How to spawn and beat the Guardian in Minecraft 1.19

How to spawn and beat the Guardian in Minecraft 1.19

The Warden is probably the most popular mob added to Minecraft with the 1.19 update. He has incredibly high damage potential and the largest health total in the game.

The sole resident of Minecraft’s deep and dark biome, Warden is a shadowy figure with lost souls residing in his chest. He is very aggressive and will attack anything he deems an intruder.

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Some players may aspire to take down the powerful mob, but doing so can be an uphill battle.

Anyway, Warden can be killed just like any mob in the game, and players can find some strategies to defeat him below.

It will take time and determination to beat the Guardian in Minecraft 1.19

Sculk Shrieker blocks can attract the Guardian (Image via Mojang)
Sculk Shrieker blocks can attract the Guardian (Image via Mojang)

Attracting the Guardian’s attention in Minecraft can be done in three ways. Players can bother the Sculk Shriekers in the deep dark biome and summon them or they can do so by using console commands. They can also enter creative mode and use a spawn egg to create it.

The last two options allow Minecraft players to summon the Guardian out of the deep darkness if they wish. This can be a good practice session before taking on the mob on their own turf.

Players have a solid range of combat options to use when fighting Warden.

Direct melee combat can be difficult due to the Guardian’s considerable melee attack power, but it is still an option. Ranged battle can also be considered, and there are more than a few items that can be used to a player’s advantage.

With the right mix of tactics, Minecraft players can take down the tough mob and avoid taking too much damage.

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Methods and tips to help defeat Warden in The Wild Update

  • If Minecraft players decide to engage the Guardian in close combat, they will likely want to carry a shield at the very least. Of course, Warden is capable of disabling a shield for a set amount of time, but the piece of gear can still protect players from powerful mob melee attacks.
  • If ranged combat is preferred, players will want to bring a healthy stock of arrows with them. Bows work well, although an enchanted crossbow that uses an enchantment like Multishot can help a lot more. Players will want to keep moving during a ranged fight anyway, as Warden can fire the sonic blast attack from him. This attack has tracking capabilities and can go through solid blocks.
  • As an undead mob, the Guardian can be damaged through healing potions. However, items that deal things like fire, poison, or direct damage have no effect. The Guardian is immune to fire and poison and will actually heal from damage potions. However, the Wither effect still damages this mob, so the decomposition potions in Bedrock Edition can still damage it over time.
  • It is also possible to catch the Guardian if necessary. The mob can fall into holes where their combat ability is significantly diminished. Additionally, players can place azalea bushes around the mob. If completely surrounded, the Guardian is unable to jump over these bushes and get close to the player. Note, however, that he will still use his sonic boom attack in this situation.

With these strategies, Warden should be significantly less threatening to Minecraft players. It may take a bit of trial and error to figure out which tactic works best for a given player, but it’s possible to fight Warden multiple times.

No matter which way players wish to fight Warden, they need to equip and prepare for anything. A battle with this mob is a protracted fight, and it will take time and determination to emerge victorious.

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