Poppy Playtime characters turn into creepy Minecraft mobs in new video

Poppy Playtime characters turn into creepy Minecraft mobs in new video

A Minecraft player modified the Poppy Playtime characters in Minecraft by changing the look of the game’s mobs, and the results are terrifying.

poppy playtime characters like Huggy Wuggy and Daddy Long Legs have become custom Minecraft mobs by halftones. Halvetone has made many videos about transforming Minecraft mobs into familiar characters. These videos include characters from Five nights at Freddy’s, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Wonderfuland more.

Along with his usual cast, poppy playtime it is full of characters whose existence has been hinted at by toys, posters, or other clues hidden in the environment. For example, Baby Long Legs and Daddy Long Legs have only been seen on posters in Chapter 2 of poppy playtime and has yet to make any appearance in character. However, since Mommy Long Legs’ debut in Chapter 2, fans have been curious about this family that she apparently has and if they will have any role to play in future chapters. Finally though, now fans can see them all together in Minecraftthanks to a dedicated fan.


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youtube content creator Semitone took the mobs of Minecraft and reworked them into terrifying poppy playtime characters. First there was Baby Long Legs, which was made by taking a pig and reshaping the body and recoloring it. Then Daddy Long Longs was done in a similar method by editing the body of a Strider. In a previous video, Halvetone had created Mommy Long Legs from a spider, so he was able to bring the entire Long Legs family together on screen. Next came Huggy Wuggy, who was created by re-sculpting an Iron Golem; he even spawns in the same way as golems by placing iron blocks and carved pumpkins together. Then there was Bron made from a cow, Cat Bee from a bee and finally Candy Cat from one of Minecraft‘s cats. Most of the creepy and disgusting vibes of these characters are carried in their Minecraft models as they waved and swarmed around Halvetone.

Daddy Long Legs ended up being the tallest mob, even taller than the Endermen, but what made them genuinely terrifying were the broken walk cycles like ducks and the times when the heads and limbs didn’t connect with their body. Creations like these that attempt to work with the already given behaviors and framework of the original mobs create creepy and hilarious distortions. The exception to this terrifying reveal came from Cat Bee and Candy Cat, who turned out to be both functional and surprisingly adorable. The “broken toy” vibe these edited out Minecraft the mobs have fit well with the tone of poppy playtimecreating a horrifyingly accurate experience.

These moments of legs not working the way they’re supposed to, or Bron’s head floating on or in his neck, have created images that will likely linger in fans’ minds and nightmares. In the meantime, fans may have more edited mobs to look forward to when more Poppy Playtime chapters are released. Fans who want to include these poppy playtime characters in your Minecraft The game can download these edited mobs from the Halvetone Discord server.

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