Call of Duty League heavily criticized for ignoring petition signed by 1,700 professionals

Call of Duty League heavily criticized for ignoring petition signed by 1,700 professionals

the Obligations League has always had a pretty disconnected relationship with its players, often leading to a lot of tension between developers and competitors alike. Whether it’s development support via maps, weapons, and general bugs, the league has rarely answered their prayers and now, ahead of the World Championship, the voices of over 1,700 Challengers players go unheard.

Before the Challengers World Championships – the second level of competition Obligations – a large number of players have shown their dismay at the massive format that only hosts eight teams worldwide.

Dubbed as the “center of the future Obligations players”, the Challengers scene plays host to more than 200 teams worldwide, with most of the new talent left in North America. However, with only two NA slots available at the championships, more than 2,000 players have now signed a petition to have the format changed – though it has fallen on deaf ears.

Censor initiates petition to change format of CDL Challengers Change

The Challengers scene is typically a moshpit of upcoming talent, pitting players against each other in a group of gauntlets to up the ante and roll back the pre-franchise years. Obligations e-sports competition. However, with only eight teams qualifying for the event, veterans of the scene like Doug”CensorMartin has expressed his frustration.

Previously, the Toronto Open saw the top rosters of Challengers go head-to-head in the 64-team bracket where all the top eight teams hailed from North America. With this in mind, Challengers players now believe that teams in lesser regions, or even Europe, where their top two teams finished 9th in Toronto, get a free pass to the Champions.

Following the questionable format, Censor has gathered over 2,000 signatures to change the format and house more teams, reinvigorating Call of Duty’s signature esports feel and giving the competition as much integrity as possible.

In a now-deleted tweet, Censor added that during the Minnesota Open, Toronto Ultra Academy NA won the pair despite being the 12th seed, which would now not be possible in an eight-man miniature format.

“Having a total of 8 teams competing in a Challenger Championship, a division that aims to showcase the best talent in the world that is NOT in the professional league, is extremely detrimental to the future of our league product. We believe there should be a change in important format and this decision should be reconsidered,” the petition says.

Challengers players are furious that CDL representatives ignored the petition

Having garnered more than 2,000 signatures and garnering the attention of the likes of three-time world champion James “Clayster” Eubanks, who will compete in Challengers after being dropped from the New York Subliners roster, the Call of Duty League has not addressed the situation. .

According to Censor’s social media, the only information provided by the CDL was to block any relocation as NA players tried to go to South America and Europe to win their respective regional qualifiers and thus qualify for the championships.

in a interview with Jake Lucky, Censor also added, “Activision is basically telling the scene there’s nothing to play for. These Challenger players are playing for nothing.”

The format has been criticized for closing the door on up-and-coming talent who have been competing all year for a chance to appear under the spotlight at Challengers, even resulting in some up-and-coming stars leaving the game after a lack of support. Profits; Restricting the prize pool to just eight teams has also had a drastic effect on the careers of these young players.

It remains to be seen if the Obligations The league intends to answer everyone, though, with the Boston Open just around the corner, accommodations will need to be made sooner rather than later.

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