How to tame a llama in Minecraft?

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Minecraft has a large collection of animals that a player can tame and make their pets such as pigs, donkeys, rabbits, and pandas. You may also find Llamas in the mix, and the wonderful news is that you can tame them too!

Players can find two Llamas by traveling with Wandering Traders. You can also find them alone in mountain biomes or savannah biomes, in groups of four to six. These llamas will look different initially, as wild llamas don’t have colorful rugs on their backs… but read on to find out how you can equip one!

Minecraft Llamas are neutral mobs that can be used to mount and even provide extra storage when you’re on the go. In order to mount a llama and equip it with additional storage, you need to tame it. If you want to know how to tame a llama in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place!

What do llamas eat?

Llamas, like most neutral and passive mobs in Minecraft, have a favorite food, and you may need it to tame your llama, as well as keep their health up after taming. Llamas are one of the more unique mobs as they will consume two types of food, wheat and hay bales.

Hay bales are made from three wheats, so it pays to know what these items do when fed to a llama to find out which one is best.

According to the minecraft wiki, Wheat heals two health points, while Hay Bale restores ten, making Hay Bales more health efficient. Similarly, hay bales accelerate the growth of a child to an adult considerably faster than wheat, and it is also the only food that will activate love mode in tame llamas, making it necessary for reproduction. On the other hand, for increasing temper on Flames, which we’ll get to shortly, wheat is more efficient, increasing the temper value by three, compared to just 6 on Hay Bales.

Bales of wheat and hay use Llama Minecraft

How to tame a minecraft llama

Naturally, to tame a llama, you must first locate one. While you can find Llamas with Wandering Traders, they are rare and work slightly differently. In this part of the guide, we will tell you how to tame a wild llama, but you can read about a trader’s llama further down.

Wild Llamas, as mentioned, can be found in groups of four in Savanna biomes and in groups of four to six in Windswept Hills. If you’re having a hard time locating a Llama, you can use trick summoning or a spawn egg. The summoning cheat for a llama is “/summon llama”, however this can only be done with cheats enabled and will prevent you from getting achievements/advancements in your world.

Minecraft Llama spawns savannah

While it is not necessary to tame a llama, you can speed up the taming process by feeding it. You will need bales of wheat or hay in your inventory.

Place the food in your main hand and press the use button on the Llama. For taming purposes, you will not see any particles when the Llama eats, but you will hear a sound and the food will be taken from your inventory.

What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

Unlike most mobs, which require power to tame, the Llama works the same way as the horse in Minecraft, in that you have to ride it in order for it to trust you. With an empty hand, click the Use button on your device/console/PC to climb onto the back of the Llama.

Depending on his temper level, he may continue to annoy you. Keep trying until you finally see the Llama’s health screen above your hotbar, showing that it’s now tamed. This is where feeding the llama comes in, as the more you feed the llama before climbing on its back, the better its temper value and the less time it will take to tame it.

ride the flame 1

ride the flame 1

ride the flame 2

Once the llama is tamed, you can mount it. Make sure nothing is selected on your hotbar by selecting an empty slot.

The game control for riding the llama will differ depending on the console you are using.

Java edition for PC/Mac: right click on the flame
Pocket Edition (PE): move the pointer over the llama and press “mount”
Xbox: press LT
PS3/PS4 – L2
Nintendo – EN
Windows 10: right click on the flame
Educational Edition – Right Click on the Llama

When you have mounted the llama, red hearts will appear if it has been tamed. This is called love mode.

If you haven’t given enough food to the llama, the llama will pull you from the back. If this happens, keep trying to ride the llama until hearts appear.

Fun fact: In fact, you can tame a llama just by trying to mount it without feeding it first. Keep trying until hearts appear.

However, it takes less time to tame a llama if you feed it.

You can sit on the llama, however you cannot put a saddle on it and control its movement. He will take you wherever he pleases.

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

As mentioned above, there are two things that llamas like to eat, bales of hay and wheat. However, you can only encourage llamas to breed with Hay Bales.

Just like breeding other Minecraft mobs, to breed a Llama all you need to do is take a Hay Bale in your main hand and click the Llama with it. If successful, you should see love hearts above Llamas’ head. Feed another nearby, and the two of you will spawn a third Baby Llama.

There will then be a cooldown before you can put a Llama back into Love Mode.

You can also feed the baby llama bales of wheat or hay to encourage it to grow faster. Without it, it will take approximately 20 minutes for a Baby Llama to mature.

Baby Llama Minecraft

In conclusion, there are two ways to tame a llama, you can try to ride it until hearts appear, or you can feed it bales of wheat or hay to speed up the process. When llama health hearts appear above the hotbar, that’s how you know you’ve successfully tamed a llama. You can’t control the direction the llama travels, but you can keep them as pets!

With this guide, we hope you have fun building these adorable creatures into your Minecraft world!

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