Call of Duty needs to bring back betting matches

Call of Duty needs to bring back betting matches

call of Duty Black Ops is one of the most beloved entries in the franchise for a number of reasons. It featured an impactful campaign that featured the likes of Frank Woods and featured a twist that is still talked about to this day. Its take on Zombies made the mode mainstream, with maps like Kino Der Toten and Ascension instantly becoming iconic. As for multiplayer, the game featured one of the best weapon and map lineups the series has ever seen, ensuring that all three of its main experiences were a success.


In addition to classic maps like Nuketown, Summit, and Firing Range, multiplayer fans enjoyed Wager Matches. These betting matches served as variants of party games like Sticks and Stones, One in the Chamber, and Gun Game, with the key difference being that players had to put some of their COD Points on the line. While some changes may be needed to justify the return of Wager Matches in a modern game, the system is worth bringing back as it made Party Games significantly more intense.

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Why betting matches would need an adjustment

In 2010, COD points meant something completely different than they do now. In call of Duty Black Ops, COD Points were an in-game currency that could not be unlocked by spending real-world money and were used to purchase in-game cosmetics. From weapon camos to calling cards, players were constantly in need of COD Points, and they could be earned through natural play, or in larger groups through Wager Matches. By winning gambling matches, players could take COD points from other players, earning in-game currency to buy things like golden weapon camos much faster.

In 2022, COD points are the main form of microtransactions within the Obligations Serie. Players use COD Points to purchase Battle Passes and purchase packs in the in-game market. While it might be interesting to see the new COD Points used in betting matches as it would drive the stakes even higher, this could be seen as an actual game as players would be putting paid money on the line. Still, there are other ways to give Wager Matches another go.

Potential Substitutes for COD Points in a New Matching System

If Bet Matches returned in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or another upcoming title, they could see players gambling with their cosmetics. Players can bring their hard-earned Calling Cards into play, for example, by choosing which Cards they put into play. If they lose, they may need to unlock their lost calling cards again, although the players in the Top 3 could keep their cards and also choose the other calling cards that were put into play. Emblems would be an equally viable option for a betting match.

Weapon blueprints are another valid option, mainly because a trading mechanic has been leaked. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Already. If Activision and Infinity Ward are willing to let players trade their weapon blueprints with each other, it wouldn’t be much of a leap to let them bet with them via gambling matches. Players could put their blueprints into play by entering a gambling match, and at the end, the participants could choose their blueprints. First place would keep their wagered item and be able to pick from all the others in the prize pool, with the order of pick depending on placement in the match.

Operator skins are another possible betting element, ensuring that there are many avenues that can be taken to win back betting matches. While the use of COD Points could again prove controversial, as players would essentially be putting real money on the line, staking already unlocked items could be a good alternative. While there should always be a normal Party Games playlist for those looking for casual fun, those looking to engage in some high-stakes gambling shouldn’t have to return to a largely unpopulated location. Obligations 2010 title.

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