All the key characters of Resident Evil Village before their DLC

All the key characters of Resident Evil Village before their DLC

Resident Evil Village has a long list of characters and they are worth checking out now that DLC is finally available for the popular game.

Resident Evil has a very varied cast of characters. Much of that cast has largely been based on the series’ transformation into a ridiculous action franchise, which spiraled out of control in Resident Evil 5 when Chris Redfield hit a rock in a volcano. That changed with Resident Evil 7 when the series returned to its horror roots through the creepy, swamp-dwelling Baker family.

In many ways, Resident Evil Village bridges the gap between 7 and previous entries in the series. Much of that is due to the increased focus on a larger cast of quirky, creepy, cutesy, and generally funny characters. Here are the highlights of the cast.

Ethan Winters returns after his debut in Resident Evil 7. Winters burned with fans as a character, but his experiences in RE7 heavily influence RE8.

Resident Evil 7 moved away from the iconic zombies of the original Resident Evil trilogy and the parasitic arthropods that first appeared in RE4. RE7’s mold monsters are not an isolated issue and that organically drags Ethan, who became infected in his encounter with the Bakers. This greatly influences the story of Resident Evil Village, as well as its downloadable content.

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village

Lady Alcina Dimitrescu was at the center of a slew of memes after Resident Evil Village was first revealed. The first big boss of the game with her 50’s aesthetic and massive stature of hers was an instant hit with the fans and garnered worldwide attention. Capcom recognized this and quickly directed the game’s marketing towards her.

The problem is that Lady Dimitrescu is actually a minor part of the game. As the first main boss, poorly equipped Ethan Winters, she quickly dispatches her and is never mentioned again.

Still, Lady Dimitrescu lives on in fans’ memories and not just because of her terrifying final form. Ultimately, she checks every box there is in the horror genre by adding scares, impending terror, an interesting backstory, and more.

Mother Miranda is the true villain of the game.

Although Lady Dimitrescu is the most relatable villain in Resident Evil Villages, the actual main antagonist is Mother Miranda. This is made clear from the start, with the main villains and story NPCs discussing the mysterious figure.

Much of the backstory surrounding Mother Miranda falls into the category of major spoilers. Her role in the lives of the game’s characters and in the entirety of the Resident Evil mythos becomes more apparent over time.

Karl Heisenberg from Resident Evil Village

Karl Heisenberg stole the show for many Resident Evil Village players.

Karl Heisenberg flew under the radar prior to the release of Resident Evil Village. He was forgotten in the midst of the focus on Dimitrescu, but broke out after the game was released.

Karl Heisenberg is simultaneously the game’s most and least typical Resident Evil character. His bombastic personality and general countryside are in line with the series norms, but his powers of rudeness and magnetism are more unusual. He quickly became a popular figure among players and leaves a strong impression throughout the game.

Rose Winters goes from MacGuffin to main character in Resident Evil Village DLC

Rescuing kidnapped Rose Winters is Ethan’s main reason for worrying about everything in Resident Evil Village. While she’s just a baby in the main game, he puts her front and center in the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC.

Exploring the story of Rose Winters is a big deal given what is revealed throughout the game. There’s also a strong possibility that the Resident Evil Village DLC will set up Resident Evil 9 or could tie Ethan, Rose, and Mia Winters into the rest of the series. Fans will have to wait and see what happens when the DLC releases this fall.

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