Is Minecraft Java coming to PlayStation or Xbox?

Search Minecraft on YouTube or Twitch and chances are you’ll see people playing Minecraft Javabut for the vast majority of Minecraft players, play in Bedrock. Why, and if Java is so popular with PC gamers, consoles are becoming Minecraft Java anytime? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about yourself Minecraft Java It’s coming to PlayStation and Xbox.

Is Minecraft Java better than Bedrock?

This is a complicated question. Watch, Minecraft Java is the original version of Minecraft, so it has the most features and by far the best modding scene and multiplayer experience. However, Bedrock runs on a long list of devices and has a much more modern engine that can run the game much better. Additionally, Bedrock has effortless drop-in and drop-in co-op and cross-play. It really depends on what you want.

If you’re just looking for a simple single player experience and want the most consistent performance possible, you might want to check out Bedrock. If you’re looking to try out a crazy anarchy server you’ve heard about on YouTube videos, you’re going to have to play Java. In the world of content creation, where it only makes sense to focus on the version with the most features and the best multiplayer, it makes sense to have a focus on Java.

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Also, when you play Bedrock you can access MinecraftRTX as much as Minecraft VR and you can play cross-play with all other platforms like consoles, phones etc. There are definitely unique features at each end, but Bedrock has always been behind Java in terms of gameplay, and the modding and multiplayer scenes are different day and night, being a shadow of what they are in Java at Bedrock. .

Ultimately, there are definitely reasons to play Java, but it’s not always the right choice for everyone, so it’s hard to say that it’s just the best version and that you’d be wrong to play it, especially since it’s the much more successful version. of the game in terms of the size of the player base.

Will Minecraft Java come to PlayStation and Xbox?

In one word? No, it’s not. Bedrock was designed to run on consoles and be cross-platform, and furthermore, the modular nature of Java will not transfer to consoles. Even console games with mods, like Skyrimthey have serious limitations that significantly restrict what is possible with mods, making it inevitable that the Java experience will not work on the console.

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Also, Java is a PC game. Bedrock has all the driver support and UI design you could want, and the point of Java is that it’s PC-specific. If you wanted a console version of Java, that’s why Bedrock already exists. In short, no, Java will probably never come to another platform outside of PC, because it’s fundamentally a PC version of the game.

It’s best to think of Java as the PC version of Minecraft weather Minecraft everywhere is just ‘Minecraft‘ because that’s much more true to how the situation really is. There are fewer reasons to play normal Minecraft on the PC precisely because Java exists, while for everyone else, Minecraft it’s Java, just for whatever platform you’re on, it’s most likely not a PC.

Will Bedrock be updated to play as Java?

This is another complicated question. Look, Bedrock already has a lot of multiplayer features and its own version of mods, but these things are unlikely to reach the level of what is possible in Java, so there is no given, unfortunately, that will always be the strength of Java.

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However, in terms of actual gameplay, Bedrock has been slowly updated over the years to increasingly resemble Java, with Mojang’s ultimate goal being to bring the two versions in line with each other in terms of gameplay mechanics. We are not there yet, but we are definitely closer than ever. One day, no doubt, Bedrock and Java will play the same game.

Eventually Java will exist if you want the most customization possible through mods and the deepest multiplayer you can get, but if you just want to play Minecraft with light mods, anywhere not on PC, or just some co-op then you can play Base and also enjoy better performance. This is the ideal differentiation between the two versions that Mojang continues to work on, but once that happens, expect nothing more.

The short answer here is, well, no, but the longer answer is yes, it just depends on what you mean when you ask the question, really.

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