Resident Evil Trailer: Who’s in the Water Chamber?

Resident Evil Trailer: Who’s in the Water Chamber?

The trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Resident Evil show ends with a mysterious character trapped inside some kind of water chamber, but who is it?

A large chamber filled with water is seen near the end of the Netflix trailer. demonic resident spectacle, but who resides in it? The upcoming series joins a rapidly growing list of film and television adaptations of the demonic resident franchise, which has dominated the horror video game landscape since the mid-1990s. Interestingly, though, it continues another trend followed by most adaptations in that it’s set to tell a mostly original story. instead of directly adapting the plots and characters of the games.

The real intricacies of the Netflix plot demonic resident are still being kept under wraps, but the details so far are that the story takes place in two time periods, the present of 2022 and sixteen years later in 2036. This places it much further from the Raccoon City outbreak than the first few demonic resident games and 2021 Welcome to Raccoon City revolved around the movie, but according to showrunner Andrew Dabb, all of the game’s existing lore up until Resident Evil: Town is being treated as canon to the series.


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That begs the question of why Albert Wesker, who died during the events of resident bad 5Now he’s back and leading the Netflix show. Presumably her resurrection will be explained, but another unanswered question comes from the Netflix trailer. demonic resident. One of the last images shown is of a very angry person locked inside a kind of water tank. The character is nothing like anyone in the games, but he does look like him enough to be notoriously difficult. Resident Evil 4 Executioner boss to raise the eyebrows, especially the bald head and clawed appendages. The water tank character also somewhat resembles a tyrant, one of the Umbrella Corporation’s trademark T-Virus monsters. Of course, there is also the possibility that it is someone completely new.

Whatever or whoever is in that water chamber, it seems almost certain to be up to no good. If it’s a Tyrant, Umbrella will likely keep this beast in reserve for an upcoming attack. Since the trailer makes it clear that Wesker and Umbrella have learned nothing and once again exposed humanity to a T-Virus outbreak, it’s likely only a matter of time until the company sends out its brigade of monsters again.

There’s also a chance that the person inside the water tank is an Umbrella test subject, and most likely he’s not up for it. Maybe that’s what this topic is.”evolve“It’s still unclear, and his full appearance will only be revealed after demonic residentNetflix debut. It’s also possible that this person was not part of a T-Virus test and may have been exposed to even more deadly contagions like the G-Virus. When it comes to Umbrella, anything is possible, and no matter the outcome, it will likely be terrifying.

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