Should you pick Leon or Claire first?

Should you pick Leon or Claire first?

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resident evil 2 you have two separate campaigns to choose from when the game starts, each with a different protagonist. Both stories are separate but intertwine with each other in many ways, ensuring that the player has to play through both campaigns to discover the entire history of Raccoon City. This guide will help new players who want to know more about paths and characters before starting their game.

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What You Should Know About Leon Kennedy’s Campaign

Leon Kennedy is a rookie cop on the first day of his new job when the zombie calamity hits Raccoon City. While he still retains a lot of horror and scares, Leon’s story focuses more on the mystery surrounding what happened to Raccoon City. Players can look forward to a more action-packed, thriller-like experience if they pick up Leon for their first playthrough, with hints of noir thrown in for good measure.

Leon is paired with a very capable yet mysterious partner, Ada Wong, who nicely complements his playstyle and adds additional drama and mystery to his story. Ada is a strong character with a labyrinth of mysteries surrounding her, even if she really is on Leon’s side or not. Her dynamic provides fantastic character development and adds to the noir vibe of Leon’s story. With her background in law enforcement, investigating and solving in-game mysteries suits her very well.

What you should know about Claire Redfield’s campaign

Claire Redfield’s story focuses on her trying to locate her brother and thus getting caught up in the Raccoon City incident. Though she is quite capable in her own right when she fights enemies, she partners with Sherry, a girl with no weapons or fighting abilities, leaving Claire as her sole protector. Themes of family and parental ties are very prominent in Claire’s story, as evidenced by her immediate desire to protect Sherry upon meeting her. The game delves into the horror side of the game with Claire’s story, with fewer exciting action scenes and more survival horror throughout. Claire’s unique story elements also focus more on being creepy in nature, giving her campaign a lot of atmosphere and making the player feel vulnerable, never knowing what’s around the corner.

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Which campaign should be played first?

Both stories are essential to understanding exactly what happened in Raccoon City and both must be played to get the full game experience. However, when it comes to choosing which character to play first, it’s purely a matter of taste. Both campaigns feature unique weapons, NPCs, locations, and monsters, but share a large part of the game’s map. Leon faces a slightly easier range of enemies and is often considered the easiest of the campaigns in terms of gameplay, while Claire faces tougher monsters and must also protect Sherry. According to official Capcom statisticsLeon is picked for the first game 79% of the time and is often recommended for the first game.

Generally, the choice of which character to play first comes down to personal opinion. For a more exciting and action-packed mystery, players must choose Leon first. For a slightly more challenging survival horror and emotional experience, Claire may be the best choice. Both stories are solid, scary, and exciting, and the overall plot ends up being the same regardless of which campaign is played first.

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