Why Capcom Needs To Bring Back These Weapons

Why Capcom Needs To Bring Back These Weapons

After many rumors and a long wait, Resident Evil 4 will have its own full remake releasing early next year. Although details are scarce at the moment, the announcement, which opened PlayStation’s most recent State of Play, stole the entire show. For others, however, it just raised one vital question: How accurate will this new version be?

Although Capcom received praise for 2019 resident evil 2 Redo, Resident Evil 3he was much less revered for making major hacks, changing game mechanics, and even many of the game’s weapons. Resident Evil 4 it’s iconic not only because of its memorable gameplay, but because of all the trappings that surround it. This includes his impressive arsenal of weapons, many of which are among the most fun to use in the entire series. With the new version on the way, here are four weapons that absolutely need to make the cut.

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assassin 7 magnum

Resident Evil 4The arsenal of is so impressive that it allows players to choose between not one, but two ultra-powerful magnum pistols that can be acquired during the long campaign. However, while the Broken Butterfly revolver can be acquired first, players must toss it aside when the Killer7 becomes available.

This .45-caliber pistol, with a name that’s obviously a nod to the bizarre Capcom-published masterpiece. killer 7, is an absolute cannon, capable of taking out most of the bosses in the game without even reloading its magazine. Once fully upgraded, this pistol will make players feel much safer, as it can quickly dispatch even the most powerful of enemies with one or two shots, making it a vital part of protagonist Leon Kennedy’s arsenal.

attack shotgun

Like the Killer7, the Striker Shotgun is the ultimate shotgun that Leon can acquire in the game, and it’s one that players should focus all of Leon’s hard-earned money on upgrading. In a game that’s as much about inventory management as it is about firepower, the Striker is a compact beast that won’t take up too much space while delivering hot lead efficiently.

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Although it can only be fired from the hip, this drum-fed shotgun can be fully upgraded to hold 100 rounds in its magazine, making reloading non-existent. Few weapons compare to this futuristic-looking shotgun for its ability to lay down a wall of uninterrupted firepower, and it absolutely must return for the remake.

Red9 Gun

When it comes to small arms, few demonic resident games offer the kind of choice that Leon has in RE4, and while all of the pistols are worth the money, one is head and shoulders above the competition: the Red9. Although it may get its skin from a century-old pistol, this weapon combines high power, fast reloads, and one of the best features in the game: a full wooden stock to help with accuracy.

The Red9 doesn’t just look great; it is the best way to use pistol bullets. It has also become one of the demonic resident The most iconic pistols in the series by looks alone. Throughout the entire series, the pistol is always your most reliable workhorse for dealing damage, and the Red9 is one of the best that has been featured.

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chicago typewriter

For most fans, it would not be a true demonic resident game without unlockable weaponry. Fortunately, Resident Evil 4 it comes in the form of an unlockable Thompson submachine gun which is arguably the best weapon in the game. Deliberately mastered, this weapon is everything an unlockable secret weapon should be. It is capable of taking down regular enemies in one or two shots and decimating entire mobs of enemies in an instant. Where its predecessors often offered a rocket launcher or infinite ammo rewards after completing the game, RE4 took things up a notch and delivered this incredibly fun weapon in addition to its numerous other bonus rewards.

The typewriter comes equipped with infinite ammo and can be used in all of the game’s additional side story modes, such as Separate Ways and Assignment: Ada. the demonic resident Endgame weapons are always designed to break the game’s difficulty, allowing players to traverse sections that were once a real challenge, and the Chicago Typewriter lives up to this mantra and then some.

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