How to Get the Free Starmapping Wrap in Fortnite

How to Get the Free Starmapping Wrap in Fortnite

Fortnite players will get a lot of free cosmetic items in Chapter 3 Season 3. Epic Games have added a lot of new cosmetics with the v21.10 update, and many of them have been given out for free.

In addition to the free Fortnite items that can be earned by completing challenges, players can look forward to more free cosmetics during the upcoming summer event.

Epic Games recently announced that a free wrap will be awarded to players who compete in the cup. This wrap has been in the game files for over a year and is finally coming to the game.

This article will explain how players can get the free Starmapping wrap in Fortnite.

The Starmapping wrap will be awarded to competitive players only.

Epic Games added the Starmapping wrapper to the game files in Chapter 2 Season 5. Dataminers saw this wrapper and believed it would be released in the Item Shop. However, that was not the case.

Instead, the Starmapping wrap will be awarded to players who compete in June’s Fortnite PlayStation Cup. Unfortunately, the wrap will be limited to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, which means players on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices can’t get it.

Players who earn at least 8 points in this month’s PlayStation Cup will get the “Starmapping” wrap for FREE!

The good news is that players won’t have to achieve great results to earn the Starmapping wrap. All they have to do is win at least eight points in Round 1 of the cup, which should be very easy.

The first round will consist of up to 10 games. Players will have three hours to earn as many points as possible, but earning just eight of them is enough to win the wrap.

As in previous tournaments, players will earn one point for each elimination, while surviving will be rewarded with the most points. Players who make it to the Top 20 will get nine points and the cosmetic item.

Players will have three hours to earn the Starmapping wrapper, and even if they can’t survive for long, reaching Top 75 in eight different games or Top 50 in four games will be enough.

The new Fortnite cup starts soon and players can earn money with it

In addition to the Starmapping wrap, Fortnite players will compete for a share of $116,750 during the upcoming PlayStation tournament.

The cup starts on June 24, and that is when the first round will begin. If your only goal is to win the free Fortnite cosmetic item, make sure you join the tournament on that day.

PlayStation Cup: June 2022Solos: June 24 A Fortnite PlayStation Cup for PS4 and PS5 players is scheduled for June 28-30. Compete for a chance to win a share of $116,750 and the Starmapping package!…

Additionally, players can check the “Compete” tab in-game to see when the tournament starts in their region. There is no universal time for this tournament, so players will need to find out from this tab.

The top 1,000 solo players from Round 1 will advance to Round 2 on June 25. Finally, the top 100 players will advance to Round 3, where they will have just six games. In the end, the best players in each region will get a share of the prize pool.

Players can read Epic Games Official Announcement for more details.

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