Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 next-gen update graphics comparison

Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 next-gen update graphics comparison

demonic resident is one of the most celebrated and enduring IPs in the Capcom catalogue. Since 1996, the series has received numerous entries and remakes, constantly evolving the graphics of each game. What’s next from Capcom Resident Evil 4 remake is another anticipated reimagining of a fan-favorite title, joining a growing list of demonic resident remakes that will undoubtedly have the latest improvements in the RE Engine.

Before fans can get their hands on Resident Evil 4Capcom has brought its remakes of RE2 Y 3, With resident Evil 7, to the next generation with the ray tracing capabilities of modern PC and console hardware. Some fans may wonder how much these games would benefit from these updates, since resident evil 2, 3Y 7 They already look pretty impressive. However, diving into each game’s next-gen update shows some significant improvements.


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Resident Evil 2: A Cleaner RCPD

The oldest RE redo is resident evil 2, which looked exceptional in 2019 and still looks great today. Taking place primarily within the claustrophobic hallways of the Raccoon City Police Department, RE2The setting covers each scene with ceramic tile floors, wooden beams, and marble statues that reflect and diffuse light. As impressive as the RE Engine is, it does have some graphical shortcomings, such as graphical artifacts around Leon and the office chairs at the entrance of the Racoon City Police Department.

That weird white halo effect is the product of RE Engine’s screen space reflection, which is imperfect and prevalent throughout resident evil 2configuration of . RE2The next-gen update cleans up this effect through real-time ray tracing, which calculates precisely how these surfaces should reflect and diffuse light on each surface. RCPD is noticeably cleaner, visually speaking, and better lit as a result. Players should also note how Leon’s jacket looks true to its polyester texture rather than a shiny leather look that results from inaccurate screen space reflections.

Resident Evil 3: Subtle but effective changes

Unlike resident evil 2, Resident Evil 3 features busier scenes in the open sections of Raccoon City. Ray traced lighting in RE3 it’s subtle and doesn’t affect the visuals as much as the other next-gen updates. However, since the game is full of subway cars and rain puddles, RE3 becomes a prime candidate for showing the underappreciated benefits of ray tracing. reflections on Resident Evil 3 have improved a lot and benefit more than in RE2 Y 7​​​​​.

The original version of Resident Evil 3 it lacks Jill’s character model reflected on surfaces like subway cars, which some players may not notice but would be hard to ignore after switching to the upgraded version. With the next generation update, RE3Metallic surfaces now represent Jill in real time thanks to the implementation of ray-traced reflections. Reflections are also prominently displayed in Raccoon City through wet surfaces and rain puddles. Screen space reflections on RE3 suffer from the same graphic artifacts as RE2, but these are also removed with the next-gen upgrades.

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Resident Evil 7: Ray Tracing in Full Effect

Any fan who has set foot inside the Baker House would know that Resident Evil 7 up the scare factor with dark hallways and moody lighting. Nevertheless, Resident Evil 7Lighting techniques seem limited compared to current games, particularly in terms of bounce lighting. The lamp posts in the Baker House only light up in the pockets, creating more sinister scenes, but also unrealistic.

Non-RT versions are shrouded in total darkness. With ray-traced lighting in full effect, the composition of the scene in Resident Evil 7‘s darker hallways change significantly. Light spreads down the narrow corridor and even illuminates corridors in a scene thanks to ray-traced global illumination and bounce lighting. The light pole behind the player now illuminates the gun model, which was nearly invisible in the original version. like the eldest demonic resident title receiving a next-gen update, RE7 manages to look better than resident 2 Y 3 in some cases, and shows how far the RE Engine has come.

resident Evil 2, 3, Y 7 They are available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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