How to make a Sculk farm in Minecraft

How to make a Sculk farm in Minecraft

To generate and store massive amounts of player XP in Minecraft, combine a classic mobs spawner with the new Sculk Catalyst blocks to create Sculk.

The latest update of Minecraft, the “Wild Update”, added a new biome called The Deep Dark, which allows players to hunt the Warden and collect new Sculk blocks to farm XP. Sculk can be found naturally in the new Old City structure in Minecraft, which contains the new mob and some end-game loot that will be useful to the player. Sculk comes in various forms: Blocks, Sensors, Catalysts, and Shriekers.

The Sculk Catalyst is an item found at a spawn rate of 1/6 in Ancient City chests or can be dropped at a rate of 1 by the new boss Warden. It also spawns naturally in a deep darkness biome, with or without the presence of an ancient city. When activated, Sculk Catalyst transforms nearby blocks into Sculk, which, when harvested, drops XP. Following the death of a mob eight blocks from the Catalyst, a patch of Sculk will form. Some blocks, like Obsidian and Ice, will never transform, but most other naturally generated blocks will.


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The materials needed for a Sculk farm are, at a minimum: a normal mobs spawner, which can be built with any material, usually placed in the sky, and a Sculk Catalyst found in Minecraft Ancient cities. Once obtained, players can place MinecraftSculk Catalyst from just about anywhere to start transforming blocks into Sculk, with or without a proper mobs farm.

Building a Sculk Mob Farm in Minecraft

Building a Sculk Mob Farm in Minecraft

Start the farm by placing the Sculk Catalyst on the ground with at least Flat 9×9 terrain around it to spawn Sculk. Next, place a block to mark the distance from the generator with a gap of eight blocks between it and the Catalyst. Then build up to the height that will kill a crowd in Minecraft for fall damage: that is, more than 25 blocks high. Then connect the pillars creating a floor in the shape of a square and add an extra row on each side for a wall; in total this will be 20×20.

Mark a 2×2 hole in the center, then create a wall 2 blocks wide and 2 blocks high that extends from the hole to the center of each side. Put water on the edge of the wall, so that it flows exactly the right distance (8 blocks) into the hole. Place trap doors along the edges of the hole and lower them so the mobs fall into the water. Fill the remaining empty space on either side of the flowing water with a block in which the mobs will spawn. Create a full enclosure 2 blocks high to allow mobs to breed even during the day, or simply add a fence so mobs will only breed at night. Minecraft.

Once the mobs start falling through the hole and onto the ground, they will die and the Catalyst will activate. Sculk and new Sculk sensors on Minecraft it will start spawning around the catalyst and flow through the blocks until it finds a clean spot to spawn. This means that Sculk will travel beyond the perimeter created by this generator. Sculk will scale blocks, so use a block that won’t transform for your spawner (or the spawner itself will become Sculk). It’s worth noting that Sculk will not spawn under a Sculk block.

To collect XP, mine the Sculk blocks on the ground and move the Catalyst one block lower. If the player wants to store XP, mine Sculk with a Silk Touch enchanted tool at Minecraft “Wild Update”. Over time, this generator will create a large hole in the ground, so players can choose to leave it that way or replace each layer with new blocks to transform each time. High-tech sculk farms can use a stone and piston generator to push out new layers once one has fully transformed. Minecraft The new Sculk farms are a great way to choose when to use player XP.

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