.

The new version includes revamped visuals that are still stunning a few years after its 2019 release, and modernized controls that make the experience even more terrifyingly immersive. Of course, there’s also plenty of adrenaline-pumping action in Leon and Clare’s quest to survive in a zombie-infested world full of surprises and that’s also one of the main reasons the game has so many fans.

Resident Evil 3 (2020)

Promotional art for the Resident Evil 3 remake featuring Jill and Carlos with guns drawn and Nemesis lurking overhead.

though redditor 93 percent sodium azide suggests Resident Evil 3 for his ideal game time, saying “Resident Evil 3 sounds about [the right] long”, there are tons of good reasons to play the title beyond its compact nature. The remake sacrifices some of the tension of the original game for a greater focus on the action, but it works well in such a short and explosive package.

Paired with a riveting story and fan-favorite characters from the franchise, it’s a winning formula for many horror game fans. Since it’s possible to finish a game in just six hours, it’s the perfect length to get through in a single afternoon or even a night for a gamer who’s feeling brave.

The Last Door (2013)

An in-game screenshot of The Last Door

the last door it’s an episodic game that uses its short nature to ensure a slow but inevitable buildup of tension that somehow ends up scarier than any other traditional horror thrill. redditor chalcedonyinblue he effusively praised the title, complimenting it on its “great vibe, great soundtrack” and saying “the plot was intriguing and the puzzles well thought out”.

While its unusual pixel art style may put off some players who prefer more realistic scares, its gameplay and story set in Victorian England are so well executed that many players will wish it was longer than its 4-5 hour playtime. . With a second season also out and slightly longer, it’s a game worth checking out for fans of unusual horror experiences.

Lost Live (2018)

A creature like Lost in Vivo

To many Reddit users, including realchooby, lost live is an obvious choice for a short horror game that everyone should try. They drew parallels between the game and Silent Hilla connection that many have made about the horror game, saying “it really is like a first person Silent Hill on PS1″, which is high praise for a contemporary indie title.

Maybe not a game for people who hate small spaces, lost live focuses on the idea of ​​claustrophobia and takes this concept to terrifying extremes. In many ways, its compact form, with the chance to beat the game in just a few hours, suits this perfectly, while its stunning graphics also help make the game memorable.

Simulacrum (2019)

An in-game screenshot of Simulacrum Chapter 1

Silent Hill It remains one of the most iconic horror titles for many people, and as a result its influence can be felt wherever there are dark atmospheric settings and neat puzzle solving. A redditor points to Simulacrum by Prymordium as one of the best examples, calling it a “heavily SH-inspired game” that can be beaten in just 2-3 hours.

In the game, the player takes on the role of a girl named Abigail as she navigates through the game’s creepy environments and uncovers its intriguing mysteries. Although there is only one chapter available at the moment and the game may eventually turn into a longer experience, as of now, it is one of the most interesting and shortest out there.

The Painscreek Murders (2017)

An in-game screenshot of The Painscree Killings

Although primarily a mystery game, Redditor superw0rri0 presents The Painscreek Murders as a less obvious great choice in this category, arguing that it has “horror elements and the overall game feels really creepy”. Coupled with the fact that it can be beaten in less than 10 hours, although a guide may be needed, it could be the perfect game for a concise and scary experience for some players.

Putting the player in the position of a journalist investigating a mysteriously abandoned town, dark secrets with a distinctly horrific flavor soon begin to unravel. The gameplay, which is partially inspired by “walking simulator” type games, may not be exciting enough for some, but the game rewards the player with real chills that are worth it.

FEAR (2005)

An office desk in the video game FEAR

Now over 15 years old, FEAR is an iconic blend of intense FPS action and psychological horror. redditor chalcedonyinblue was a horror game fanatic who felt it’s not a title to be forgotten, succinctly recommending it for its compact playtime, saying that in terms of hours “FEAR (took me about 8).”

Although its visuals are now a bit dated, that doesn’t make the scares any less real, as the player finds himself in the position of a new member of an elite task force sent to deal with a powerful new psychic threat. Despite that, it is primarily an action game and there are plenty of moments of triumph to break the strong tension that gripped many players.

Observer (2017)

Screenshot of the interior of a building in Observer: System Redux.

One of the best psychological horror titles in recent years also happens to be a game short enough that even the gamer with the shortest amount of time will have no problem getting through it. redditor jose160 introduce the amazing cyberpunk title Observersaying “it took me only 5 hours to beat him”.

The game is set in Krakow in 2084 and stars Bounty hunter‘s Rutger Hauer in a shadowy world where brain implants are common and authorities have the means to hack them hard. Including the latest expanded edition system redux it comes in less than 10 hours, so it’s worth it for a better experience.

Untold Stories (2017)

Untold stories The abandoned house

Instead of a game untold stories is a compilation of four different experimental adventures that are amazing in their own way. This title proved to be a popular choice among Reddit users, including TurkusGirationalwho praised it for its short length and low price, summarizing it as “Several unique short horror experiences.”

Each can be experienced independently, meaning even gamers with shorter attention spans will find them fascinating little bursts of horror and adventure. The collection’s creativity and use of different gameplay elements to tell distinctive stories earned it critical acclaim and a large fan base, meaning its titles are some of the most popular short horror games around.

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