The least practical weapons in Resident Evil

The least practical weapons in Resident Evil

As if dealing with ammunition rarer than gold wasn’t stressful enough, demonic resident it also has some weapons that don’t deserve that ammo or even a spot in the inventory. It’s almost like that’s the game’s idea of ​​a cruel prank. Some weapons just aren’t that great in most scenarios in the series. To make matters worse, players are sometimes forced to use them as a last resort.

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Throughout the whole demonic resident games there are always weapons that underperform or were just unique for the sake of it. So some of them aren’t exactly doing well as reliable weapons in the midst of the dirtiest zombie apocalypse known to gaming. With that in mind, the next time players find themselves on the loose in Raccoon City or some provincial town that’s too far from Instagrammable, these weapons are best avoided.

8 Bubble Gun – Resident Evil: Revelations 2

The Bubble Gun looks like a joke gun, and based on its function, that’s about right. The unique weapon can be unlocked at Resident Evil: Revelations 2 after completing all countdown mode episodes. In terms of utility, it is not entirely extinct. Bubble Gun shoots bubbles that will freeze any enemy they hit.

That is the scope of its function. Players will need to switch weapons or let someone else do the killing for them after freezing their targets. After that, players will have to use a better weapon to complete the one-two hit combo. With all that’s been said and done, a simple weapon that kills on its own does an even better job.

7 LZ Answering Machine – Resident Evil Village

The LZ Answerer is one of the most elegant weapons in Resident Evil Village because it’s literally a lightsaber of Star Wars. However, players shouldn’t expect it to work like a lightsaber. The LZ Answerer has the animations of a knife. It deals more damage than regular knives, but players will still get into melee range.

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That means it’s usually a weapon reserved for later games where the game isn’t that much of a challenge anymore. The LZ Answerer has a hack where players can switch it to double-bladed lightsaber mode, but it will then function as a karambit knife.

6 Bare Fists – Resident Evil 7

Fortunately, Bare Fists are not available as a weapon for Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7. She has lost her hands too many times to use her knuckles as weapons. Instead, Joe Baker uses Bare Fists on the end of zoe downloadable content for Resident Evil 7. These are Joe Baker’s starting weapons in his inventory.

Sure enough, players will want to find alternatives to these knuckles. Not only do they have poor melee range, but they also deal terrible damage. While they also appear in inventory, players do not need to equip them for Joe to hit. Otherwise it would have been too annoying.

5 AMG-Resident Evil 7

One of the reasons Bare Fists were available as weapons for Joe Baker in Resident Evil 7 is that he will later replace it with the AMG. That’s short for Advanced Utility Gauntlet. It sounds like a Swiss Army Knife weapon, but really, it’s just an upgraded piercing tool.

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Joe Baker will still be in poor melee punching range and will continue to be confined to one of the most limiting fighting methods available to humans. In any case, Joe Baker shouldn’t have bothered and could have kept his trademark double-barreled shotgun during Zoe’s ordeal.

4 LRP 412 – Resident Evil 4

The PRL 412 of Resident Evil 4 it is possibly the most powerful weapon in the game. He can shoot most enemies and can even kill some bosses with just a couple of charged hits. It’s like a superweapon in the hands of Leon Kennedy. So why is it impractical? Because it’s a little late.

Players will have to finish Resident Evil 4 in pro mode to get The PRL 412. Anyone who’s been through that level of the game will find little use for The PRL 412. At its best, it’s a weapon that allows players to zip through later games. Besides, where was this weapon when the world needed it most?

3 Spark Shot – Resident Evil 2 Remake

spark shot from Resident Evil 2 Remake it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s a stun gun. The Spark Shot simply paralyzes the target and gives players enough time to run away from them. It can be useful when players are saving ammo, but even then, it’s easy to lure low-level enemies into melee attacks.

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At best, Spark Shot is only useful for one type of enemy which is the G-Adult zombie. It is effective against them and will kill them if their eyeballs are exposed. However, reserving a weapon for one type of enemy isn’t exactly a profitable tactic in demonic resident; unless said enemy is a boss, that is.

two Flash Grenade – Resident Evil 6

Flash Grenade was once effective against Scourge enemies in some of the early demonic resident games. Too bad they don’t exist resident Evil 6 so the usefulness of Flash Grenade is neutralized in this game. It can still stun enemies, allowing players to outrun threats, but there are better tactics for that and it’s usually only good for later games.

Like the spark shot resident evil 2, Flash Grenade excels at killing certain types of enemies like the Meshech, apparently. However, with only a maximum stack of five, Flash Grenade doesn’t really inspire repeat uses against this type of enemy.

1 2×4 – Resident Evil: Resistance

Resident Evil: Resistance it’s practically demonic resident but with a Left 4 Dead turn. As such, it brings a nice variety of weapons to the table and one of them is the 2×4 wooden plank in the melee category. It’s hard for that kind of raw build to refuse to compete against sledgehammers and even knives.

After all, the 2×4 is just a thick wooden stick that doesn’t even have the same center of gravity as a baseball bat. Even in real life, it’s already hard to knock someone unconscious, as wood tends to break first, so using it against zombies is too desperate a move.

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