Resident Evil: Re:Verse: Release Date, Platforms, Trailers

Resident Evil: Re:Verse: Release Date, Platforms, Trailers

The Resident Evil franchise has had an odd relationship with multiplayer components in its many iterations. On the one hand, we have the cooperative modes seen in resident bad 5 Y 6, which many argue are the only things that made those games worth playing. Then there are the more experimental and competitive games like Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and the universally despised Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps.

Despite never finding a winning formula for blending horror and multiplayer, Capcom still announced Resident Evil: Re:Verse as a multiplayer component released at the same time, but also as a standalone product, to Resident Evil: Town.

In the end, Resident Evil: Re:Verse would not arrive in time for launch with Village as intended and was essentially not talked about for years after that game was released. Now that the game is truly on the horizon, and with many other exciting projects in the Resident Evil universe also to come, it would be understandable if most people didn’t even remember what this game was meant to be.

So mix up your herbs and organize your briefcase because we’re digging deep into everything we know about Resident Evil: Re:Verse.

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Release date

Jill shooting three enemies.

After many delays and much silence, we finally know when we will be able to play. Resident Evil: Re:Verse. This mode will be available on October 28, 2022.


Chris shooting Leon in an office.

Because Resident Evil: Re:Verse is still tied to Village, you will need to have a copy of that game in order to play this multiplayer mode. So naturally that means Resident Evil: Re:Verse it will be only on the platforms where you can play Village, which includes PS4, Xbox One and PC. Capcom notes that if you want to play it on PS5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll just be playing the previous-gen version of the game, which is somewhat concerning.


For some reason, the only official trailer we’ve seen of Resident Evil: Re:Verse was the incredibly short trailer for 2021. In it, we see Leon running through the RCPD until he runs into Clair. The two stare at each other for a second before a gunshot ends the scene.

From there, we get a montage of the game in action, seeing tons of familiar characters like Jill, Chris, Ada, HUNK, and even Nemesis and Jack Baker.

Otherwise, this is a purely multiplayer, non-canon experience where the story doesn’t exist or won’t matter at all.

how to play

Leon picking up a virus vial.

Resident Evil: Re:Verse It will be a five-player third-person deathmatch game. You’ll choose one of the cast members listed above, minus Nemesis and Jack, and roam a map hunting other players and bioweapons while collecting better weapons, items, and virus pods. When you or any other player dies, you will become one of the bioweapons, depending on how many vials you have before you die. The more you have, the more powerful bioweapon you can be.

Every kill you get, whether as a human or bioweapon, adds to your score. The player with the most points at the end of each five-minute round is the winner.

So far, the only map shown has been the RCPD, but we’re hoping other iconic areas will be included as well, like the Spencer Mansion, the Baker Estate, and maybe even the town of Resident Evil 4.


Jack swinging a chainsaw.

Obviously, Resident Evil: Re:Verse it’s a multiplayer-only experience. As mentioned, the games are capped at five players, though we don’t know if you can play with fewer than five or if there will be other modes besides one, like team or survival style modes.

Make an order

Clair holding an uzi.

While it’s a bit strange, you can’t actually get Resident Evil: Re:Verse without owning Village, at least at this point. So technically, buying that game isn’t just pre-ordering this one, it’s required. Thankfully, Village it’s a great game on its own, with its own DLC too, for what it’s worth.

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