How to claim your free current-gen Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 updates

How to claim your free current-gen Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 updates

It’s an exciting time to be a Resident Evil fan. In addition to a new version of Resident Evil 4 and DLC for Resident Evil Village, there are next-gen updates for Resident Evil 7, in addition to the new versions of RE2 and RE3.

Game owners can update to newer versions for free. In this guide, we’ll show you how to update on each platform (PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5).


How to update Resident Evil for free on PC

PC is the easiest platform to update your copies of Resident Evil 7, 2 and/or 3, and games are automatically updated to the latest versions.

However, the introduction of the new features in the Steam versions of the games raised the minimum spec requirements for each, resulting in a large number of users being unable to launch the titles.

Due to what Capcom described as an “overwhelming response from the community”, the company has made both the previous and next-gen versions (with ray tracing and enhanced 3D audio) available for download.

If your PC meets the new specs then you’re good to go, but if you’re someone who hasn’t been able to launch the game since the update, follow these steps to roll back to a previous version (via Capcom Steam Post):

  1. Click on the LIBRARY tab in your Steam Client.
  2. Right click on the game and select “Properties…” in the popup menu.
  3. Select BETA.
  4. From the dropdown menu, Select “dx11_non-rt” (No password required).
  5. Close the popup menu and allow the Steam Client to update the game automatically.
  6. Once the game update is complete, you should now be able to launch the game. (Note: Some game settings may be reset due to the rollback.)

How to update Resident Evil for free on Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series X|S owners can upgrade seamlessly thanks to Xbox’s Smart Delivery system.

For those with physical copies of the games, insert the Resident Evil title disc you wish to update while your console is connected to the Internet. Set the game to update and it will automatically update your copy to the next-gen version of the game.

For those with digital copies, simply update the corresponding game and the next-gen version will install on your console. If you want to play at a higher frame rate, at the cost of decreased visuals, you can set your Xbox to enable 120Hz mode.

We have a guide on how to enable 120hz on your Xbox Series X|S. However, you will need a TV or monitor capable of that output.

How to update Resident Evil for free on PS5

Sony’s latest console has a slightly more complicated upgrade path.

As it is, the console recognizes the two versions of the game as separate files, so make sure you have enough space for both on your hard drive temporarily until the PS5 version installs (luckily, the PS5 versions are smaller files, due to improvements). file compression).

  1. Make sure the previous generation version of the Resident Evil title you want to update is in your library and installed on your console. If you own a physical copy, keep the disk in your console; it will need to be inserted every time you want to play the enhanced version of PS5.
  2. When the game icon appears on the home screen, the first DLC option on the right should be the Free PS5 Upgrade. If this is not what you see on your screen, scroll to the Ellipse and check through the Accessories section.

  3. This differs slightly from Resident Evil 3, as it appears as a compilation that includes the standalone multiplayer game, Resident Evil Resistance. Except now, the PS5 version will be bundled alongside the PS4 and RER version. Click on the PS5 version and continue with step 4 as usual.

  4. Click on the 💿Free to confirm that you want to upgrade, and it will take you to a purchase screen. Once you have purchased the free upgrade, you will be able to start downloading the PS5 version of the game.

  5. Once your version of PS5 has been installed, it is now safe to remove the copy of PS4 from your console.
  6. If you’re looking to get a second platinum from each of these games, or just want to clean up what you couldn’t get in the PS4 version after transferring your save data, we recommend taking full advantage of PlayStation 5’s Activity Cards feature.

If you claimed your copy of Resident Evil 7 through the PlayStation Plus Collection on your PS5, you are not eligible for the free PS5 upgrade. Capcom did not specify this in its press release and the company has yet to comment on whether this is subject to change.

Play Resident Evil on current generation hardware

Hopefully, all three Resident Evil titles have now been updated on your desired platform, and now you have a chance to play them looking better than ever.

In addition to new graphics modes, ray tracing, frame rate options, and improved load times, PlayStation 5 owners get the added benefits of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers courtesy of the DualSense controller.

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