How to Download Minecraft on PC

How to Download Minecraft on PC
The fastest and easiest way to download Minecraft on PC

Minecraft it is not just a game but an adventurous game that allows users to explore endless worlds. Here you have all the information on how to download this adventure.

Minecraft is a game where players break and arrange blocks. People first built structures to protect themselves from nocturnal creatures, but players collaborated to create charming and innovative things as the game progressed. Minecraft Java Edition and the Bedrock edition are available for PC. Bedrock lacks an improved combat system, though it does support crossplay with xbox one and smartphone, and has material that Java It is not. On the other hand, Java only allows you to play with other Java players, although it has more accessible servers and a better customization environment. If the decision isn’t easy, consider that most game designers recommend Java because it comes with a free copy of Bedrock.

Here is a step by step guide on how Download Minecraft.

installing Minecraft Java Edition

1. Visit the Minecraft website
First of all, go to the Minecraft website for instructions on how to download Minecraft for PC. a big picture of Steve and Alex floating above a Minecraft world should welcome viewers. Click on a green box on the left side that says “Get Minecraft.” The next step is to download Minecraft Java Edition or the Windows 10 (Bedrock) version.

2. Buy and install Minecraft

  • After selecting the version, press the ‘BUY’ button. After that, an option to “Sign Up Now” will appear. An email is received after completing the registration window. Click on it, enter the code and verify the account.
  • The next page is the purchase page. Enter your card information, double check the total at the bottom, and then click the “Buy” banner at the bottom. After waiting for the website to load, the ‘purchase completed’ screen appears.
  • Click the ‘Download for Windows’ button; a file called ‘MinecraftInstaller.msi’ should download immediately. Click on the file and the game will start to install.
  • Hit ‘Next’ until it’s installed, then hit ‘Finish’. A new window (the Minecraft launcher) should appear. Click “Play” after signing in with an email address and password.

How to download Minecraft for free
Not all users can afford to download Minecraft from its official site. This is the free method that helps to download Minecraft for those users who want to learn how to download Minecraft for free.

Using TLauncher:

  • TLauncher is a Minecraft launcher that does not officially support the Mojang License Terms. Use a VPN and scan the downloaded file for viruses before using it.
  • Open any browser and search for TLauncher. Click Direct Download at the bottom of the page. It’s the little wording at the bottom of the page, just below “Get it now.” This will take you to a page from which you can download TLauncher directly.
  • Open the “TLauncher-MCL” file from the download section.
  • Toggle the dropdown option at the top of the main page. “Create an account” is written on the page. A dropdown menu will appear.
  • Set up and manage accounts by clicking the Create and Manage Accounts button. In the dropdown list, it is the only option. It’s right next to a gear symbol.
  • Select the green plus symbol. It’s the first option under the box on the left and a new account will be created.
  • Click Free. It’s the second option in the box on the right.
  • Click Add Account after entering a username. In the space provided, type your chosen in-game username, and then click Add Account below the box. Install the game and play.

It is difficult to explain the game of Minecraft in one word to someone who is not familiar with it, but it is even more difficult to explain why it has become so popular among gamers all over the world. Download Minecraft and find out for yourself today!


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