Resident Evil 3 (2020): All Weapons, Ranked

Resident Evil 3 (2020): All Weapons, Ranked

Resident Evil 3 received the remake treatment in a similar vein to resident evil 2. With Resident Evil 3The new version of came with beautiful new graphics, filled with intense horror and gore. Not only that, but the game also features a plethora of weaponry, old and new.

These weapons came in many forms. Some can only be used based on the difficulty setting, or if the player was running as Jill or Carlos. Other weapons can only be unlocked through in-game rewards that players purchase with in-game currency from the store after completing the story. This gives the game a lot of replay value, thanks to the variety of unique weapons.

13 G19 pistol

In the opening sequences of the game, Jill will automatically pick up a G19 pistol from an RPD police officer outside the bar where she got separated from Brad. This pistol becomes Jill’s default weapon and proves to be a decisive weapon in one of the best horror games of 2020.

The G19 does moderate damage and is an acceptable weapon, especially after upgrading it with a dot sight and moderator. However, with these upgrades, the weapon takes up two inventory slots and gains a lot of recoil.

12 G18 pistol

When playing as Carlos, the first weapon players equip will be Carlos’ pistol, the G18 pistol. This pistol has a faster rate of fire than Jill’s G19 and also refocuses a bit better. However, the damage between the weapons is identical.

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The G18 can also deal more damage per shot than the rifle Carlos gets in-game, making this a viable option for killing zombies.

eleven G18 pistol (burst model)

Not to be confused with Carlos’s default G18 pistol, this model is a burst-fire model. Once Jill becomes playable again in the Hospital segment of the game, players can find the G18 Explosion Model on the counter, next to the item box.

Here, players will find ammo for the weapon. It is superior to Jill’s G19, because it fires at a significantly faster rate and can be fired in 3-round bursts with little recoil.

10 hot dog

This melee weapon is quite powerful and can be purchased from the shop for 7200P. The anti-bioweapon knife is capable of igniting enemies and setting them on fire with every cut. This allows for quick damage in quick succession.

Melee weapons are not good for Resident Evil 3, as enemies can perform grapple moves when the player gets too close. Therefore, Hot Dogger is best reserved for incapacitated enemies.

9 samurai blade

This classic 9mm pistol holds 15 shots in its magazine and is pretty good across the board. It can be purchased from the store for 5600P, which is a fair asking price for a weapon of this caliber. His accuracy and firepower are his skills to brag about.

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The samurai edge pistol uses normal pistol ammo, which makes it easier for the player to find ammo. It is an effective weapon against enemies at a good distance.

8 .44 AE Lightning Hawk Magnum

This marks another comeback for this iconic demonic resident gun. This gun can hold 8 rounds in its magazine and provides power and accuracy in a small semi-automatic package. The weapon can be found in the Hospital and is a completely optional weapon. Players will need to head to the second floor and enter the courtyard to claim the weapon.

The Lightning Hawk deals a lot of damage and is often considered a deadly one-hit weapon against all non-boss enemies, especially on lower difficulties. Recoil can be a problem, but the Extended Barrel mod will fix it.

7 M3 shotgun

what is a demonic resident title without a trusty shotgun? The M3 shotgun is a 12 gauge pump action shotgun. It gives the player great control, but with a wide spread of pellets. With a 4-round capacity, this weapon certainly packs a punch.

Players can find the M3 shotgun in the subway office. You will need to get the bolt cutters to cut the chain and get the weapon. Alternatively, after the derailment, the weapon can be found in the safe room. It’s a very efficient killing machine, especially after finding the necessary upgrades.

6 CQBR assault rifle

During the opening sections of the Raccoon Police Department and Raccoon General Hospital, Carlos will automatically have the CQBR Assault Rifle in his inventory. Jill can also obtain the weapon, but only if the player chooses the assisted difficulty.

With a high rate of fire, the weapon packs quite a punch. As players attempt to take down enemies, they may find themselves fighting the terrifying spread of the weapon. However, available upgrades reduce recoil and adjust firing patterns, helping to conserve ammo and control headshots.

5 Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle

After buying it from the store for 28400P, the player can find this weapon in Jill and Carlos’ item boxes. It acts largely the same as the regular CQBR assault rifle that Carlos has in the base game, but with one big addition.

This version of the CQBR Assault Rifle has infinite ammo. Despite not being compatible with mods like the scope, tactical grip, or dual mag, players can run and shoot almost non-stop, making it a great weapon.

4 MGL grenade launcher

If players fail to acquire the grenade launcher in the safe room in the sewers, they get another chance right after the derailment, in that safe room. This explosive weapon takes up two inventory slots, which isn’t exactly a problem considering how powerful it is.

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It can take a slow recharge, but the damage it does is worth it. You can also use many types of ammunition such as acid rounds, explosive rounds, flame rounds and more. This power can take down swarms of simple zombies and deal heavy damage to the terrifying Nemesis.


A weapon developed by the evil Umbrella game corporation, this energy weapon has great stopping power and a unique design. The RAI-DEN is named after Raiden, the Japanese deity. It can be bought from the store for 12000P. It is one of the most fun weapons in any third person shooter game.

It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, but only if the player targets known weak spots. If the player doesn’t hit a weak point, then the weapon will deal no damage and its slow rate of fire will be penalized further. However, you can disable Nemesis with a shot to the chest.

two MUP infinite gun

After purchasing this pistol from the shop for 8000P, players will receive the MUP pistol, but this time, with a twist. The weapon may need to be reloaded, but that doesn’t mean the player will run out of bullets.

This lightweight and easy to move pistol makes it a great weapon of choice. The downside is that the player must have already completed the campaign. However, for a second run, it’s a great weapon.

1 Infinite Rocket Launcher

A rocket launcher that fires 84mm shells and has no recoil? It is a dream come true. Many would prefer a world without zombies, but if there were one, this infinite rocket launcher would be the one. However, the player will need 62400P to buy it from the store.

With a low rate of fire and an explosive impact to shake the player, this weapon is deadly to both player and opponent. If Nemesis is shot, it could deal heavy damage, especially with its infinite amount of ammo. However, Nemesis can dodge them and charge at the player while reloading helplessly.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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