More than half of the new Fortnite skins are collaborations

More than half of the new Fortnite skins are collaborations

Epic Games releases new Fortnite skins on a weekly basis. Most of these skins are available in the Item Shop, but some can be purchased through bundles, special promotions, or the Battle Pass.

One thing that makes Fortnite Battle Royale unique is its variety of skins. Thanks to collaborations, players can have different characters on their team, including Darth Vader, Ariana Grande, LeBron James, Naruto, and John Wick.

Unfortunately, the developer may have taken collaborations too far. While it is impressive that they can be easily associated with almost any brand or person, Fortnite users would like to get more original skins.

A recent report revealed that more than 50 percent of new Fortnite skins come from collaborations. This number sounds unreal, but it is true.

Most of the Chapter 3 Fortnite skins come from collaborations

In Chapter 1, Epic only had a few collaborations. It was fantastic as Fortnite players were able to use Marvel characters in the game as well as other characters from popular shows like Strange things.

Based on Fortnite Collaboration Poll. These are my Top 4. 😤

However, ever since Chapter 2 was released, the publisher has started releasing more Fortnite collaboration skins. The game is now in Chapter 3, and more than half of the skins released have come from associations.

The first few seasons of Chapter 2 had only a few collaborations. However, the number has increased to almost 50 percent in the last season of this episode.

Fortnite Skins / Season Item Shop Total Skins Collaboration Skins Percentage of collaboration masks
Episode 2, Season 1 301 25 8.31%
Episode 2, Season 2 222 twenty-one 9.46%
Episode 2, Season 3 164 8 4.88%
Episode 2, Season 4 253 72 28.46%
Episode 2, Season 5 209 63 30.14%
Episode 2, Season 6 212 36 16.98%
Episode 2, Season 7 189 56 29.63%
Episode 2, Season 8 198 87 43.94%
Episode 3, Season 1 183 96 52.46%
Episode 3, Season 2 117 58 49.57%

The table above shows that the first few seasons weren’t too bad. However, Epic collaborated with Marvel on Chapter 2 Season 4, bringing a full Battle Pass with their characters.

This was the point of no return as the developer started with more Fortnite skins from collaborations. At the end of the chapter, this number was almost 50 percent, which is too much.

Chapter 3 has also brought a lot of collaborations. More than half of the Fortnite skins released this season came from partnerships. Season 2 was a little better, but still had too many collaborations.

Chapter 3 Season 3 is live, and Epic is on track to release plenty of Fortnite collaboration skins once again. After all, there are two such sets in the Battle Pass: Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, and a new naruto The collaboration will also arrive on June 24.

Will Epic Games slow down with crossovers?

Although many Fortnite skins have come out of collaborations, the truth is that they do not hurt anyone. Loopers are free to choose what they want to buy, and if they don’t like these skins, they can ignore them.

While the current Battle Pass has two collaboration skins, all other offerings are original and look fantastic. Fortnite users have already fallen in love with a few new skins, including Evie and Adira.

Fortnite cosmetic items don’t affect gameplay in any way, so there’s a good chance Epic will keep releasing them. As long as the title remains popular and gets millions of players daily, there is no doubt that its creator will use it to promote other brands.

Epic’s metaverse idea sounded like a pipe dream three years ago, but it looks great in 2022 and continues to expand.

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