Is the Grapple Glove as good as the Spiderman Mythic?

Is the Grapple Glove as good as the Spiderman Mythic?

The Grapple Glove is the latest addition to Fortnite, and while this item is fairly new to the game, it’s already finding a place in every loadout in the game. There are 10 different locations in the game where players can get this item.

However, unlike the Spiderman Web Shooters, the Grapple Gloves come with a limited stock of ammo and are not a Mythic quality item. These gloves are of legendary quality and come with only 30 rounds. Here’s everything players need to know about the Grapple Glove in Fortnite.

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Grapple Glove vs Spiderman Web Shooters: Which is Better?

This is a difficult question to answer as both items have the same function in the game. They give players a huge mobility boost and can often be used in some pretty interesting clutch scenarios in the game. Compared to the mythical Spiderman, the only drawback the Grapple Glove has is the ammo counter. The mythical Spiderman came with infinite shots, but the Grapple Glove only has 30 shots.

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Other than that, Grapple Gloves seem better than Spiderman Mythics because players can also use them to pull objects towards them. This feature is amazingly useful because players can use it to pull weapons or ammo back at them if they run out of ammo in the middle of a firefight. Alternatively, they can also use it to draw shield pots and health packs to themselves if they are in high need of healing.

Additionally, each time players use Grapple Gloves to swing, they gain a speed boost until the third swing in a row, after which they reach maximum speed. However, once players hit the ground, there is a brief period before the gloves go on cooldown. Players can slide around and then start swinging with these grappling gloves again before they go on a cooldown. Interestingly, the longer players swing, the longer this cooldown lasts.

Taking all these aspects into account, the Grapple Glove seems like a better mobility item compared to the Spiderman Web Shooters. However, since these two items are quite similar, it’s hard to make a comparison because the Spiderman Web Shooters are no longer in the game and from the general look of it, the Grapple Glove has the upper hand.

Where to find grappling gloves in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

#FortniteVibin Review Update ✅The Grappling Glove is now available! They can be found on the map at various hut spawn locations, spawning 3 per location (shown in the guide). The grappling gloves will have 30 shots in all main game modes and 10 shots in the arena.

As mentioned above, there are 10 different locations on the map where these grappling gloves can be found in the game. These 10 locations have places with really big crane-like structures and are known as Grapple Spots in Fortnite. Here is a map showing the approximate locations of these places.

All Fortnite Grapple Glove locations (Image via
All Fortnite Grapple Glove locations (Image via

There are special toolboxes that players can find in these locations. Grappling Gloves are inside these toolboxes and can be picked up by players after they have looted these toolboxes. Right out of the box, these grip gloves hold 30 rounds. Also, players can only have one grappling glove in their inventory at any given time in Fortnite.

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