Resident Evil 7 and Village prove Capcom doesn’t have to rely on legacy characters in future sequels

Resident Evil 7 and Village prove Capcom doesn’t have to rely on legacy characters in future sequels

demonic resident games can be more or less identified by the characters that star them, as well as the characters involved that affect whether or not someone might like an entry in the franchise. The atmosphere and the enemies in each demonic resident The game is important and inseparable to them, but its clues are much more definitive, as players can usually discern what tone the game will take based on the characters that appear. One time Resident Evil 7 released, however, this dynamic changed due to her reported lack of legacy characters that fans could rely on to keep her going.


Instead, Ethan Winters became demonic residentThe newest playable protagonist along with Resident Evil 7The dramatic change from ‘s to a first-person perspective and a return to survival-horror. Ethan then went on to lead again Resident Evil Village, soon to release a DLC update offering a third-person perspective, which also featured some of the franchise’s most colorful and creative antagonists. Chris Redfield appears in both entries, but demonic resident you should feel secure enough now that you don’t have to rely on legacy characters appearing in future sequels.

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Ethan Winters Is Less Liked, But The Idea Of A New Lead Isn’t

For better or worse, Ethan is an uncaring and wordy protagonist who players don’t even officially see his face in the seventh installment of the franchise. This is probably due to the fact that the game is first person and the player is meant to occupy and embody the space of the protagonist, but the impromptu joke or awkward reaction to a creepy event is even more awkward when Ethan doesn’t. have a perceptible reaction to something that happens.

It’s just unrealistic, and these reactions carry over to Resident Evil Village with corny dialogue I could have done without. That said, the idea of demonic resident Introducing a new protagonist, especially one that players could attribute to themselves as a first-person avatar, was refreshing and surprising after the franchise’s history with legacy characters taking the reins in each subsequent installment.

It’s obvious that some fans would still prefer to see Leon S. Kennedy or Jill Valentine appear in a future game, but the choices made in Resident Evil 7 created a genuinely authentic direction for the franchise. If the aftermath continues Resident Evil Village If it featured Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, or another popular icon of the franchise, there’s no doubt that fans would enjoy that, but it would tarnish the exciting direction that demonic resident it has now.

Ethan is now supposedly deceased, technically for the second time, and if he’s legit, the ninth installment will feature either a legacy character, Mia, Rose, or an entirely new character as the lead. It would be nice to see a new character again with his own perspective, and demonic resident hopefully you have the confidence to replicate the atmosphere you generated with Resident Evil 7 that way.

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RE7 and RE8 haven’t done Chris Redfield any favors

It could be argued that demonic resident isn’t ready to completely eschew and abandon his legacy characters, as his most prolific and original character, Chris Redfield, has appeared in both. Resident Evil 7 Y Resident Evil Village. It looks like a future sequel will even focus on Chris infiltrating the BSAA in Europe, which may be more likely now than Resident Evil VillageThe DLC for has been revealed and that story is not part of it.

That said, Chris only has a minor role in Resident Evil Village as a glorified cameo, and his little cameo at the end of Resident Evil 7 it was only set as a preface to its own DLC, Not a Hero. Neither game uniquely emphasizes his character or offers him development as a modern, aging character in the franchise. References to places like the Arklay Mountains and characters like Spencer are fun when they’re relevant to the events of the game, but it’s no longer necessary to exploit legacy characters to distinguish these games as part of demonic resident.

Many players were legitimately dissatisfied with the enemies Molded in Resident Evil 7 due to its lack of diversity throughout the entire game, but Resident Evil Village rectified that mistake with lycans, moroaice, soldats, and more. Still, these enemies bear no clear resemblance to the T-Virus or Las Plagas infection, but are nonetheless intrinsic to demonic resident.

Resident Evil sequels should continue to introduce new characters

the possibilities of demonic resident repeating fan-favorite characters in future sequels and fans who like the choices that have been made with their previous iterations are in short supply. Fans now have a concise picture in their heads that illustrates what they specifically want from each character, and sequels could effectively cloud that perception if they’re poorly executed or if legacy characters are simply exploited for their nostalgia.

Also, while players may not realize it, they are currently receiving dues for their legacy characters through remakes. The sequels don’t have to feature Leon, for example, because he’s a main character in the resident evil 2 remake, and is set to star in the remake of Resident Evil 4.

These remakes give players who want to see these characters again the chance to do so, even if it’s in a circumstance that’s less preferable than their role in an original sequel. the Resident Evil 3 remake was decidedly less favorable than the resident evil 2 remake due to an excessive amount of content being cut from the original game, as well as its shorter length and lack of puzzles.

So while players got to see a modernized Jill, it’s bittersweet when the game she returned in was received negatively. It is unknown how many more remakes demonic resident plans to make in the future, while games like Resident Evil Code: Veronica they really deserve the remake treatment more than Resident Evil 4.

Instead, sequels should focus on new characters and new content depending on their direction, while remakes could give players more cohesive narratives that bridge the gaps between the first installments and legacy characters. demonic resident it could stay in Europe or take place elsewhere where Umbrella doesn’t yet have a secure foothold, but either way, it should continue to enjoy the prospect of new characters.

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