Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds to Use in Minecraft (June 2022)

Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds to Use in Minecraft (June 2022)

Minecraft update 1.19 adds the new mangrove biomes. They breed next to warm biomes like deserts or regular swamps and have a lot of wood.

One of the newest biomes to appear in Minecraft is the mangrove swamp, added in the 1.19 update. It is a variation of the regular swamp biome, but with MinecraftMangrove propagules. Mangrove swamp biomes tend to appear alongside other warmer biomes, such as jungles or deserts. Therefore, players need to keep an eye out for these if they want to find a mangrove. Although entering a seed to create a world with a nearby swamp biome works just as well.

Mangroves in mangrove swamp biomes resemble red mangroves. These trees are the type of mangroves that have long thin roots that descend from the trunk. mangrove trees in Minecraft they are massive, with the roots spreading out in the shape of a cross. They tend to be a bit larger than in real life, but it’s a decent representation of real red mangrove trees when using blocks. Players can find many mud blocks in the mangrove swamp biome, bees and bee nests, warm frogs and MinecraftThe mangrove trees.


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There are a lot of towering trees so it can be difficult to navigate at times. Also, Minecraft players must watch out for lurking enemies, which the trees will hide. Unfortunately, the mangrove swamp biome doesn’t feature much loot for players to find, but it is a natural biome that has great resources for building, especially wood.

Mangrove Swamp Seeds in Minecraft

For a world with a nearby mangrove swamp biome, players must use the appropriate seed by going to ‘Select More Options’ when creating a game and entering the seed code in the text box. There are essentially an unlimited number of worlds in Minecraft which may have suitable mangrove biomes, but the following seeds are great to use. Players can enter the seed no matter which edition of the game they use, be it the Java Edition or MinecraftBedrock edition.

  • Seed 7325489283167511082: Normally, witches don’t appear in mangroves. However, this seed has a swamp biome next to a mangrove biome. The witch hut is on the edge of the swamp biome, meaning players can take control and have the best of both swamps.
  • Seed -7135175970849399448: This is a survival island and it is not for beginners. Players spawn on an island with a jungle and mangrove biome in the middle of an ocean. While totally impractical in real life, it works in Minecraft since the game makes no distinction between salt water and fresh water.
  • Seed -2909081818580960: This seed is perfect for those who enjoy traveling by boat in Minecraft. Mangrove swamps can be difficult to navigate due to all the roots, but this one is a bit more open as it blends in with a normal swamp. Additionally, there are other nearby biomes that provide players with a variety of wood.
  • Seed 67561815575817929: A good start to a more relaxing experience. A nearby town has a ruined portal, a waterfall, and a mangrove swamp.
  • Seed 5597042482980506058: This seed has rivers that flow into the mangrove swamp and a temple in the desert on the side of a mountain. Ideal for sailing and exploring.

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Minecraft is available for PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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