Fortnite’s Spider-Man Zero War Suit Should Appear In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Fortnite’s Spider-Man Zero War Suit Should Appear In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

After the successful cross between Fortnite and Marvel throughout Chapter 2, Epic Games has continued to work with Marvel to add more exciting content to the hit Battle Royale game. This includes skins like Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man’s web shooters will also be in-game items for a while. Speaking of the webhead, the hero recently added another skin to the game.

Unlike no way home outfits or comic-inspired looks for the wall-crawler, this outfit is a completely original creation. Serves as a link to the new Fortnite and Marvel crossover comic zero war, which sees Spidey wearing the flashy armored suit. While players were able to unlock the outfit with a few codes to purchase the first issue, and can currently purchase it from the item shop, it would be great to see it show up again in the next Spider-Man solo game.


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The potential of a crossover between Fortnite and Marvel’s Spider-Man

Assuming that the alignment of sticks in Marvel Spider-Man 2 focuses on introducing entirely new suits rather than bringing back old ones, the zero war costume would be a great replacement for Spider Armor Mark 3. The two feature similar designs, with Fortnite‘s zero war The costume differs primarily in the use of the color blue and the unique eye pattern on Spidey’s helmet. Most fans would agree that the outfit is aesthetically pleasing, so having another gorgeous outfit to rock in Marvel Spider-Man 2 it would be fun enough on its own.

However, as marvel spider man Fans know that costumes in Insomniac games come with unique costume abilities. These have allowed players to imitate Miles Morales in the original. marvel spider man and wield Iron Spider legs, and assuming the next game brings this mechanic back, the zero war suit might have a truly unique suit ability. The suit could allow players to build items like in Fortniteand while this build mechanic might be limited to some silly finishing moves, it would be a lot of fun to see the origins of the costume referenced via a Fortnite-Inspired suit skill.

However, this crossover could work both ways, with the iconic Advanced Suit from marvel spider man also ending in Fortnite. Taking into account that Fortnite has already crossed Unexplored, HorizonY God of WarIt wouldn’t be surprising if another PlayStation-exclusive franchise had some representation on The Island. Plus, Spider-Man already has so many skins on Fortnite that Insomniac’s advanced suit and his white spider symbol would be a perfect fit, serving as one of many stylish options for players to choose from.

Fortnite’s Zero War suit could open the door to Spidey skins from other games

The collection of costumes in the original. marvel spider man wasn’t afraid to pull from all sides of Spider-Man media, with suits from every live-action adaptation and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse being included. With the sequel, it would be nice to see costumes from other games added to help expand the list. Fortnite‘s zero war skin could open the door to this concept, with costumes from other games following suit.

Spidey’s unique costume from Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a possible costume, with his potential costume ability providing a limited form of turn-based combat. marvel avengersSpider-Man’s suit could also make an appearance, and his suit ability could make fun of that game’s slow swing and traverse. However, of all of Spidey’s original looks in recent video games, the zero war The costume will probably become the most popular. As such, he must lead the charge, serving as the first of many Marvel Spider-Man 2 costumes taken from other video games.

Fortnite It’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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