Top 10 final bosses

Top 10 final bosses

The Resident Evil franchise has always been known for its (generally) excellent boss design. Whether it’s oversized animals, undead super-soldiers, or supernatural monstrosities, Capcom has produced quality boss fights year after year.

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Nowhere is this more true than in the final bosses of each game. The culmination of eight hours of horror and/or rock-pounding, Resident Evil’s final bosses have a reputation for their grotesque spectacle. From the subtle horrors of the Spencer mansion to a fist fight in an active volcano, these are the best bosses in the Resident Evil franchise.


10 Tyrant T-002 – Resident Evil Remake

Tyrant-class BOWs might be the most iconic Resident Evil monster ever. Unfortunately, Umbrella’s first attempt at a Tyrant isn’t as strong as it could be. This also applies to the fight, as it’s held back by the stiff gameplay of the first Resident Evil title, and it’s a bit underwhelming compared to the horror of the bosses that precede it.

The Tyrant can still pack a punch if it hasn’t guarded its resources properly, but after taking on Lisa Trevor, Black Tiger, and Crimson Head Prototype, it can probably deal with Tyrant with its eyes closed.

9 Derek Simmons – Resident Evil 6 (Leon Campaign)

Make no mistake: Derek is here because he’s a T.Rex zombie and for very few other reasons. After a campaign that’s too ridiculous to take seriously, but not ridiculous enough to enjoy his own absurdity, Derek Simmons comes out on top and sends Resident Evil 6 over the edge. And good god is glorious.

After eight hours of killing zombies on the road, a fight with a real dino zombie is just what the doctor ordered. Imagine explaining this boss fight to a Resident Evil fan in 1996, then kick back and laugh as you remember that Resident Evil 6 is a game that actually exists and not just a fever dream you once had.

8 The Last Abyss – Resident Evil: Revelations

No one expected a 3DS spin-off title to have such a great final boss. Capcom included it anyway, culminating in Resident Evil: Revelations with a fight against Jack Norman, The Ultimate Abyss.

Fighting the mutated form of Jack Norman is unique, moving away from the simple runs and punches that Tyrant-style fights often rely on. Ultimate Abyss’ teleportation ability keeps you always on your toes, while his second phase doubles the danger by summoning a full clone of himself. Good luck!

7 Super Tyrant (Leon A) – Resident Evil Remake 2

Perhaps Resident Evil 2 Remake’s biggest addition to the original is the inclusion of Mr. X, the Super Tyrant. Once an enemy hid for the second game from him, Mr. X now stalks his every move through Raccoon City, regardless of what game he’s in.

As an undead T-1000, Mr. X never stops hunting you. That’s what makes this fight so dramatic: you’re trapped. Either you stop it, or you die. This final elevator encounter is an incredible reward for a chase that has seeped into your soul as you progress through the game, and the feeling of finally taking down the Tyrant is unmatched.

6 Osmund Saddler – Resident Evil 4

The leader of the Los Illuminados cult, Saddler is a suitably mysterious figure. After walking around doing almost nothing for most of the game, you finally find him blocking your escape from the nightmare.

After a bit of cheesy back and forth, the meek old man turns into a hideous spider-like creature, hanging the remains of his human form like a rag doll from his exoskeleton. After an entire game of people mutating into monstrosities, this is the most horrifying and definitely the most challenging. Here’s hoping the Saddler fight in Resident Evil 4 Remake holds up as well as the first one.

5 Nemesis – Resident Evil 3 Remake

The final fight with Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake is polarizing. It differs so much from its source material that many were disappointed in the monstrosity that Nemesis becomes. Don’t let the naysayers get to you though – this Nemesis fight is truly spectacular.

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What skeptics are missing is the true narrative juice of this incarnation of Nemesis. After being burned, exploded, shot, and finally dissolved in industrial acid, Nemesis plunges into the game’s final room, clinging to life. Nemesis is the living embodiment of determination, to never give in until STARS is no more. In this way, Nemesis is Umbrella’s quest for world domination personified, and a wonderful vehicle to represent the endless shuffling of the undead.

4 Alexia Ashford – Resident Evil: Code Veronica

The multi-stage fight against the surviving Ashford twin is brutal. A battle that lasts around 5 full minutes in a game where you barely have ammo is a tall order for even the best players.

Through her many forms, Alexia transitions from a corrupted humanoid form to an insect-like monster, culminating in a huge, rotten wasp form that’s as cool as it is disgusting. Fighting Alexia is a shining light in a game with a lot of low points, and her brilliance is the main reason Code Veronica deserves a remake.

3 William Birkin (Claire A) – Resident Evil 2 Remake

The final fight against the tortured scientist William Birkin is a wonderful farewell to one of the most important characters in the series and a great ending to Resident Evil 2 Remake’s strongest campaign.

Set in the final moments of Claire’s Route A campaign, the fight to keep Birkin at bay is intense, dramatic, and most of all, terrifying. The deep body horror on display during this fight cements it as the most terrifying in Resident Evil 2, a feeling that is heightened by playing it in VR. Add William Birkin’s context to the story, and you have a truly classic final boss fight.

two Mother Miranda – Resident Evil: Village

The lead up to the final fight against Miranda in Resident Evil: Village is special. Ethan finally ran out of patience after dying at the hands of Miranda, only to be resurrected shortly after and told that he has been infected with the same disease that has corrupted the villagers he has been killing over the past weekend.

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The showdown between the world’s best dad and the world’s worst mom is fantastic, with Miranda’s amazing character design, multiple forms, and extreme aggressiveness elevating this fight to heights above all but the best boss fights in the world. Resident Evil.

1 Albert Wesker – Resident Evil 5

The ultimate confrontation against Albert Wesker is easily the best final boss fight in the Resident Evil series. As the latest and most iconic of Umbrella’s leaders, Wesker is by far the biggest evil Resident Evil has ever had, and probably will.

The reward that comes with the death of such a huge figure in the Resident Evil universe is immensely satisfying, especially when served by the main man, Chris Redfield. In addition to the huge story implications, this fight also has one of the best settings of any final boss in gaming, as it takes place in the middle of an active volcano.

Fighting Albert Wesker is pure Resident Evil madness and anyone who says they don’t love him is just faking it.

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