Why do Call of Duty Pro players use the controller?

Why do Call of Duty Pro players use the controller?

Have you ever wondered why Obligations players play on the controller? The vast and overwhelming majority of professional FPS gamers play on PC with mouse and keyboard, spread across games, but for Codthe opposite is almost always true, apart from some war zone players If you have ever wondered why, don’t worry, because in this article we will explain why Obligations players use the controller.

The advantages of the controller in Call of Duty

In competitive multiplayer shooters, there is a tendency to put an almost exclusive emphasis on accuracy. This is valid for games like valorant, counterattackeither rainbow six siege between many more. You have to hit your shots, and that’s the most important thing, in addition to strategy and team play, which are also essential.

In Obligations, things are a little different. A heavy emphasis is placed on movement, and accuracy is sidelined with a set of routine weapons that don’t have much in the way of knocking back and killing players in just a few shots along with powerful perks, gear, and killstreaks. which you can use to give yourself advantages over other players.

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Of course, you’ll need to land your shots, but you’ll want to get past your opponents and position them more than you want to challenge everyone head-on to one target, because health is so low. Cod and servers tend to be unreliable among many other things, so there’s always a good chance that, even with better aim, someone else will take you down first.

This is not to say that tactics and movement aren’t important in other games, especially other games that are esports, but it is to say that in Cod weapons are especially arcadey and easy to handle, while health is usually especially low with constant access to powerful loadouts, so there’s more emphasis on movement and positioning than precision than in games like counterattack either valorant.

On the controller, movement is easier, and often so is shooting from the hip, which is especially helpful when you’re on the move. Also, techniques like dropshotting, slide-cancelling, jumpshotting, and sprint-cancelling tend to be less invasive and a bit easier to do on the controller. Of course, you can do all of this with the mouse and keyboard, but when you combine it with aim assist that makes shooting from the hip even better and shots easier to land from a distance, it becomes a method attractive entrance.

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PC players in CoD

At the most generous estimate, since exact numbers are hard to come by, 30% of Cod the population is a PC. All of these gamers will inevitably not be playing with mouse and keyboard, but there is a small community of console gamers who play with mouse and keyboard. In total, perhaps 25% (and probably less) of the players in a given Cod game on PC. Suffice it to say that the vast majority of Cod players are on console, and this has only been truer in the past.

So, since most use the controller, and if you started playing Cod A while ago you probably started with the controller, the game itself has a certain reputation of being a controller game. Also, when competing, many are more concerned with being on a level playing field and playing with everyone else, which would require you to play with the controller rather than mouse and keyboard.

This is especially true in recent years, as while the CDL has moved to PC, they require players to use the controller, so if you want to play like a pro, you play on the controller. In the past, this was not a rule, since older Cod Esports was played on console at a time when mouse and keyboard support was not an issue. Cod. Before PC/console crossplay, Cod on PC it was a very special thing, as the lobbies didn’t fill up quickly shortly after a game was released.

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The Legacy of Call of Duty

beyond most Cod gamers are on the controller and esports has been played on console for much of the franchise’s history, and even beyond the controller’s advanced motion potential and the CDL mandate to use a controller in recent years, Cod it has been designed as a first game controller for decades.

Why can you only carry two weapons? Well, it’s the natural thing to do with no hotkeys to bind specific weapons. Why are there so many contextual actions in Cod, how to do several things with the same button in different scenarios? Well then controllers with limited buttons can handle complex processes. Why is there a gesture wheel? Well, wheels are easier on analog sticks.

These types of design decisions underlie much of the fundamental gameplay of Obligations games, because these games are designed with the expectation that more than 75% of the player base, which is millions and millions of people, will play with the controller, so it makes sense to design these games, first and foremost, to be played on controller. There is a reason why it may seem “natural” to many to play Cod in the controller outside of the simple preference.

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Yes, Obligations It started on PC and has been on PC forever, and yes, of course, a mouse and keyboard are more precise than a controller, and for sure, PC gamers can also perform advanced movements at high levels. But for the type of game Cod it really is, how it is played and what benefits the controller has means that many will prefer to use the controller, including professionals.

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