What is the story behind Minecraft Disc 5?

What is the story behind Minecraft Disc 5?

Minecraft implemented its third mystery music disc, Disc 5, in update 1.19. The music disc, which is divided into nine fragments, is similar in tone to Discs 11 and 13 in Minecraft. Instead of playing nice ambient music, these three albums seem to tell a story through various haunting sound cues.

Disc 5 is found exclusively on shards hidden in loot chests in underground Ancient Cities, which spawn in the Deep Dark. None of the traditional methods of obtaining music discs work with this newly added disc, leading theorists to suspect that the history of the disc appears to be Ancient Cities/Deep Dark related.

Theories have surfaced that the mysterious new record could not only be telling the story of the abandoned Ancient Cities, but also the origins of The Warden.

Minecraft music disc 5 sound analysis

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Disc 5 begins with the sound of static, followed by a loud rumble that is cut off by an accelerated sound signal suggesting the rapid passage of time. The next set of sounds make the ominous noise of someone walking underground, specifically in Dripstone.

These sounds of someone walking underground are very familiar to those who have studied Discs 11 and 13. Like all of the individual stories on these three discs, they take place primarily underground.

The sounds of walking underground quickly change to the character lighting their flint and steel, with the sounds of bats fluttering around them. The song of the bats further solidifies that this character is, in fact, completely drenched in the darkness of the open underground cave.

This lone character begins to march and is quickly joined by heavily armed soldiers who march together to the beat. The sound of his armor clanging as they march can be heard, accompanied by the sound of sirens blaring in the background of their march.

The ride stops abruptly when a switch (or lever) is pulled, and the sounds of large doors slowly opening followed by the whistling of the wind enter.

Unlike most of the sound cues heard on this disc, there is no direct match between the lever pulling/door creaking sound effects heard on Disc 5 and the actual sound cues. located in the Minecraft audio files. It appears that new sound cues have been added specifically for this music disc, or perhaps these cues are hints of items to come in a future Minecraft update.

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The character takes a deep breath, only to hear the scream of a monster emanating from nearby. Suddenly, the record rapidly changes pitch while pleasant ambient music plays for approximately twenty-three seconds. This is probably because the music disc was found in fragments and combined with other music discs in the process.

After the music ends, bubbling lava can be heard. The character continues to walk quickly underground, toward an exposed amethyst block or amethyst geode. They then break a block of amethyst, which immediately triggers what appears to be a devastating cave-in.

The character tries to quickly escape from the falling cave and his footsteps can be heard transitioning from Dripstone to Stone, and finally to Dirt. The distant screams of Phantoms can be heard at all times, so the character is likely to be relatively close to the surface of Minecraft Overworld.

The collapse seems to have caught the character off guard, as the sound of desperately banging tools and coughing can be heard as the character, who evidently has no torches, tries to light a fire to see his dark surroundings.

The character appears to be anxious, attempting to flee before the sound of another monstrous roar is heard.

The disk warps and the scene changes abruptly, with the sound of distant explosions muffled by the confined cave system now playing. The character is heard attempting to start a mythical mechanism as they place sand and scrape a tool against the stone before the sound of a mechanical noise is heard.

This mechanism appears to be more than just a redstone contraption, as after hearing the character tinker with it, creepy voices can be heard whispering in the background. The voices sound similar to the whispers of the Soul Sand Valleys.

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The explosions in the background grow louder and more frequent, before one finally bursts into the surrounding area. Some kind of monster appears to burst through the crater created by the explosion, but is interrupted by the reverse sound of glass breaking.

A loud shriek resounds, as if dying souls are released with the reverse sound of breaking glass. Together, the signals sound eerily similar to the buzz of a portal opening.

The character moves towards the portal as his buzzing gets louder. The screeching sound of a Sculk Sensor sounds as the character approaches, which then triggers The Warden’s mighty roar. The roar of this fearsome beast is accompanied by The Wither’s death signal.

Minecraft Music Disc 5: The Haunting Story of Settlers Summoning a Fearsome Monster to the Ancient Cities

It’s hard to get a clear idea of ​​how the story told on Disc 5 fits into the broader Minecraft lore. That said, there are a number of theories as to how the story told on this fragmented music disc details the origins of the now-abandoned Ancient Cities and The Warden’s involvement.

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Towards the end of the music disc, the sound of a portal opening can be heard. Only after this portal is opened does the disk play sound signals from the Sculk Sensor and Warden.

Ancient Cities spawn with a large broken portal near its center. The mouth of that portal is eerily shaped like The Warden’s head. It is likely that this huge portal is the one that can be heard when it opens in Disc 5 of Minecraft.

Similarly, it is likely that this portal was able to access the home dimension of Sculk Blocks and Warden. The colonists who once occupied these subterranean Ancient Cities opened this portal as an attempt to escape The Wither’s wrath.

However, when they opened it up, the terrifying Warden (as well as the Sculk Blocks) were able to break through and not only defeat The Wither, but also infect the Ancient Cities.

There is evidence around the now-abandoned underground cities that the colonists tried to continue living in their homes after they accidentally spawned The Warden. Quickly learning that the beast was blind and could only hear footsteps, they laid wool and rugs in their city to deafen its presence.

Unfortunately, simply opening their chests could activate the Sculk Sensor and summon The Warden.

It is unknown what happened to the settlers before the complete abandonment of the Old Cities. Some Minecraft theories speculate that they then created the Fortresses that lead to The End, while others believe that The Warden killed them all.

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