How to dislodge or destroy Runaway Boulders with a melee weapon

How to dislodge or destroy Runaway Boulders with a melee weapon

In Fortnite, opponents can be killed in a number of creative ways. They can be gored to death by a boar, shot from over 100 meters, shot in the face, and of course crushed by a falling tree. As graphic as these ways to die may seem, there’s no blood involved, so it’s all strictly PG-13.

However, that doesn’t mean that dying in these circumstances isn’t frustrating or terrifying. Sometimes players give up, while others show how furious they are at the microphone and pretend the game has death comms. Be that as it may, it cannot be denied that the developers have added many creative ways to kill opponents. The latest of these innovations is something called Runaway Boulder.

Eliminating an opponent using a Runaway Boulder is more than satisfying (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)
Eliminating an opponent using a Runaway Boulder is more than satisfying (Image via Twitter/iFireMonkey)

When dislodged from their position, these rocks will roll across the terrain and crush any opponents in their path. Since they have been recently added to the game, not everyone has had a chance to try them out. This is why Epic Games offers 15,000 experience points to dislodge or destroy a Runaway Boulder with a melee weapon (Pickaxe).

It’s time to rock and roll in Fortnite by evicting or destroying Runaway Boulders

To complete the challenge to evict and destroy Runaway Boulders, the first thing players need to do is find a Runaway Boulder. Once you’ve located one, you’ll need to use your pickaxe to break its base and make the rock roll. The task must be repeated three times to complete the challenge.

In addition to breaking Runaway Boulder’s base and dislodging it, players can also hit it with a pickaxe to destroy it. Be careful, as each hit with the pickaxe will roll it further. Make sure to avoid hitting him and pushing him down the hill.

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Moving or destroying rocks three times will complete the challenge. However, until the challenge goes live, it can’t be said for sure if dislodging a Runaway Boulder and then destroying it will help players progress through the challenge.

However, spotting Runaway Boulders on the island in Fortnite Chapter 3 will not be a problem. Given their size and strategic location on top of hills and cliffs, they are quite easy to locate. And, as mentioned, if dislodging them isn’t a possibility, destroying them is also a viable option.

Are Runaway Boulders useful during combat in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

Although the definition of “utility” varies from person to person, Runaway Boulders can be used effectively in combat in Fortnite. Players can shoot Runaway Boulders that are behind an enemy to roll them down the hill and crush them. This will also allow any player to attack from two fronts, even playing alone.


Since these rocks are quite fast and can, to an extent, track enemies, they will often crush them. The only way to escape being crushed would be to use a Rift-To-Go or Grapple Glove to get away quickly. However, if the opponent is too slow, none of these items will help.

Runaway Boulders are definitely worth using during combat in Fortnite Chapter 3. While they may not always find their intended target, they do cause panic and stress to the opponent. Also, if the player is lucky, the aforementioned factors associated with rockfall can cause the intended target to slip and be easier to eliminate.

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