Top 10 of the best Call of Duty maps of all time

Top 10 of the best Call of Duty maps of all time

Call of Duty has some of the most iconic maps in FPS history. Here’s our list of the ten best and most iconic maps in the series.

Top 10 of the best Call of Duty maps of all time

Posted June 18, 2022

Call of Duty has been a staple in the FPS genre for over two decades, and in that time, there have been many new additions to the series, including several maps. However, of all the maps introduced over time, only a few can be called iconic.

Notably, maps considered the best within the series also tend to return in later installments. Sometimes they return as multiplayer maps and other times they can appear in parts of a Battle Royale map. Either way, they are chosen for their iconic status and great design.

The 10 best maps in the Call of Duty franchise

In this guide, we have listed the best Call of Duty maps. You’ll notice some trends between the selections; the most obvious is the number of maps from the same era. Instead, others boil down to their popularity; however, there is often a reason why they keep coming back year after year.

Each map of the latter will normally follow the classic three-lane map that Call of Duty dominated in some of its Golde Age maps. In addition, they are also considered some of the most fun to play in general. Additionally, many of these maps will promote the fast-paced gameplay that Call of Duty is famous for.

10 – Skyscrapers

Highrise Best Call of Duty Maps Cod Game Series Top 10 Ranked
Highrise was a trick shooter’s paradise. (Image: Activision)

Highrise hails from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and is a fan favorite within the game. The overall design of some maps makes for a blast to play, but there is one thing it excels at that only one other map can compete with.

Highrise was known as one of the best quick or trick scope maps due to the many viewpoints. You can jump from the sides of buildings, climb onto rooftops, or climb cranes. Everyone took the time to move on and offered depth.

9 – Accident

Crash best call of duty maps cod game series top 10 ranked
Steep sightlines and a helicopter define the map. (Image: Activision)

Call of Duty 4 was a game changer for multiplayer, and Crash was one of the defining maps within the title. The crashed helicopter in the center and many playable angles make the map exciting at all times.

8 – Terminal

Terminal best call of duty maps cod game series top 10 ranked
Fans remember a chaotic plane section and wide open spaces. (Image: Activision)

Modern Warfare 2 was a content machine for some of the franchise’s best maps, and alongside Rust, Terminal can be considered an example of the lineup. Not only was this map more spacious than the average Call of Duty map at the time, but each area offered a unique style. For example, the fights on the plane against the library and the lobby hit differently.

7 – Separation

Standoff best call of duty maps cod game series top 10 ranked
Standoff is a well-designed general competitive map. (Image: Activision)

Standoff is the first Black Ops 2 map on the list, and that should come as no surprise. Black Ops 2 is still considered one of the best competitive Call of Duty games today due to the balance and content available. Most of the maps were well designed and fun.

6 – Shoot the house

Shoot House Best Call of Duty Maps Cod Game Series Top 10 Ranked
One of the best of the modern era. (Image: Activision)

As the only new era original map on this list, Shoot House was well received when it was released in Modern Warfare 2019. It has a fantastic combination of the three-lane map layout and the diversity of ranks throughout the map. This map was by far the most popular, even with other classic maps available.

5 – Shipping

Shipping best call of duty maps cod game series top 10 ranked
Chaos is the name of the game in Shipment. (Image: Activision)

This map is also in Modern Warfare 2019, rivaling Shoot House for popularity. But the developers initially released this map with Call of Duty 4 in the original version of Modern Warfare.

As one of the smallest maps in any COD game, players love Shipment for the chaos it creates in multiplayer. It’s used for both clips and camouflage, and will probably be in Call of Duty for almost three years straight.

4 – Raid

Raid best call of duty maps cod game series top 10 ranked
Perhaps the best example of the three-lane map. (Image: Activision)

Raid might be better designed to compete than the next three maps on the list. It’s different in each of the three lanes, and makes perhaps the best use of those lanes in the series. Overall, it’s just a solid map without a lot of flaws.

3 – Shooting Range

Shooting range best call of duty maps cod game series top 10 ranked
One of Treyarch’s defining maps. (Image: Activision)

Our first Black Ops 1 map on the list, Firing Range, could be the number one spot, depending on the person. The map offers a perfect mix of sight lines, lanes, and close combat that allows for intense gameplay.

2 – rust

Rust best call of duty maps cod game series top 10 ranked
Quick reach was born on this map. (Image: Activision)

These last two maps could easily be swapped, but Rust is just sorely lacking in terms of the base design. Rust falls into second place as one of the most iconic maps in history, and there may be nothing better for custom games with friends. Quickscoping really made its name on this map.

1 – Nuclear City

nuketown call of duty maps
Nuketown has been the subject of many revisions throughout the Call of Duty game series. (Image: Activision)

Nuketown is an obvious choice, and that doesn’t matter at all. Regardless of whether or not it’s overused and added to almost every Treyarch, it’s simply the most fun map. It can be used for fun custom games, fast-paced competitive matches, and intense 1v1 games. There’s no doubt we’ll be seeing this map for years to come.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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