Size does matter for gaming as brainiacs reveal the perfect hands for games like Call of Duty

Size does matter for gaming as brainiacs reveal the perfect hands for games like Call of Duty

Size really does matter… when it comes to hands, for players. Pioneering research, led by one of the world’s leading esports physicians, Dr. Lindsey Migliore, has revealed why punching in the hand department makes some players better than others.

The first of its kind research was commissioned by Stakester, the gaming platform that lets you compete against peers in popular games to win cash and prizes. The results of the study are expected to help players understand their strengths and weaknesses in the hand department to improve results.

The study, which examined more than 90 gamers between the ages of 18 and 44, compared numerous manual measurements such as click speed, mouse or controller agility, dynamometer readings, and gaming frequency to the level of players skill. Some of the most popular games in the UK and US were an integral part of the studio, including Call of Duty, Fifa and Mario Kart.

Players of games like Call of Duty were examined under the study.

Designed by Dr. Lindsey Migliore, an established esports physician leading a growing scientific area to improve esports players’ performance, take better care of their bodies, and prevent them from developing chronic gaming injuries. Based in the US, Lindsey’s dedication to the field has seen her appear in interviews and on news stations in the US and UK.

Research revealed the ultimate hand size for optimal gameplay, along with other beneficial qualities that make players successful at controls.

hand size

Manual measurements examined how specific finger lengths and sizes might affect one’s effectiveness when using a standard PC and console mouse or controller, respectively. This included the tip to the base of the index fingers, the tip of the index finger to the crease of the wrist, the maximum extension of the fingers, and the width of the palm.

Interestingly, the results showed that smaller fingers are desirable for speed in a short period of time. However, as the amount of time spent moving or clicking increases, longer fingers can maintain that speed and be faster. This suggests that shorter fingers are better for high-intensity games like Mario Kart, and longer fingers are better for stamina in longer games like CoD and Fifa.

The perfect hand size for gamers has been revealed in a new study

Looking at the hand measurements of players classified as “experienced” or “very good” players, the results concluded that the optimal hand size is:

  • Tip to the base of the index fingers – 7.6 cm
  • Tip of index finger to wrist crease – 18.1 cm
  • Maximum finger length: 22.8 cm
  • Palm width – 8.7 cm

Dr. Lindsey Migliore, who was one of the first to specialize as an Esports Physician 5 years ago, said: “As more research is done on video games, the science of esports continues to grow. While you can’t change your hand size, this study highlights the importance of making sure your controller or mouse is the right size to maintain those high speeds.”

speed and focus

according to a recent report, 82% of Gen Z admit that apps and social media distract them from their daily lives. But it is not surprising that for those who are they can concentrate, they can reap the benefits when they play. The research concluded that players’ ability to focus for set periods of time, including 5, 30 and 100 seconds, was critical to being a successful player.

In the 5-second click test, as index finger length, index + palm length, maximum finger extension, and palm width increased, click speed decreased. Longer fingers and larger hands move more slowly in tests of shorter duration for short periods of time.

In the 30-second click test, there was no change in click speed at all finger and finger + palm lengths. But as maximum finger spread and palm width increased, click speed decreased.

And in the 100-second click test, as index finger length and index finger + palm length increased, click speed increased, showing that longer fingers move faster in tests. of longer duration for longer periods of time.

Players between the ages of 18 and 44 were put under the microscope for the study.

The fastest participant, able to click at an average of 8.9 CPS (clicks per second) had a longest index finger of 8 cm, with a maximum finger extension of 24 cm. While the slowest participant was able to click at an average of 4.3 CPS, his index finger measured 7 cm, with a maximum finger extension of 18 cm.

Tom Fairey, CEO of skill-based competition platform Stakester, said: ā€œGame performance plays a vital role in the success of our Stakester players, who are always looking for new ways to win. Commissioning Lindsey, one of the first esports science and performance experts, was a crucial part of conducting the research.

“Their in-depth knowledge in compiling the study has produced very useful results for players who can now see how they compare in the size department. We created the interactive hand measurement tool so players can measure their own hands and better understand how your hands work. hands affect performance along with which games will best suit your hand size.ā€

Try it on for size, download the ‘perfect hand size’ at here or visit and see how you measure up.

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