Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a good sign from Capcom

Capcom has created and published some of the best games of all time. It is the studio behind massive and ongoing franchises like Street Fighter Y demonic resident, and it’s home to developers who have constantly redefined gaming genres. In recent years, however, Capcom has only shown interest in a handful of its biggest franchises. demonic resident, Street FighterY Monster hunter They seem to be the only franchises to receive updates or new entries. Meanwhile, fan-favorite franchises like mega Man, raising deadY Devil can cry They have been on a long hiatus.

One of Capcom’s most underrated titles, Dragon’s Dogma, was initially intended to have a sequel. After years of waiting, fans gave up hope that a follow-up would ever appear, despite the creation of numerous ports, a spin-off MMO, and a Dragon’s Dogma anime on Netflix. That changed on the game’s tenth anniversary, when the title’s director, Hideaki Itsuno, officially announced that he was working on a Dragon’s Dogma continuation. That not only delighted countless Dragon’s Dogma fans, but it may also have set a precedent for Capcom to revisit some of its classic titles.

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It’s surprising to see that after 10 years, Capcom is willing to return to a relatively niche franchise like Dragon’s Dogma. One of the biggest complaints the studio has received recently is its over-reliance on a few major franchises. Street Fighter is a staple in the competitive genre of fighting games and demonic resident is by far one of Capcom’s most successful and profitable franchises. As amazing as those games are, Capcom has a much larger catalog of games. For the most part, they have never been an “annual release” studio.

For many fans, games like okami Y Onimusha that’s why they got into Capcom titles in the first place. The company has one of the most varied portfolios of any game studio. From RPGs to third-person shooters, they have it all. In fact, many of the studio’s niche games are some of the best, and bringing them to modern consoles would help solve the problems that have plagued them. More people have fallen in love with these games since their initial release, so their fan base has grown, in some cases exponentially.

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Obviously, some of the hesitation to return to older franchises is financial in nature. Several of Capcom’s beloved series didn’t sell as well as its bigger titles. Capcom has been known to set unrealistic sales expectations for some of their games, which prevented them from being truly successful. Dragon’s Dogma I may not fall into that category, but many others do. Sales boosted by the relaunch of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen that led Capcom to take a chance on a sequel. Together with the director who created the first game and the devil may cry 5Sounds like a recipe for success. If it works, then that opens the doors for dozens of other games to return, which is exactly what fans want.

There is no guarantee that Dragon’s Dogma II it might spark the return of other Capcom series, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The company has just launched the Capcom Fighting Collectionwhich prominently highlights the darkstalkers Serie. That franchise has largely been dormant since 2013. It also recently announced a new IP called exoprimal. All of this seems to suggest that Capcom is listening to fans as it tries to diversify its launch lineup.

This hasn’t always worked for Capcom in the past. It has continually tried to modernize, westernize, and serialize its franchises since its inception. The gaming landscape is very different now than it was 10 years ago, and there is a lot of potential in their older games. It may not be out of the question to see the return of some of his classics like darkstalkers, mosquitoor even vertiful joe. Yes Dragon’s Dogma can be resurrected, then there is hope for any Capcom property.


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