Why players are excited for FF7 Rebirth, but not The Last of Us remake

Why players are excited for FF7 Rebirth, but not The Last of Us remake

Many video games are getting the remake treatment, including FFVII, The Last of Us, and Resident Evil 4, but the question is, do they need it?

Video game remakes have been on the rise in recent years. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy VII revival Y the last of us part i are some of the biggest remakes in development right now. However, not all of these titles have their ad-crazed fans.

Weather Final Fantasy VII revivalThe teaser for was received with overwhelming positivity, fans of The last of us they were divided on whether they were looking forward to playing the new version. The reason for this disparity in excitement lies in the information revealed so far about each game, which leads to a larger question: when is it time for a game to get a remake?

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In general, the remakes are aimed at the audience that played the original game, but they also have the goal of attracting new and young players to the franchise. For example, the original final fantasy VII is a turn-based RPG from 1997, and while it was hugely popular upon its release, modern gamers aren’t used to playing slow strategy-based battles, as evidenced by the decline of turn-based games. Square Enix developed the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy in a way that appeals to both longtime fans and new audiences through active gameplay, improved graphics, and a new story. Beloved polygonal characters became realistic, MIDI melodies became symphonic renditions, and slow combat became action-packed gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII revival‘s teaser received a positive reception due to the foundation that was established by Final Fantasy VII Remake. Veteran fans have something new and exciting to look forward to, while newcomers have all the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII extended universe to explore in order to get trapped.

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Unlike, The last of us It was released just nine years ago and already has a remastered version. The new version is marketed as a one-on-one recreation, except for the combat gameplay and environment design, which is being tweaked to be as fluid as possible. the last of us part 2. While some are pleased with these few additions, some skeptical fans want to know why this game needs a remake. The last of us remake has ample opportunity to become a stronger narrative partner for the last of us part 2 and expand on certain plot points, but judging by the Summer Game Fest announcement, it will strictly adhere to the original game.

The last of us it’s a beautiful game with solid gameplay and an amazing story, but many fans aren’t exactly looking forward to playing the new version. There’s no promise of new narrative points, locations, or characters, and for $69.99, fans aren’t sure they’ll want to buy the same game again.

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So when does a video game deserve a remake? The answer is not as simple as measuring the time between the original and the remake, although it is a highly weighted factor. A game deserves a remake when the developers bring something new to dedicated fans and improve the best aspects of the game, giving players the best possible experience. Remakes need a balance of modernized gameplay, updated graphics, and new content. In general, players do not want a copy of the same game, but rather a better experience.

Remakes have the potential to be fantastic additions to existing franchises. They are an opportunity to expand worldbuilding and share an experience with players that was previously not possible due to console and software limitations. The remake trend isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon, but the biggest hurdle for developers is convincing players that the remake is worth playing.

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