How to Get the Swift Sneak Charm in Minecraft

How to Get the Swift Sneak Charm in Minecraft

Minecraft’s unique Swift Sneak enchantment increases the player’s movement speed when sneaking, making exploration easier. Here’s how to find it.

With the recently released The Wild update, Minecraft Players who prefer a more stealthy approach to exploration and combat can now make use of a newly added enchantment known as the Swift Sneak. Most of the enchantments in Minecraft they apply to weapons and equipment on an enchantment table, but Swift Sneak stands apart from other enchantments because it’s much harder to obtain. Players looking for this rare enchantment have to dig into MinecraftThe new Deep Dark biome in search of the game’s Ancient Cities.

Minecraft Enchantments are semi-permanent effects that can be applied to a wide variety of weapons and equipment. Players can enchant their equipment by exchanging experience points and lapis lazuli for enchantments at an enchanting table or by combining their equipment with enchanted books at an anvil. Some enchantments, such as Efficiency or Unbreakable, enhance the existing qualities of the player’s items, granting increased draw speed or reducing the rate of tool degradation. Others have more unique effects, like Infinity, which gives players an unlimited number of arrows when applied to a bow, or MinecraftThe unique Riptide enchantment for tridents that launches the player in the direction they throw their trident.


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When applied to the player’s mail, the Swift Stealth enchantment increases the player’s movement speed when sneaking, making it particularly useful for sneaking past hostile mobs. However, unlike most enchantments, Swift Sneak will not appear on enchantment tables and is found exclusively as an enchanted book that can appear in chests in Minecraft Ancient cities, recently added in The Wild update.

Where to find the Swift Sneak enchantment book in Minecraft

Minecraft Chest with Swift Sneak Enchanted Book

To find Swift Sneak, players must first find Ancient Cities, which only appear in Minecraft Deep dark biome. The Deep Dark biome is located below Minecraft’s Overworld, below the surface of areas with low erosion values, such as flat plains or mountain peaks. Players are recommended to have high-quality gear with some of the best weapon enchantments. Minecraft has to offer when exploring the Deep Dark, as this new biome features shriek traps that can cause the Warden, an incredibly difficult to kill hostile mob, to spawn.

The Swift Sneak charm appears as a enchanted book in loot chests that can be found in Ancient Cities, with a 23.2% chance of appearing in each chest. Once the player has found the enchanted book, they can retreat to the surface and use an anvil to combine it with their leg armor. This enchants the armor piece with Swift Sneak. How fast the player can move while sneaking depends on the level of the enchantment, from 45% walking speed with Swift Sneak I to 75% with Swift Sneak III. At the moment, Swift Sneak IV and V cannot be obtained without using console commands.

Players can use Swift Sneak to easily evade Minecraft terrifying mobs of Warden, who are blind and cannot detect sneaking players. This potentially allows the player to explore the Deep Dark and Ancient Cities more thoroughly by taking a quieter approach to exploration.

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Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

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