How to defeat the Guardian in Minecraft 1.19

How to defeat the Guardian in Minecraft 1.19

The Warden is the deadliest mob currently in Minecraft. With his sky-high health bar and strong close-range and long-range attacks, he is one of the toughest monsters to take on.

The Warden was one of three new mobs implemented in Minecraft 1.19 on June 7, 2022. Its inclusion in the game has forever changed the perils of mining underground, as the threat of this beast pales in comparison to encountering others. hostile mobs like skeletons. , zombies and creepers.

Although this deadly mob only spawns in its home biome, Deep Dark, players who like to spend their time underground will surely end up in this biome. Attempting to kill one of these powerful mobs is not recommended, but can be done. The following is a method through which players can attempt to kill the Guardian in survival mode in Minecraft 1.19.

Step-by-step guide on how to kill the Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Step #1: Gather the Necessary Items

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There are a few items that players will need to take on the Guardian in Minecraft.

Players must collect a full set of netherite armor enchanted with Protection IV (and Swift Sneak, if the player has access to that enchantment). The Warden has an incredibly high attack stat, so a full set of netherite armor is crucial to surviving if the player is hit by an attack.

It is recommended that players bring an enchanted bow or trident to Deep Dark. It is customary to grab a sword though, as engaging this hostile mob in close combat is a quick way to get slaughtered by their heavy melee attacks.

Players will need some items to replenish their health if needed. Enchanted golden apples, golden carrots, healing potions, and cooked food (such as steak and pork chops) are recommended.

It is crucial that players bring any kind of building blocks, spider webs, arrows (if the player has chosen to bring a bow), torches, and a night vision potion for their fight with the Guardian.

Step #2: Make a Small Underground Base in Deep Dark

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Once the player has entered the Deep Dark/Ancient City and found an area where a Warden will spawn, it’s time to make a quick underground base.

Make a small underground base that has a one block entrance on the surface. Players can add a trap door with a pressure plate or lever for added security, but the Guardian cannot physically fall into a block opening.

Step #3: Make a tower next to the base opening

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Once the Guardian has spawned, players will need to build a six-block tower right next to their base opening. Place a spider web on top of the tower.

The web at the top will prevent Warden from knocking the player off his tower with his long range sonic shriek attack. Placing spiderwebs on the lower sides of the tower is optional, but will help cushion fall damage if the player is knocked off the tower.

Step #4: Bow/Trident Attack

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Once the player is at the top of the tower and the Guardian is in sight, it’s time to start attacking.

Hit the hostile mob with arrows (from a bow enchanted with Punch II or Power V), or with a trident enchanted with Loyalty (so it returns to the player’s hand after being thrown).

Step #5: Heal, Attack, Repeat

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Warden will finally start attacking with his long range attack when he realizes the player is standing somewhere above him. When this happens, the player has one of two options.

  • Stay on top of the tower and heal.
  • Jump into the opening in their base, heal down there and create another opening to exit through so they can return to their tower.

By repeating these steps a few times, it shouldn’t take long for the Guardian to fall to the player’s powerful bow/trident attacks in Minecraft.

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